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  1. Dean fled the United States due to the chaos of the Outbreak. His daughter, wife, three friends and His wife's Mother went on Dean's 24 foot boat to flee across the ocean to get to Western Africa. They got off course due to the storm and during so His Mother in Law became sick and passed away due to medical complications from before the Outbreak. The storm lasted days and caused his boat to capsize 18 miles of the coast of Chernarus. He was unknowingly the sole survivor. He held onto a plank for days before passing out and awaking on the beach. And so his life begins on Chernarus, looking for his friends and family that had unknowingly to him, passed away. Due to his Policing Career, he can come across as bashful and hot tempered. He has trouble trusting people due to his background in Policing and also due to the mistrust he grew with the US government's failure to act on the virus. When it comes to finding his family, he will do what ever is necessary to find them and to keep them safe. He tends to be a loner. Only scavenging for food and hunting in the woods and keeping himself out of trouble. He's been looking for his family for about 4 months according to his tree calendar. While Hog was a Police officer for three years, he was an officer in a middle class town. Besides busting teenage pot heads and speedsters. he has not seen action. His only use of a firearm was his service pistol during training sessions. His love for hunting came from his grandfather. At a young age he would go hunting for bear and deer with his grandfather with a bow. Since his stranding, he was become accustomed with the firearms he has found, but wouldn't dare to point it at someone unless his life depended on it. His only goal in life is to find his family and to survive.
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