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  1. Filip Vidovič born on 23. of January 1999 in 19 in Ptuj, Slovenia has emigrated to Chernarus in 2009 because he was hunted and persecuted by Slovenian Communist Party who also killed his parents and sisters because they were Christians. They were killed by the communists in Macesnova gorica and thrown into the cave and buried. He luckily managed to escape and flee to Austria from where he managed to get a bus ride to Chernarus. He was a Ptuj Gymnasium graduate and determined to find a new life in Chernarus. The start wasn't very bright, he was broke, lonely, didnt know the language and he had no idea how to start. He accepted every work offer to earn money so he bought a small house in Elektrozavodsk but it was destroyed during the civil war. After the war was ended he went north where he lived until the outbreak and since then he's been scavenging around and trying to grow his farm and to make contact and bond with other survivors in Chernarus and teaching history and trying to make others believe in God. His deepest desire was to start a society of all survivors working together, rebuilding Chernarus and not making conflics beetween each other and of course find the cure. He always carries the Bible with him because he is deeply religious and believes God will save all of surivivors.
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