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  1. It's definitely luck based. I found an AKM, 2 m417's, and several other automatic riffles on one very long trip that took me from one side of the map to the other.
  2. Katherine Kim was born to Lucy and Daniel Kim on May 17th, 1990. She was born two years after her sister, Sarah. Growing up Kate felt like she lived on Sarah’s shadow. Her parents always praised her sister for how hard she worked and punished Kate for getting even B. Sarah tried to defend Kate, but Kate still resented her. By the time she was a teenager she had “fallen in with the wrong crowd” as it were. She figured that if her parents expected the worst of her she would give them the worst. She spent any nights she wasn’t grounded drinking and partying with her friends. Sarah was disappointed in her, but still defended her to her parents. It drove Kate crazy how her sister could still love her even though she kept pushing her away. They fought, but Sarah was always the one to apologize even if Kate was in the wrong. One of the many nights Kate was grounded she snuck out of her window with her parents car keys and stole their car. She has already been drinking before this. She was driving fast and lost control, causing her to spin out and slam into a tree on the passengers side. When she woke up, she was in the hospital with 3 broken ribs. Sarah had followed her and brought her to the hospital soon after she crashed. For once in her life Kate saw Sarah when she was truly angry. Sarah’s anger was the scariest kind. Not loud, but quite. Sarah barley said anything, but she didn’t have to. Kate could read her face. Sarah said “That is enough” before she walked out into the waiting room to call their parents. The next few months were hard on Kate. Sarah no longer let her get away with things she would have before. Now Sarah spent her own time making sure that Kate was cleaning up her act. Even though she was in college already, she spent any free time she had helping Kate. Kate turned to exercise as a way of sorting out her emotions instead of alcohol. By the time Kate had graduated 2 years later, she had really cleaned up her act. She was still a party girl at heart, but she put her studies first. Sarah couldn’t have been more proud. Their parents were surprised, but also proud of her. Though their pride was soured when Kate told them she was going to join the navy. Her parents yelled and threatened, but Sarah was there to defend her sister and Kate was on her way to NROTC at Boston University. She studied for 4 years majoring in computer science and minoring in computer engineering and electrical engineering. After graduating in 2012 Kate went into a navy. Starting as an Ensign she was assigned to the USS Michael Murphy as a Surface Warfare Officer after completing her training. In command she proved to uphold her duties and to earn the respect of those below her. After two years she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade where she continued to excel at her duties. Kate took pride in her work and demanded her crewmen do the same. She never thought of herself has more important then any other crew member. It only took her another year to be promoted to Lieutenant. After that she spent 2 more years on a shore based command before completing her Department Head training and being assigned back to the USS Michael Murphy I’m May of 2017. During her time on shore command she met her fiancée-to-be: Jillian Peterson. Jillian worked at Jagger’s Cafe where Kate got her coffee. After a month of seeing her there Kate finally got the courage to ask Jillian out. Jillian acted coy, but in truth was hoping to ask out the woman she made coffee for every morning. The two fell in love in a way that only young couples can. After a year and a half of dating, Jillian proposed to Kate in March of 2017. Kate obviously accepted and the two were engaged to be married. Soon after, Kate was back on the USS Michael Murphy assigned as a Missile Launch Officer. Luckily, the USS Michael Murphy had just returned from a 7 month deployment around the Arctic Circle, so they weren’t going to have another one for at least a year maybe two. Because of this, the two decided to have their wedding on October 26th. Sarah was of course excited for her sister to get married as she thought that Kate and Jillian made a good couple. Kate, of course, asked Sarah to be her bridesmaid. Their plans were cut short by the time July rolled around and things were heating up in the area around the Black Sea. The US military was put on alert with the rest of NATO. Kate’s ship was ordered to patrol the islands of Hawaii in case things escalated. Things for crazier and crazier and Kate made sure Jillian prepared by having a lot of water and non-perishable food. Kate would have preferred to have her fiancé with her, but that was not an option. By the time August rolled around the world was in chaos. The USS Michael Murphy was ordered back to Pearl Harbor to provide medium ranged support to marines on the base as they fought back the infected. The ship was specifically instructed not to dock and to let no one on or off. Eventually the marines started to get overrun. Military families were evacuated on to the USS Ronald Reagan which had been relocated from Japan to Pearl Harbor. Kate learned that Jillian had made it to the USS Ronald Reagan soon after Pearl Harbor fell. The admiral ordered the Reagan, Murphy, and several other ships into a fleet and set sail for American Samoa. Unfortunately, an infected person managed to get on board before they left port. After a week the infection started to overtake the USS Ronald Reagan. Only the Admiral and a few officers made it safely to the USS Michael Murphy. Kate was on radio with Jillian when it happened. She had to listen as her fiancé was torn apart by infected. The scream is something she will never forget.... After two years in American Samoa, a cruise ship filled with infected ran up on the beach, releasing over a thousand infected on to the island. Kate was the highest ranking, and most experienced officer that made it to the Michael Murphy before the island was overrun. She was in command of the