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  1. Mark is a former bodybuilder from Hungary. He settled in Chernarus for one of his bodybuilding competitions before the virus started to rise. He was born in Hungary and lived in a ghetto known as "Havanna lakótelep", he was a very successful martial art fighter in school but after a bad breakup, he started to take drugs, and become a drug addict. He later diagnosed with several mental illnesses like paranoid schizophrenia and ADHD, but after a while, he started his bodybuilding career and become a successful sponsored competitor. He had multiple bodybuilding competitions in Hungary, and later because he's sponsorship he got a chance to challenge other bodybuilders in Chernarus. But before he's Chernarus competition the pandemic started to rise, and he's whole life just turned into a really bad situation. He barricaded himself in his hotel room in Chernogorsk, but soon he ran out of his antipsychotic medication and become mentally unstable. Now, he's only goal is to survive the virus at all cost. ((Sorry for the bad English I hope this little background is enough and I can be a member of this community.))
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