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  1. Born by two Canadian parents, one being a police officer and another a doctor, he never got to see them much growing up as they were both busy. As a child, he always wanted to be like them. He wanted to help those around him. However, as he got older and reality set in, he knew he would never be like them. At the age of 22, he looked at the job listings and saw his chance. An open position at the American Red Cross. He applied and soon enough, got the job. He met up at the Red Cross Savannah headquarters and was told he would hop on the next plane to Chernarus to provide emergency disaster assistance. His parents knew about the infection in Chernarus and were hesitant to allow him to go, but he pleaded with them, saying how he always wanted to help people. Eventually, they gave in and allowed him to go. He arrived at Chernarus, landing in the Balota Airfield. He was greeted with CDF units carrying AKMs and wearing combat gasmasks. He was escorted to a military convoy. They hopped on and took the drive to Chernogorsk. He was tasked with handing out rations to the local populace. During his second week in the country, the city was attacked by massive amounts of infected. Amidst the chaos, he hopped into a Hatchback and drove into the nearby town of Elecktrovadsk. Today, he only strives for survival.
  2. Matthew Hayes is a 23 year-old from Rochester, New York. At the age of 21, he packed his bags and headed for the next plane to Europe. During his trip, he and his friends hopped onto the Costa Risacca. A storm caused the ship to hit a rock and start sinking. Matthew was, out of his entire friend group, to survive. He managed to get to safety thanks to a life raft. Stranded in Chernarus because of the Costa Risacca‘s sinking at the age of 21, he was left alone in a country he barely knew about or even existed. Now 23, he wanders the remains of Chernarus, doing everything he can to survive.
  3. I have just registered and awaiting my whitelist. Looking forward to playing with you wonderful people!
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