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  1. Yall rocking with the M16A1? cuz i am +1
  2. Not a big fan of the visual or gunplay mod, but I really want to see the gun overhaul the most because of how it adds little details and wear to the guns
  3. Honestly, I think that the AS VAL and VSS don't fit all to well as average wastelander weapons, but I do see them being carried by PLIKT as an alternative to the HK, as a marksman rifle, or used by elite forces. The SVD seems like a weapon that I would want though. It would be a nice change of pace from the SVT, and it's a rifle that is known to have different clones and lookalikes, so I feel manufacturing of this rifle with scrap or being able to scavenge one isn't very far off. If we want, we could add in one of the derivatives like the Zatsava M76. Also, I really want to see the M16A
  4. Jayden96

    City Skyline

    *Cue "My Way" by Frank Sinatra*
  5. Met who I believe was @Aira up near the Airfield who he ended up being my travel buddy for awhile. Then met @Zanaanwho helped me find a mountain backpack to conceal my M4 in! Overall a pretty good day!
  6. Born unable to speak, he lived a hard life in Italy. His parents attempted to raise him the best they could, but in the new world in 2040, supplies became more scarce then they already were. Along the way, his mother taught him bits of sign language that would be useful. Things came crashing all down when he was just 14. Raiders had attacked the house he and his parents lived. They shot both of his parents with no hesitation and began to pillage and steal all the useful resources in the house. At the end of it all, he knelt down, crying over the bloodied corpses of his parents. He soon grabb
  7. Dripped out in designer blue and tiger camo and rocking a tactical 22.
  8. Enjoyed what was probably the funniest and most comedic event in my time in DayzRP Thanks @GucciOnFrozone, @Burak, @Spencerlb, and @Craig P.S. I have uploaded a recording to youtube, dm me for link
  9. At the age of just a month, he was abandoned by his biological parents at The High Port establishment. There, an ex-hunter took him in, Sullivan Lombard. He was named by his caretaker, and was passed down his last name. From a young age, he was taught by this adoptive father to shoot, fight, and survive. At age 13, he killed his first zombie, managing to sneak up behind it, knock it down, and stabbing it in the throat. He genuinely loved his adoptive dad, but tragedy struck. When he was 15, his caretaker went out on a scavenging run with 5 armed personnel. From what he heard, they were attacke
  10. I'm gonna make a guess and say Russia since season 3 is based around the fall of Russia and the arrival of gas Just my guess imma be wrong, just watch
  11. if its something bad then: sad hype
  12. Deerisle? Chernarus? Namalsk? I don't know! But I'm excited lol
  13. Thank you @Stagsview for throwing a horde and a bear at me. Then taking me hostage at gunpoint, which was quickly ended with an AK74u. First time getting initiated, sorry for my bad acting, thank you for the first (and hopefully not the last) time on stream!
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