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  1. nice pfp


  2. Thanks for the amazing and fun road trip we had today. @Mugin @JuicyPlum @GreenySmiley @Geek @Dr Brandon @TheBishop @Millie Sorry if I missed someone
  3. The rain should definitely be reduced because whenever I'm playing its raining 90% of the time. The rain is indeed getting annoying lately.
  4. @Duplessis Looking at the death logs it looks like @Realize dies after @Zoinks dies. Does that not mean Realize's team is 3rd?
  5. Thanks for the trip we had today @GreenySmiley @Geek @DrMax , it was a lot of fun and eventful. And thank you @Realize for providing us that great roleplay. It's always nice to end the day with you @Mugin
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