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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): INSERT_LINK_HERE Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Hi i have been so busy that i have no been able to get to this report. I was walking towards the town when i noticed three guys on the road, I noticed that one of the guys was Gavani which was a friend of mine. So i stood there trying to figure out what was going on for about 15 seconds without anyone noticing i was even there. that is when the two Individuals went ahead and started to question who i was and ask me to put my hands up while shooting me in the chest. He went on to apologies and tell me that he had a headache and wrote In OOC chat that he was sorry. They later went on to force me to drop all of my weapons. so i turned around and went to procceed to drop my weapons but instantly got shot down. i went to drop my weapons instead of teleporting them to the grind for good rp reasons. Again i am sorry for taking so long to reply. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be able to play again as i did not do anything wrong. What could you have done better?: I should have submitted a tickit for getting shot at while i was complying but i did not. -
  2. "If Alex Jackson had enough time to form an articulate response to the request aimed at Pacho Del Toro, despite not being the intended target, then I fail to see how Pacho didn't have enough time to hit F2. Additionally, if Pacho Del Toro was indeed present at the preliminary initiation then I was still well within my rights to shoot him; given that he ran away and failed to comply. The second initiation I made was merely a courtesy, one which he unfortunately failed to capitalise on. " Man look, With all due respect I am not making a report about you killing me, you had all the rights to shoot and you did a damn good job at it. You are the one that started this report. I am simply just putting my point of view. our groups have beef so idk why you are making reports about any of this when you are walking into our area after what happened the other day with anarchy we are in high alert and are suspicions on any and every person who walks around our zone. we did not KOS you or your men, we had a RP initiation at the start that ended in a confrontation with loses on both sides. did people make mistakes ? yes but in the heat of the moment especially when you put your heart into a character and the groups that the character plays with and protect there is always going to be drastic split second decisions that need to be made in order to protect the characters loved ones. if you want our groups to end this then we can eventually do this in character with a actual in game sit down. As from what our characters know your group tried to raid us the other day with anarchy, Before we killed them all. We were called multiple offensive names yet we did not report any of you or your allies. You cannot help the people that raided us and expect to just simply stroll around our lands without getting a hostile scenario coming your way.
  3. Pacho Del Toro POV: After the two groups initiated the first RP Conversation Buk Lau started to introduce himself, This is when I tabbed out of game to pick up my sons spilled lunch all over my Desk. When i logged back i assumed i was tabbed out throughout the introduction questions that were sent towards me. this is is when i initiated RP as the gentlemen did express a highly skilled RP scenario and i was please to be a part of it. Pacho went on to say " well i am very far away from mexico myself" as i heard one of them say that Buk Lau is very far away from home. Shortly after this is when the the hostile initiation accrued but i was not sure of the situation as i was tabbed out due to my son. Fast forward to the time when i was killed. I was getting into position to get a better view of where the initiation first started when i heard someone shooting. I quickly entered a room and found cover. this is when i heard "put your hands up" before getting shot multiple times without even giving me time to put my hands up. I know have proof of who this was Player "Pacho Del Toro" hit by Player "Edwin Ashford" with M4A1 from 3.46159 meters and if he uploads his video perspective i am sure we will see how i had no time to put my hands up due to the fact as i thought as i heard the gentlemen in the street saying " my hands are up so i assumed i was still no sighted" if you need more info please let me know
  4. * loud static sound comes from the radio after hearing Pacho shoot 5 shots * “ puto walker was trying to eat my planticas homes can you believe dis? “ hello.......... Pinche cabron radio homes is this thing on ? Is it working ? “Hola amigos Como se llama this is Pacho Del toro, you all can call me Pacho. I’m currently looking for a amigo that enjoys to farm mota. Yo quiero to make the biggest chinga mota storage this land has ever seeeeeeeen homes and I need a dedicated amigo to help me with the agricultural project you know so that any survivor out there can enjoy the mental relaxation from my mota you know ? Life now a days is hard for us all homes and I feel like my mota can benefit everyone. If you are interested in this business proposal please reach out to me via radio homes. * I hope this radios is working eh ?* *oh and any vato that is listening who wants to buy or try some of my motica homes como se llama just reach out to me via radio hopefully I’ll try to get this thing to work again pinche radio De mierda * * hears light static in the background before hearing Pacho sing a prayer in Spanish for his newly farmed Weed tree before the radio message cuts out*
  5. that would be amazing going to log in DIscord
  6. you were kicked off the game (battleeye:admin kick (your character page is incomplete) how do i fix this ? i log on for 40 seconds and then just randomly the server kicks me out with this message
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