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  1. PopPop

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    Cartel boys take on livonia
  2. Dallas was a god fearin' hard workin combine driver who was doing some international harvesting In Chernarussia when the outbreak happened. He no survives trusting only his closest friends.
  3. Thanks to @MasonWB and @Johnny Navid for the execution roleplay it was really cool to see my psycho character go out for the sake of RP rather than a fire fight
  4. PopPop

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    The Chicken Man execution, Bloom was troubled keeping his Cannibalism a secret from his friends, but one day knew he would answer for his sins he was thrown from the top of a building accepting of his fate
  5. Even just spawning anywhere but the woods would be nice, there’s been times where I spawn on wolves multiple times in a row .
  6. Childhood Mason grew up poor in a bad neighborhood inside the bayous of Mississippi. He never knew his father, he and his mother lived together on a small chicken farm. Mason hated chickens and found a lot of pleasure in torturing them sometimes even killing them, soon after getting the nickname "The Chicken Boy" by his friends. Being from a poor area Mason did not have any money and resorted to selling drugs for money when he was 13. Soon after his mother would pass leaving him alone on the streets, his drug dealing and petty crimes would land him in jail multiple times before the age of 20. At one point he took a round of bird shot from a 20 gauge shotgun to the side of the face getting caught stealing a local mans chickens, leaving the side of his face peppered with dimpled scars. Early Adult hood Years of drug use and left Masons brain warped, he could never think straight and knew nothing outside of his suppliers dealings. This did bother him though and he knew he must change his life. At 18 he was very well of financially, buying flashy clothes and jewelry, Always owning nice vehicles but the dangers that came with drug dealing broke him a little day by day. People trying to kill him, the paranoia was insane. To cope he used more and more of his own drugs which made him much more violent and in a lot of ways better at his job, oddly enough though his love of torturing and killing chickens was at a all time high. Pretty soon he moved up the ranks enough to be brought into the "Trafficking" part of the organization. The Chicken Man It was a funny nickname for sure but it stuck. By age 22 Mason was dealing drugs internationally to all parts of the world. Specifically dealing in opiates to Europe and other parts of the East. He was insane, to say the least, on the boat he would keep chickens, when on land he would go out of his way to find chickens and kill them it was an obsession borderline psychopath. It got to the point he would rob people take them hostage or even kill them if there were no chickens around to satisfy him or if he was caught stealing a farmers chickens. End of the Road They were near Russia to offload opiates to the country. This was no out of the ordinary job as they had done it a couple times before however Russia and its surrounding area was not a big "customer" of theirs. Mason headed into this country that he still did not know the name of looking for chickens, the crew always knew when to leave him alone because he would get this look in his eye that was just, well... it can be best described by looking at the eyes of a great white shark, blank, and emotionless. It was the middle of the night and Mason needed a chicken. He went to the country side of a town to find a small wooden house with a few chicken coops in the back yard, this was perfect. He crept into the field with his buck knife, this was no normal fix he needed blood. While opening the wire door to the chicken hatch the chickens erupted in fear, it was barely 9:00 pm and the owner heard it and bust out of the door with a long rifle. In his drug crazed state Mason rushed the man and stabbed him 67 times in the stomach and neck. During the act the Farmers wife called the police who showed up and after a short hostage situation with the wife arrested Mason for murder. The Jail Being a foreigner selling drugs through their country and committing murder Mason knew he had no chance of making it out of this one. Mason was held in a police department waiting to be moved to a more secure prison. On the second day of being held there were sirens all day, by night time it was constant gun shots. Mason had been waiting for his time to escape and this seemed like it, something had to happen in the department with the amount of chaos outside. Eventually he heard the door bust open and 4 men ran inside screaming the police in the building tried to stop them but the men... they killed them, ripped them to shreds and began gnawing on their bodies. They noticed Mason in the cell and began clawing at the cell door. To his absolute horror the police began gargling and moving around the same as these people.. creatures.. monsters.. whatever these critters are and began slamming at the door as well. Mason noticed that the officer with the key was close to the door with his gun still in the holster. he grabbed the items through the cell door gaps and proceeded to reign hell on the 6 creatures. This was it the beginning of the rest of his life seeing the destroyed city it was obvious things were in total dismay he needed to find a way back home but right now survival was his only mission. Features Prescription aviators A odd diamond tattoo with 4 stars in the corner and a scroll in the middle Large face scar from a bird shot round "Chicken Man" tattooed across the top of his back
  7. I'm the one in the red poncho I did not do much talking i just watched him with the gun until we left as it was not my revenge I did not have much to add to the situation. I did not see if there was food and stuff left on the ground I heard it was said that food would be left, I did notice a backpack being left behind as well. As for the beginning we were keeping an eye out for the chernarussians that had robbed @Not Pepsi
  8. I don't have a POV but, chernarussians robbed @Not Pepsi so we were keeping an eye out for them. Personally I feel like blaming bad RP could go both ways since it did not feel like @Isaiah Rinkasonn valued his life at all during the incident.
  9. Im new to RP on dayZ but from what ive gotten into so far has been really fun hope to see yall in game
  10. Bo had lost his way and decided to travel the world in 2010. Around 2015 he had found himself in Russia, feeling very out of place there he spent much time wondering where his life was heading after traveling for so long. There wasn't much he had learned from his time and began to feel very empty inside wanting to settle down. Having very little money there was no way he could return to America or even make it to a acceptable spot in Europe. He decided Chernarus was the most reasonable spot he could get to. Arriving in early 2016 there was little he knew about the country, its politics, the culture but he was stuck there for the foreseeable future. Getting a job as a farmhand in Olsha was the best he could do as farming was all he knew from his past jobs. Not knowing the surrounding area much and being very poor the days went by monotonously slow. He spent much of his free time hunting small game with a old .22 he stole from a shed and camping in the woods. Bo barely even knew the man he worked for but it was not a big farm so many days he would be done with work quite quick. During this time he would explore the country side for hours on end never straying to far from Olsha. He had many skills in the outdoors being brought up in a similar are as a child, never could get used to the cold though. His main goal being to get enough money to travel back home to see what was left of his family he began to like the little town he had grown so accustomed to living in. By the beginning of 2017 he had saved up enough to get home it wasn't much other than just enough. However being the generous man he is he just couldn't leave before harvest in the fall. Deciding one more year couldn't hurt and with the knowledge that he would be leaving at the end a newfound motivation came over him. Planning to leave around late November he worked away life as usual. He began hearing small talk around the town of a "epidemic" he shrugged it off as he had never cared about the events and gossip before. However the story continued to be told but with new words such as "zombies" and "demons", but he would never believe such a thing. He showed up for work one morning on July 23rd after camping in the woods for the past few nights. The boss would usually have the days chores written on a note posted on the back door, but today there was no note. Thinking he must still be asleep or forgetting before leaving for the the day he waited patiently as this wasn't unusual. Around 45 minutes had passed before he decided to knock on the door, there was no answer. After sitting by the door for a while longer he hears a moan of pain come from inside. Bo opens the back door using the spare key under the plant pot to see his boss, or what was left of him crawling on the floor with a gunshot wound in his knee. He runs to his side to help him but notices his body is a pale grey and his eyes are pure white. Stunned he realizes it was not just rumors, the outbreak had begun.
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