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  1. Ruffboi


    It sucks.
  2. Ruffboi


    Well we kind of are monkeys anyway soooooo Well.. I dunno which stage you've gotten to yet, soooooo
  3. Ruffboi


    .. the concept of snus is beyond me. smoke weed, be happy. do snus and.. look like a monkey while you're doing it.
  4. Goat? edit: lol, so many replies
  5. Ruffboi

    4th of July

  6. Wasn't bad-bad, but well.. not my style. She sang well though, and the music was enjoyable. 6/10 [video=youtube]
  7. As Sky elaborated, precisely. For instance, you wouldn't suddenly shout while being chased by a numerous horde of undead; "You surely get your exercise nowadays, huh!?". You're being overrun by frenzied monsters whoms intention are to rip you apart and eat you alive. Act like your character would, if it was to be somewhat realistic.
  8. Nobody said the apocalypse was going to be easy.
  9. because they were man. they were believe me... VOTE YES ! Must be annoying to be S-GRU.. having your lips glued to their butt. S-GRU are Russian scum. Personally though, I was fond of the idea. The players? Not so much.
  10. Ruffboi

    Chopper vs 2 M107s

    2madbro Awesome video. lol