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  1. Private Henderson, Private Numenor and I were radioed by Private Siquan informing us of possible bandits that we could interdict for questioning, we make our way to the meetup location setup by Siquan. Soon after the car arrives and we initiate on them, the man is ordered out of the car and his immediate response was telling us something along the lines of, "Shut the fuck up," as he was getting out of the car if I remember correctly while three people were all pointing guns at him. We escort him into the the Church along with his lady companion whom has been completely compliant and even realizing that her friend is being extremely belligerent warning him multiple times that he needs to calm down throughout all of this. While she is separately being questioned she admits that the man is indeed a bandit and has robbed at least two people recently that she knows of. Shortly after this we continue multiple times to try and engage roleplay with the individual but he continues to provide nothing but an extremely bad RP situation where he continues to provoke us by calling us names, taking his time to comply with demands etc. Sick of his shit, I took my pistol out and shot him in the foot once he was discovered to have a radio on him, after we specifically told him that if he didn't drop his radio earlier we would kill him and we didn't know if he used it to contact anyone. Once this goes down we decide to quickly leave the situation due to individuals possibly being on there way to help them. They are ordered to stay upstairs for 100 seconds, we were going deal with the zombies outside and clear a path for them (our shots can be heard in the video trying to deal with them), almost immediately both of them ignore this order and follow us down the stairs while we are engaging the Zombies, the man even comes outside causing one of them to be aggro'd onto him killing him in the end. The sad fact here is that this man's failure to comply and overall lack of value for his life is what killed him. The whole time he was noncompliant being combative to literally every single order that was given to him, and I mean that... every single order to the point where it quite literally got him killed to infected. This whole situation has really left a bad taste in my mouth because multiple times we could have shot him but we decided to put an emphasis on roleplaying rather than ruleplaying and immediately shooting him for noncompliance, but the sad fact is if we had done that we wouldn't even be facing a report for his lack of compliance.
  2. Ammunition like the .45acp and 9mm Luger and Buckshot and Slugs are to low in damage to be even used in PVP which I would love to have a character that uses only shotguns and pistols and if I get into any pvp situations I would love to have that character who doesn't have a lot of training in firearms be able to use a handgun and not be at a severe disadvantage in a fight and it would give civilian characters a chance in PVP
  3. if possible could you guys do stuff for troop numbers and stuff like that for NATO troop numbers in livonia and stuff like that what units love you guys hope you take my suggestion into consideration
  4. there was lag when that situation was happening since my pc is complete crap. disregard my statement about that please
  5. So when we were heading to sitnik to see what was up possibly bust in a few heads just depends on what happened. I got set up in a defensive position after we took a guy hostage in sitnik and got him stashed away in the back of the compound as soon as I hear the boss fire off the initiation I saw @God who was facing away from me start the animation to raise his gun towards @Skeeterbolt so instinctively I went and shot at him since @God buddies went and shot first at @Skeeterbolt before I even fired off my gun
  6. Yes, earlier that day Mademoiselle and some other An Pobal came our base, raided it and held us hostage. The instance in which I was taken hostage by Mademoiselle was earlier than when the alleged griefing happened, approximatley 8 hours before. I had logged out after the hostage situation due to work. She was present for both raids. No, I logged out in the base after the hostage situation and came back online after an IC Discord message was put out at 03:55 server time by Johnny Yar @Yarz about the walls partially missing and the locks cut. Yes, see above. As far as I know, only Johnny Yar @Yarz witnessed the walls as well. After the hostage situation, the first time they raided us, the walls and locks were in-tact because we let them in. Most of the walls had stacks of planks in them and they didn't take a majority of them. When the alleged griefing was disovered, all the loose planks and nails were missing as well as both locks cut and the four walls lining the windows were half stripped. I see no reason for these to be stripped since they already had access to the base through the gates
  7. I dont know the exact coordinates
  9. Server and location: Livonia warehouse south east of polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/1/2020 some time before 14:38 Your in game name: Nathan Perch Names of allies involved: Johnny Yar Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I came back to my groups base and since we were raided yesterday and no one has been on or back since the raid, when I logged in and went to the base the walls that cover our windows were destroyed. I checked with everyone in my group about the walls being torn down and one of my guys said that he thought that we did it but none of us did it this was an offline raid that while in the process they griefed the walls. Only one ally was in the area Johnny Yar
  10. But those nails be like crack can never get enough of them
  11. ok but what if I die to a bug I have been told before I was fine to go back since I died to a bug to get my stuff back edit: Fuck I read shit wrong again
  12. Mod name: Bulletstacksplusplus Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1711179264 reason: Its kinda pesky for trader characters to go and carry ammo to sell since you have like 15 stacks of one ammo to just go and waste space with so much so I suggest this mod to allow traders to carry more ammo to trade and to be able to make more room in back packs for rp items like books and stuff since alot of people carry those since you could just stack all of your ammunition together with this mod
  13. I no longer wish to pursue this I talked it out
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