ship. There was only about 200 people that made it on board. Half of which were civilians. With Kate now as the acting captain, she had the ship start heading towards Russia. She was going to make it towards where she last heard from her sister and see if she survived after this long. During their long journey a squad of marines would be sent on scavenging missions to being back food, water, and other such supplies. Most of the time the squad came back. Sometimes they didn’t. As they made their way along the northern coast of Russia, they only lost 7 marines. After a few months they were anchored off the coast of Germany. Once again sending a scouting mission, looking for supplies and any survivors. In the distance Kate saw a cruise ship drifting generally in their direction. Learning from past mistakes, after Kate made sure there weren’t any uninfected on the ship, which she concluded after seeing over a hundred infected on the deck, she ordered the ship sunk. The ship unfortunately was a distraction. As on the other side a crewman managed to spot several boats moving fast towards the destroyer. Kate ordered the scavenging teams back and prepared for a fight. The people on the boat started to fire at anyone they could see. Kate quickly ordered the 127mm gun to begin firing at the incoming ships, as well as any armed marines to start firing back as well. The ship was put on red alert. The ship was only about 500 meters off the coast, as such they also started receiving sniper fire from the coast which took out two officers that were on the balcony. After two hours of fighting all of the bandits and most of the people on board were dead. The marine scavengers had also been ambushed and killed. With the engine being damaged in the fight it would not last very long. Kate steered the ship east after a day or two crashed the ship near Kollmar, Germany. Kate and the other survivors made their way east, trying to avoid major population centers. By the time Kate arrived in Livonia she was the sole survivor of the USS Michael Murphy...
  3. I want to begin by saying that both myself and my charcter are women. I even stated this to all parties involved. I had come to the soup kitchen to drop off some meat I got from hunting. When I heard that these people just kept laughing and one of them vomited blood. I knew this was Kuru because of metagaming. I admit I am at fault for this. Obviously in the real world there are several diseases that can cause someone to vomit blood. In the game there is only one. And combined with the laughing that OOC was coming from their character and IC seemed as if they were attempting to stop the laughing, but couldn't. My character has history with cannibals and as such I acted without thinking properly. In hindsight I understand that this was seen as metagaming even if I couldn't see it at that time. My character is a doctor, but for obvious reasons she is a lot more knowledgeable than I am as I am an engineer IRL. As such I have since learned that there is no test for Kuru if the person is still alive. As such, I apologize for my actions and for possibly ruining their roleplay experience. I will alter my way of dealing with people I may suspect are cannibals in the future. As I am at fault for this event I will take whatever punishment staff feels is necessary and I once again apologize to @CrescentGent and @Jon Snow for ruining their roleplay experience.
  4. *Broadcast begins with a sigh* As I said with Speirs, y'all are the ones still bringing this broadcast chain up. I also am not lying. Whether you want to admit it or not doesn't matter. It's not like anyone could think any less of y'all at this point. I ain't here to start fights and send vague threats like a child. I've moved the fuck on. You should do the same. Don't bother sending me any transmissions...If I hear y'all's voices, I won't be listening to them. Kim, over and out *A soft click and then static*
  5. *Radio Begins* Yes, I asked you to fuck off. Now do it. Sending another message is not fucking off. Not sure who Mr white nobel knight is, but okay. I also [Redacted] so, as I said, you are still not relevant to this conversation. Go have another drink, kid. At the moment, the only person still dragging this out is you. The last message about this was sent days ago. Take your own advice, move the fuck on. Do not radio me again... Kim out *Radio stops abruptly*
  6. Static Breaks "Speirs, I hope whoever I 'ratted out' heard this because if I find out who it was, I may not be a fighter, but I will come for them. As well, Speirs, I don't trust a goddamn word you say, so don't try and tell me no transaction took place. You're wasting your breath. As for an armistice, that's a separate issue, and until that issues is discussed I ask you to kindly fuck off." "As for you, Thomas, I did not do this for anyone's respect or trust. I did this for myself, and I did this for the Samaritans. If there is someone in our group who had the audacity to fucking force a betrayal of our treaty, then I am going to snuff them out. I've had enough of backhanded deals. I can admit that I did not look into matters that I should have looked into more. I believed that things were happening that were not in fact happening. I even prepared medical packs for the coming hostilities only to be surprised to find that PG surrendered." "I am a doctor. My only motivation is to help people. I can explain more in private why I, specifically, wasn't able to come to the Citadel, but I doubt it's relevant. Dr. Kim, over and out" Static Starts Again
  7. *Ehem* If y'all can hear this, this is Dr. Sarah Kim. I am a community leader with the Samaritans. I have learned that someone in the Samaritans leadership took a bribe in the form of weapons shipments from the 5.0.3. in order for the Samaritans to not come to the aid of The Pretorian Guard and Umbra. I do not believe this action SHOULD have been taken, but it was taken, and it explains some problems I have been having. Dr. Kim over and out
  8. I know. that's the reason It will not be considered. If we had any IC knowledge of this it would obviously be considered. But because there is not knowledge I'm going to make sure its not considered
