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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/44536-pizzacat00/warnings/5838/ Why the verdict is not fair: I did not know the rule stated you could not go back to your body even if you died by a crash or bug. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was running around in Severograd and I walked into an area, I attracted a zombie and tried to kill it but I was in an area that I did not know had a lot of zombies, so all the zombies started to come after me. I tried to run off to a building to seek shelter but my game froze whilst trying to do so. When it froze I realized I was going to die and I tried to fix it but nothing was working and got really frustrated because I found some rare roleplay items that I cared about. After a minute or two I restarted my game hoping I was still alive but I found out I was dead. I respawned and ran back to my body because I thought if you weren't in a roleplay situation and you died by a bug or a crash it was fine to run back, I wasn't really thinking straight because I was frustrated at the game and tired. When I got close to my body I thought I should ask if my character dies if I get killed by a crash and zombies and I also asked if I could take my stuff back. When someone replied I didn't pick up any of my stuff and went to let a zombie kill me so I could respawn away from the town and to get a fresh start for the next session. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To keep my character as I am very attached to Senne and don't want him gone because of a crash. What could you have done better?: I should have asked or looked at the rules before going back to the town and looking for my body.
  2. Senne was born in Ghent the capital city of Oost-Vlaanderen situated in Belgium. Senne had a normal childhood. Senne always liked creating things or seeing stuff that he made, set to use by others. Senne went to the middlebare school (Belgian high school) and in his third year, he had to make a choice. He chose to be an electrician because it seemed interesting to him. He was happy with his choice and in 2018 he graduated as an electrician. Because he wanted to discover the world while doing his job he applied for an international job. His job required him to go to foreign country's and install new or fix electrical installations from his company. After his Christmas vacation, he was appointed to a new project in Chernarus. After everything for the project was prepared he left for Chernarus on the 30th of March and the project was suspected of lasting 2 months. After 41 days Chernarus ceased travel out of the country so Senne could not leave and he was trapped with his group. Senne got evacuated to a camp set up by the government. At one point there were so many people Senne was concerned he was going to get infected with that flu so he left and tried to survive on his own until he found a new place to settle down.
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