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  1. Still being worked on- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Granted, but you now have allergies for every other season. I wish I had Gold rank
  3. This looks fucking amazing! Take my damn beans!
  4. Granted, but now you can't go back to sleep, ever. I wish for online classes to be over
  5. This dude gets my respect for being the bravest man I have ever seen
  6. Basically the last time I RPed, looking forward to getting active again.
  7. Granted, but now you can ONLY manipulate time, rendering you incapable of using your physical body in any way. I wish for a better gaming setup.
  8. Thanks for the evidence @OnionRP
  9. Yes, he said "What did you say to me?"
  10. So today I was at a NWAF and I ran into some people (3 to be more specific) wearing purple armbands. They ordered me to take off my gas mask and the moment I said something, they just started laughing, saying that I sounded too young to be 21 (I'm 15). Eventually the laughter turned into jokes. One guy wearing a poncho a said he was going to "check for pubes" (No action was performed though.) Then some guy wearing a full snow camo outfit pulled at the small stubble I had on my character. I told him not to touch me, he aims his gun, I draw my gun, and then the entire team opens up on me. Anyway, I questioned who was in the wrong there? Me or them? Any assistance is welcome.
  11. Matthew died and now I'm a Red Cross worker named Nathan. Fun times so far
  12. I have just registered and awaiting my whitelist. Looking forward to playing with you wonderful people!
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