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  1. My Characters Name Is Daniel Hernandez, He is a Retired Veteran that was born in Australia and got sent to Chernarus by his parents in to stay with his Grandparents and Cousin when he was 3. Growing up Daniel liked to spend his time playing Video Games and Playing soccer. Daniel wasn't very good at socializing when he was younger but his social skills got better as he grew. The reason why Daniel Enlisted in the Military was because his Grandfather was a veteran but when he got deployed in Afghanistan He suffered 4 gunshots to the back which caused him to be paralyzed, His Grandmother had to quit her job and start taking care of his Grandfather, In 2011 Daniels Grandmother got diagnosed with brain cancer, she died 2 years later and Daniel and his Cousin was in charge of taking care of his Grandfather. Daniels Grandmother left behind a bit of cash for him to take care of his Grandfather. When Daniel was 18 he enlisted in the Military, When Daniel was on Duty his Grandfather got very ill soon after he got ill Daniel discharged from the military to take care of his Grandfather
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