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  1. My name is Thomas Krikis and i am a well trained greek soldier.I remember how eveything was before and then suddenly on a day of july 2017 a nightmare that i only had dreamed came to life.The time that the outbreak came i was at Chernarus fo vacation far away fom my home Greece and my family.I freaked out when i show on tv what started to hell had come to the livings i run as fast possible back to my hotel so i could take my things and call my family.I managed to talk to them.I wasn't able to go home because of the situation so i was stuck in Chernarus.This nightmare destroyed everything and i was very lucky i managed to survive the month.The infection was able to travel far and wide before anyone was able to throw the alarm. From Tokyo to Paris,Anchorage to Buenos Aires,the infected walked among us and war raged.Because of how fast the infection took off communications were lost and i wasn't able to talk to my family.Humans that managed to suvive made camps and places that people could live safe and they are trying to find a way out of it a cure with every supply that is left to our world and they won't stop.I want to be the soldier that will help fight this thing,demolish them and manage to make another safe place for everyone in need that is going to be welcomed to come and together help fight that things that destoyed us.
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