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  1. my character is 27 6'2'' blonde hair his name is Demyan ''jackal'' Kamenev, he had been through military training at a base to the north Troitskoe and had been assigned to be a mechanic for military vehicles, mostly trucks sometimes cars, he had been on the north west airfield base for 6 months living nearby at an apartment building funded by the military, he would have varying jobs every day, his advisors would keep a good eye on him as he was very promising. on the 3rd of may 2017 was when he caught his first glimpse of how bad things were getting, he had been hearing about violence and protests, something about an attack on a marriage between borders. he never thought things would escalate this quickly after declaring martial law on south Zagoria. on the 10th he had driven straight home from the airfield to his apartment scared that he might actually have to fight for real. he awoke the next day to screaming outside of his apartment on the streets, he looked out onto the pavement seeing people running on the streets, not knowing what was going on he hurried to his car and drove to the airbase, his peers were racing to their barracks packing all of their gear and he was doing the same, still not knowing what was going on, he stayed on the airbase that night, watching the sky ablaze with red from fires in the town where his apartment was, he slept little and in the morning he was assigned with his squad to a military checkpoint, the traffic was already backed up 2 miles too flee chernarus he was only there to stock the medical supplies and stock the tents, he heard gunshots down the line where there was military personnel patrolling the cars, he heard word of people attacking others in their cars and the personnel killing men and women charging cars and others outside of their cars. he still wasn't the one fighting people in their cars needed medical treatment and he needed to keep stocking the medical supplies in the tents, this was his life for a couple of days until he was told he had to start fighting, numbers were dwindling and he had to help defend from whatever was attacking people. him and his squadron were being pushed back farther north from the oncoming horde, he had to kill many civilians that looked sick, he thought they looked like they might already be dead. it was time, they called it in on the radio that they were heading back to the base, they couldn't hold much longer. he hurried into a military vehicle and they headed toward the airbase glad to be going back. they were driving down the road and turned a corner right into a horde who had knocked down a tree, there was no time to turn and they hit the trunk head on leading the military vehicle to flip on its side, the impact was hard and he almost passed out from pain, he looked around at the people beside him, all either dead or knocked out, either way he didnt even realize he was doing it but he crawled out from under the vehicle, it was totaled, his arm was broken from the crash, he ran into the woods in no particular direction, all he had was his uniform, he had left everything else back at the vehicle, he lived in solidarity in the forest ransacking cabins here and there for food, clothes, his uniform was tattered from the crash and it had been months since it happened, he was now wearing civilian clothing shying away from killing people but not animals, he had to do anything to survive the harsh environment.
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