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  1. Johnathan Davis Akagi more commonly known as Jonah is a half Japanese half black young male born in New York,United States but raised in Okinawa,Japan. He was raised in Japan because his father was a retired United States Army Soldier spending his last years of life with his lovely Japanese wife, after the second World War broke off his family and him moved to the States, the only place that was safe to live at the time. His father passed away years after, Jonah with no plans for his future joins the United States Army as a way to keep the family military tradition, after basic training he graduated from infantry school. Jonah was send to Kamensk Military Base for his advance combat medic training he spend a couple of months there before the outbreak, when the outbreak happened he was send on a rescue mission with his fellow comrades to Elektrozavodsk, During the mission there was a bad storm coming but they knew the risk, they had to take it. There in the middle of the city the helicopter landed, there were families, children,old people all kinds of stuff but there priority was to secure and rescue the sick. Extracting back to base the storm caught them, there was no way to land safe or return back to the city they were scared,the pilot started to lose control of the helicopter and crashed. Jonah Appearance & Personality He has a small scar diagonally underneath his left eye. He has medium brown skinned and white hair with dark brown eyes. Jonah tends to dress in a dark hoodie or sweatshirt with short pants or dark jeans.He is about 5'8 feet tall. Jonah tends to be quiet and rarely smiles, and it is unusual for him to laugh, he keeps his thoughts to himself.
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