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  1. Dr. Dan Steel is the former nuclear scientist working under U.S government. He was under-cover as UN humanitarian Volunteer. Russia had been secretly funding Pro-Russian scientists group in Chernarus to build a massive nuclear bio weapon. The development was completed but couldn't transfer out of Chernarus due to the civil war. US Government wanted this technology badly to gain upper-hand on the world stage. In 2005 4 year before the civil war, Doctor Steel was sent to Chernarus to study the facilities and method of building the weapon. Dr. Dan Steel was one of the VIPs that closely watched by CIA. He was supposed to be transferred out on the first day of the bombing. However, Dr. Dan Steel decided to stay back another year to complete his mission. The world collapsed and CIA was no longer active. Dr. Dan Steel were trapped in Chernarus since then. After 2 year of fighting and try to stay alive, Dr Steel finds out that RUSSIAN agents already invented THE CURE and hided the information somewhere in one of the facilities. Chernarus is massive and unpredictable. Dr Steel couldn't do this alone. He needs helps.
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