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  1. My characters name will be Tony Newman. Before the outbreak he was a middle class journalist with a family of three and an failed police graduate, he is in his late 20's and works for a small time newspaper looking for a big story to propel his career forward. After hearing reports about a strange Virus starting to appear in the former soviet union. He decides to try his chances at finding a note worthy story. So he books the next flight to Chernarus to find any truth to reports of a strange virus that seems to be affecting the local population. The outbreak occurs right after his arrival in this strange world leaving him stranded to survive on his without knowledge of the outside world. His main goal to accomplish in Chernarus is to find the real cause of the outbreak and eventually find a way out of the country. Because of some police training he has some survival tactics and is competent with different types of weapons. His goal is to travel all across the country until he finds the information he is looking for so he can be the first person to report on the actual cause of the outbreak.
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