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  1. My character was born in Athens, Greece in 1986. His mother was Greek and his father was a Russian born in Sochi. His name is Anker Kuznetsov. He grew up in Athens for most of his life with limited contact with his father, who lived in Sochi. While living in and around Athens, he learned to fish and how to man a boat. When he was of age he joined the police force. His mother had passed away in 2009 of cancer and he had decided to move to Sochi to reconnect with his father. When rumors of an outbreak began to spread panic broke out. Anker and his father decided there best option would be to get a boat and traverse the Green sea. Around them they saw chaos in the streets. Somehow they had made it to the docks and found a fishing ship. Sailing in the sea, they could see fires and explosions coming from the shore. They had been at sea for atleast 3 months surviving off of fish and rain water. One night a terrible storm hit. The resulting storm sent Anker's father overboard never to be seen again. With the boat heavily damaged and all alone Anker sat preparing to die. He stared up at the stars drifting to sleep. He awoke to a large crash and when he looked around he found himself on land. That land, unbeknownst to him was Chernarus.
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