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  1. Bolton was born in Portsmouth, Ohio and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1959. He served as an infantry Marine and officer until he retired in 1991 at the age of 50. During his time in the Marine Corps, Bolton rose through the ranks from private to an infantry weapons officer, also known as a Marine Gunner. A Marine Corps Gunner is a technical expert of all Marine Corps weapons systems, and their employment.Through his blood, sweat, and tears, Gunner Bolton was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his actions on Hill 25 in Vietnam, a battle in which Gunner Bolton and his men, highly outnumbered, drove back the Viet Cong.
  2. Reverend Horton Heat is a mild mannered individual. The Reverend has been a part of clergy for the majority of his adult life. Never married and childless he decided to go on an adventure for god. He was on a missionary mission to Chernarus to spread the word of god. Shortly after his arrival there a was an outbreak of an unknown virus. He tried to give comfort to those that were displaced by the military in their effort to quarantine the virus. But soon his church was taken over by the military as a staging area for the infected. When the military pulled out in an effort to sanitize the area of the virus they had burned Reverend Horton Heat's church to ground. Soon after his flow scattered to the winds he found himself a man conflicted in his faith. Reverend Heat has found himself roaming Chernarus in search of a reason to restore his faith. Preaching the word of god when he can for those that will listen. Helping those in need and exempting help from those willing to give. His loss of faith has left him in a state of turmoil as to the question, "Does GOD exist"?
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