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  1. Doug was born in North Carolina in 1996. He grew up in a military town where his father was stationed. After a pretty average childhood, Doug set off for college attending a state school not too far from home. Following the completion of Doug's undergraduate degree, Tim wanted to travel the world. But that was when the world fell to pieces. He was stuck in France when the outbreak led to anarchy. Over the next few years, Tim survived through any means necessary traveling throughout Europe and has now found himself migrating towards where this all began.
  2. Got my PC with me now so I’m back at it. But I’ll never forget my first friends on RP lol, hope you’re doing well I’ll talk to you soon
  3. Paddy it’s been too long since I’ve seen you or the block! We may have to take a trip down memory lane and head to Cherno!
  4. This thing still work? i used to play here years ago and was thinking of hopping back on. How are things going?
  5. Gomer was born in the small town of Luchter, Louisiana to a tobacco farmer Two-tone Tim and his wife who had no limbs. Gomer's childhood was rough as school wasn't the easiest for Gomer. With an IQ of 67 Gomer had a rough time making it through gradeschool. He made his way through special education classes until he was 16 when he decided to drop out. After dropping out, he spent the majority of his time doing odd jobs around town. Some of these jobs included refereeing for the blind kids down at the YMCA, septic tank cleaner, and local ghostbuster. Eventually, Gomer found himself working on a shrimp boat and this is where he found his calling. He spent the next decade or so sailing the seven seas shrimping. Gomer had become the captain of his own shrimping boat, the Tuna Wagon. When the outbreak hit Gomer decided to hop on his boat and live off the ocean. He had a rain collector and fished for what he ate. After a few months Gomer began to venture and eventually sailed to Chernarus. One day, his boat struck a leak and Gomer thought he was a goner. That's when Gomer met Leonard and Randy who saved him and took him on board their own boat. From here on Gomer would survive this new world with his two new friends.
  6. Milo was born outside of Stary Yar, in a small house near the village. His father owned farmland, raising a few livestock such as cattle, chickens, goats, etc. Milo grew up on the farm, helping his father in any way he can, but the farm took precedence over school, so Milo’s education was ended at about 15. Life on the farm was hard, but Milo never complained. When Milo turned 14, he, his mother, and his father headed into the nearby city of Toploniki? to setup a station at the farmers’ market in town. On the way home, the couple was mugged by thugs from the town, and when Milo’s father tried to fight back, he was brutally stabbed 7 times, killing him. His mother was raped, and left on the streets for dead. Local police found her and she was hospitalized. Ever since that day, Milo had been filled with rage, with his only desire in life being to avenge his father’s death. Milo never was the same, the energetic child he once was, was gone. He ran the farm by himself, and tried to tend to his mother who had slowly become more and more mentally unstable. As his mother did, Milo become mentally unstable. He did as his father did, and would go down to Toploniki for the farmers’ market and sell his goods. On the way home from one of his trips, he was mugged, by the exact same group that did so to him and his parents years ago. He didn’t waste any time on police, and brutally murdered all the men. He was imprisoned for his actions, and was put on death row. In court he couldn’t prove any correlation between the muggers and the earlier incident.
  7. yall boys fly as fuck you definitely gettin that follow (btw i peep that ice boy)
  8. im so proud of you hunny
  9. Happy anniversary Strider! So happy we made it to one year together <3
  10. it's lit, i like the name scheme the McDonald's chose. good luck m8
  11. I don't really see the point in this thread as it's just people complaining about other people who get salty over gear. The people who get salty over gear are gonna get salty and typing some words about how it's stupid to be salty isn't really going to make them stop being salty.
  12. Eminem would kill Drake but this isn't going to happen. The guy who started the rumor Ebro, a radio personality on Hot 97 in NY said something about this on air, and after it all blew up he started tweeting about how it was a joke and people took what he said and ran with it. So he basically made shit up so he could get some press. Edit: If it did happen, it would be lit, would love to hear Em go after somebody.
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