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  1. Ethan Fevreau, Born and raised in the Province of Ontario Canada. Started hunting small game from the age of 7 with his parents. When he was only 12 he tracked down and killed deer all on his own. Later in life he won many American and Canadian Hunting competitions and Earned the title Great White First after the shark as he could sense a wounded animal by scent alone. And secondly from the americans because of his canadian heritage with it being known to many as the Great White North. He enlisted in the military at the age of 25 when hunting was not making enough money to pay the bills. He became a decorated marksman due to hius natural skill from hunting prey in the forests of Canada. He was stationed in Chernarus as a marksman when all hell broke loose. Up until now noone has seen or heard from him since. He has been surviving on only scraps and small game he could hunt down.
  2. Growing up under strict religious parents, Salvador became a minister of their church directly after finishing Divinity school post High School. He followed this path and set up a life for himself. He found a woman and got married, They then had a child. Life was looking upward for the Holy man. That all changed one day when returning from running errands. He entered his home and found a message on his answering machine from Emergency services. When he returned the call They informed him that his Wife and Child Cassandra and Aida had been killed in a car accident. This Destroyed him. He lost his faith and became a recluse. He ceased all communications with family and friends. He moved away to East Europe to get away from everybody. He lived for a couple of years there comfortably until the the Infection started. Now he roams Chernarus looking for a place to call home.
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