  9. Do not worry. I am making sure the Samaritans do not start a war over this.
  10. Sarah Kim was born to Daniel and Lucy Kim on April 3rd, 1988. A third generation American, Kim had influence of both American and Korean culture. Growing up both were very important to her. When she was two her little sister, Katherine, was born. Her parents both being second generation Americans had been rebellious to their Korean heritage when they were growing up. As such they made sure that their children, Kim and Katherine, knew more about their heritage than they had bothered to learn. Despite the American atmosphere of rebellion towards parents, Kim kept hers to a minimum. She respected her parents and their wishes, but still wanted to have her own path. Her sister on the other hand was much more rebellious. Jealous of the praise Kim got, Katherine was prone to fits of extreme rebellion. Going so far as to drink and drive on several occasions. Eventually this led to her crashing her parent’s car into a tree, breaking three ribs in the process at the age of 16. At that point her parents all but gave up on Katherine. Kim however did not. She reserved to knocking some sense into her little sister. Despite being only a month from graduation high school, Kim spent a good portion of her time getting her sister help. She scheduled her sister for therapy and rehab appointments, as well as drove her to and paid for all the appointments. Even as Kim started her 6-year doctoral program, she would continue to help her sister. Her parents eventually came around to helping Katherine as well. When they tried to give Sarah even more praise, she was quick to shut it down saying “This is not something I deserver praise for. This is something you should have been doing the whole time. She is your child. You should take care of her especially when she needs help”. After graduating high school Katherine decided to join the Navy. Even with her parent’s objections Kim supported her sister. She knew her sister needed to choose her own path. When Kim was 21, she heard of the brutal Churnarussian civil war and wanted to help but knew there was nothing she could do without her degree, so she reserved to work even harder to get her degree. By the time Kim had graduated from her doctoral program in August of 2012, Katherine was in college, working on getting a degree so she could enter officers’ school for the Navy. Kim Immediately went on to start her residency. Learning from various doctors and surgeons, she spent 4 years in residency. During her time in residency she converted to Islam finding the religion to align more with her views than Catholicism. Only a month after she completed her residency in September of 2016, she received her medical license in the US. By this time her sister had become a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the US Navy. By the end of October 2016, she was in Syria, helping to heal soldiers of NATO forces and the Kurdish forces. Along with civilians that were caught in the crossfire. During one dangerous retrieval of a wounded civilian, Kim was grazed by a bullet on her left shoulder. She ignored the wound and the pain and continued to help the wounded civilian. After Aleppo was captured and the Russian backed ceasefire was put in place, Kim stayed for a couple months to continue to help wounded civilians, but in April, after turning 28 she got sick and had to return to the US. Kim eventually recovered but stayed in the US as her mother has also gotten sick. With her mother recovered by the end of June, Kim was preparing to head back to Syria to lend any help she could. She planned to leave on July 15th, but before that could happen, she heard of what she thought was going to be a war between Chernarus and Russia. Remembering how she couldn’t help the people of Chernarus before, she changed her flight to depart on the 9th of July for Novigrad. Soon after she changed her flight again to instead go to Sochi, Russia. After that she took a small civilian plane to an airfield in the north east of South Zagoria, so she could make her way to Berezino. The following days were extremely hectic. She arrived in Berezino on July 10th. She managed to get a call to her sister, now a Lieutenant, on the 15th, but by the 24th she couldn’t get anymore calls out. With no way out of South Zagoria and Kim still wanting to help people as best she could. She reserved to wanted South Zagoria, giving help to anyone she came across. Despite never using a gun before entering Chernarus, she now reserved to caring weapons to at least protect her from the infected. After wandering Chernarus for over two years, she was ambushed by bandits. The bandits took almost everything from her and threw her off at the coast. With none of her supplies left, Dr. Sarah Kim would have to use everything she learned to make she, and any survivors she finds, stay alive.
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