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  1. My name is Von Kesy I am 30 years old. I am ex polish military. Many years ago I was discharged from the army because I was a coward and ran away from the face of battle. I've spent years regretting my decision. Then I started hearing about the "outbreak" in chernarus. At first I didn't think much of it but as time passed I thought this was my time for redemption. I decided to get into Chernarus with some help. So that I could redem myself by helping contain the outbreak. I heard of resistance forces forming out around Chernarus and I thought I would join them and give a helping hand as a way to help myself. But when I arrived I was immediately assaulted by a horde of zombies. With no choice I ditched most of my gear & ran for safety. I found secure room in an abondoned house. While in that room I heard on the radio chatters from other people trying to survive. Giving locations where people that are holed up. And that they are in desperate need of help. Then a few days later thinking I don't want to repeat my privious mistake from many years ago. I decided to surface from my hiding spot. And with the last information I had of the locations I travel Chernarus in search for allies and people in need of help so that I can help myself.
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