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  1. Nice to meet'cha!

    Best intro ever. easily lol
  2. Sin [DynamicGroup] #SaveRP?

    Very wise indeed mate : Good point This^ +1 Thanks Andrey I was wondering when staff would eventually post like I said its a dynamic group to have fun, so anyone who is experienced may throw in their name for a chance
  3. Sin [DynamicGroup] #SaveRP?

    not about simple hostile rp, its about the authentic fear of roleplay, breaking through the mindset of "if I die I will simply respawn and re-gear". The majority of the time its pro choice, every one is different, everyone has a different character persona. etc but then it becomes stale & generic once you see everyone do the same thing over and over, and if it means the standard of rp drops... thats when people stop playing rp and cant be bothered But I see your point, the only way to prove my point is to put it into action and get IG. Its all about the amount of effort people put into their character and RP time.
  4. Sin [DynamicGroup] #SaveRP?

    It was more for discussion purposes but thanks anyway
  5. //Ive been paying attention to the discussion in the community, with Ruleplay over roleplay, the loss of authentic fear roleplay and the general image of rp going down the drain etc. original reason why I left Thought it would be an interesting idea to introduce a unofficial dynamic group into chernarus, that would help restore some realistic/fear rp. General concept of the group is based around archaic thinking, nihilism and restoring "peoples minds to the natural order of things". E.g - War is the natural state of man, not peace. this is proved by all the suffering, pain and misery caused directly by mankind. - