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  1. I had trouble with shadowplay around xmas, i ended up calling their support line and talked to an IT guy. I recommend doing that, I had to completely uninstall all my nvidia drivers and reinstall them to get it fixed. Also, if they aren't showing up where they are supposed to, have you checked the 'desktop' folder in the shadowplay recordings? I find that shadowplay often will save to the last game you played's folder rather than the current one, or onto the desktop if you play in windowed mode or tab out frequently. Hope you figure it out, shadowplay is easily the most convenient when it works.
  2. This^ I don't like it, and it's a dick move, but people do it/would do it in an apocalypse. Some people like being the bullies. And without the bullies, how can there be heroes?
  3. I've always thought role playing a mute guy, who has to communicate through gestures or emotes would be interesting, but difficult. Another thing to add, adding bad things to your character makes him/her seem more real. Maybe you have a phobia, or a previous injury that prevents you from carrying too much weight, etc.
  4. Again, read all of it word for word, and don't skim. You will know it when you find it.
  5. Could it be that your computer is overheating? Maybe you should crack it open and dust everything off.
  6. Due to school being more taxing than expected, as well as a loss of interest in DayZ in general, and having a crappy PC, my attendance on the RP servers was almost nonexistent. But now, I have acquired a new gaming PC, so as to finally become a true convert of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race (praise GabeN), I plan on upping my activity in this wonderful community. No more shall 15 FPS in a field looking at the ground with 50% resolution and everything turned off plague me. Instead, I shall play DayZ on moderately-okay settings. All joking aside, I feel I can actually participate in DayZ to its full extent now that I have the ability to make it look pretty. Plus side is that stuff doesn't look like crappy PS2 games when I run them. I look forward to 'rejoining' the community in game.
  7. Sir Tiger

    Steam Game Giveaway

    I'll take 50. That's right in the middle, as good a chance as any. Thank you
  8. Not in standalone, plz dont yell at me. (and this is really a near death experience, but it was pretty funny) Was at Prud with some cool guys, talking in teamspeak. Running around the rocks. Guy says"Oi, watch out for those rocks. They're leg breakers" For some reason I run onto rocks. "lol no they aren-" *violently start bouncing up and down* *scream into teamspeak* *everyone else screams in teamspeak* *try to run* *more violent shaking" *everyone still yelling in terror" Eventually I decide to freeze. Everyone else is standing around looking at me. (my player model is bent 90 degrees and i can't look up because of the glitch, so I have to freelook around) I look at the nearest guy "what do I do man? You gotta help me" One guy says not to move "just keep mashing vault" he says. I do it and make it off the rock. Everyone sighs a collective sigh of relief.
  9. Well if its anything like "valve time" you may be spot on. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
  10. Ehh... While I agree with the fact that 1st person can be 'immersive' I really don't think that the arguments of metagaming are strong enough to get rid of third person. I use both, depending on the situation. I guess I would justify third person by arguing that you don't have the same state of...awareness that you do in real life. I think third person is a way to 'compensate' for that. But that's just my opinion. How I generally play DayZRP and normal DayZ is this: First person for firefights, easier to put people down quickly that way. Third person for running around and admiring all the swag I've collected. I think this should remain a personal choice. If you want to play in first person, play in first person. If you want to play in third person, play in third person. You shouldn't force someone else to play your way because you think it's more 'immersive' or 'right' than their way. Sidenote: Something that's been on my mind for a while regarding 'realism'. This is a video game. We play it to have fun and pretend. Trying to make things too 'realistic', just results in over complicated systems that are an inconvenience to those trying to have fun. DayZ is tedious as it is.
  11. Sir Tiger

    Official CS:GO Thread

    How to clutch: [video=youtube]
  12. The sound guy would have to make all the sound effects him/herself (with their mouth/from items they have lying around) like they did on old radio shows
  13. Could it be something wrong with the resolution? It sounds like Arma is running, its just having trouble displaying fullscreen across all three of you screens. Maybe try running it in windowed mode, or try manually setting the screen resolution using launch parameters? EDIT: Just found out there are no launch parameters to set the screen resolution, you have to go to your arma2.cfg file and manually enter the resolution of the screens (i.e. if each of your monitors is 1920x1080 then set the resolution to 5760x1080) I dont know if this will help at all, I don't have any experience with multiple screens
  14. Sir Tiger

    U.S. Modern Military Skins

    Ehhh... As far as saying "2012" style gear for American units, I would argue that the default Force Recon and Delta Force skins are pretty much exactly what troops wear today. Arma was made after the whole Middle East kurfuffel started, so most of its skins are fairly up to date. I mean most of the US skins, and some of the Russian skins are using MOLLE gear, while CDF units use older recycled "H-Bar" belts and harnesses.
  15. I remembered a few stories that my dad has told me. My dad recently retired from the United States Marine Corp, after serving for +20 years (he retired as a Lt. Colonel, his last station was the Executive Officer (second in command) on one of the largest Marine Corps bases on the East Coast. Yeah. I'm proud. Shush) This leads into his first encounter, which occurred at Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. He was standing in front of a memorial, this one I believe: It is the Confederate Memorial, for the soldiers who fought and died in the Confederate Army during the US's Civil War. As he is standing there reading, the cemetery is quiet, as cemeteries are, no one is running around yelling or anything, he hears the very distinct sound of the hammer being drawn back on a gun. My dad had been in the military for a while at this point, so he knows the sound of a gun being cocked. His first thought was that there was some sort of reenactment going on, so he walked around the big memorial to see what was on the other side, but there was no one there. ******************************************** My dad's other experience also involved the military. He was at some historic military fort with some friends. This was an old, Revolutionary War-era fort (speaking of which, what do you British people call it?). My dad was parking the car, backing up. Behind the parking spaces was a big open area with old trees and grass and such. As he is backing up, he sees in his side mirror a man wearing Revolutionary War-era military dress, you know, the fancy military dress sort of stuff. Again, my dad's thought was that there was some sort of reenactment going on, but he didn't see the man again when he glanced back at the mirror, and when he asked the information desk at the fort, they said there were no reenactments there that day. *************************************************** Here's a ghost story my dad told me from when he was in 29 Palms, California, at the artillery training base there. Near the military base, is a little town called Amboy. Creepy as fuck, full of satanic worshippers or some shit. It's in the middle of nowhere, and the Marines tell family members and visitors that, whatever they do, have enough gas in their car to make it through Amboy, because you DO NOT want to stop there, ever. Near the little town is Amboy Crater: It is supposed to have been formed by the Devil, when he was banished and fell from Heaven. Additionally, the Bible says that there is a tree that will only grow in two places on Earth, near the entrance to Heaven, and near the entrance to Hell. The Joshua Tree (above) only grows in two places on Earth: Jerusalem and Yucca Valley, which just so happens to be where Amboy is located. (Fun fact, you often see the Joshua Tree in movies that take place in the desert, which lets you know that it was most likely filmed in Yucca Valley) Besides this, it is also said that Satanic worshippers gather in Amboy Crater on Halloween every year to do their Satanic stuff. But on to my dad's story: On the 29 Palms Marine Corps base, there is a story of "The Lost Platoon" It goes like this: On a large training exercise that was going to last a few days, the Marines were all out doing their maneuvers. Keep in mind that this was an artillery base, and it covers a huge area: One of the platoons stopped for the night in the vicinity of Amboy Crater. In the morning, every man in the platoon was gone. However, all of the equipment and vehicles were left as they had been the night before; it was like the entire platoon up and left. It is assumed that some Satanic Cult took them. ******************************************************* Wow. That turned out pretty long.
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