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  1. Born on June 2nd, 1998, Charlie had always been good in his very core from the beginning of his life. Raised with Christian beliefs, he'd never been one to throw insults around, or hurt another soul. His parents were always kind and caring, which surely helped in raising him to be the kind man he is today. Charlie had always done well in school, constantly studying or asking questions so he could do his best. His hard-work and dedication paid off, as when he grew up, he'd received an opportunity to head to University. Before he was going to go to a school, he wanted to travel to a foreign country first and see how he'd enjoy it. As a cashier in an unimportant, unpopular gas-station, Charlie couldn't afford the plane-ticket to visit a country he was interested in; Chernarussia. So, he'd worked his hardest to get this ticket. He'd worked overtime whenever he could, and even considered working a second job. Charlie wouldn't need to do that, as his very helpful parents had offered him the money to go. He figured that it was only right, he was a good person all his life, why not accept the money and live a little? And that's exactly what he did, heading off to Chernarussia only days before the outbreak, with a small amount of money in his pocket. Now trapped in a foreign country that's become a hostile environment, Charlie still tries to be as good of a person he can. As a pseudo-pacifist, Charlie would only fight if it was extremely important. He's wary of infected and tends to leave them, not wanting to hurt another person, as twisted and evil as they are.
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