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  1. Yes. I want PPSH. Give me the PPSH. In all seriousness though, I think this mod pack could add some cool stuff to the game. But like, General Rickets said, I don't think we'll need 100 round mags or anything too ridiculous.
  2. Elias was born on November 5th, 2004 to 2 loving parents, Rachael and Jonathan Matthews. He grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento. His father was an IT technician at a local company whilst his mother worked at a local veterinarian office. Elias did well with school, but not overly great, rather average. He loved learning about military history and, growing up with movies like Battle: Los Angeles and Blackhawk Down being his favorites, also came to love guns. Of course, this aroused suspicion from staff and odd looks from fellow peers when he talked to other people about his hobbies of violent v
  3. Granted, but you now have allergies for every other season. I wish I had Gold rank
  4. This looks fucking amazing! Take my damn beans!
  5. Granted, but now you can't go back to sleep, ever. I wish for online classes to be over
  6. This dude gets my respect for being the bravest man I have ever seen
  7. Basically the last time I RPed, looking forward to getting active again.
  8. Granted, but now you can ONLY manipulate time, rendering you incapable of using your physical body in any way. I wish for a better gaming setup.
  9. Thanks for the evidence @OnionRP
  10. Yes, he said "What did you say to me?"
  11. So today I was at a NWAF and I ran into some people (3 to be more specific) wearing purple armbands. They ordered me to take off my gas mask and the moment I said something, they just started laughing, saying that I sounded too young to be 21 (I'm 15). Eventually the laughter turned into jokes. One guy wearing a poncho a said he was going to "check for pubes" (No action was performed though.) Then some guy wearing a full snow camo outfit pulled at the small stubble I had on my character. I told him not to touch me, he aims his gun, I draw my gun, and then the entire team opens up on me. Anyway
  12. Matthew died and now I'm a Red Cross worker named Nathan. Fun times so far ?
  13. I have just registered and awaiting my whitelist. Looking forward to playing with you wonderful people!
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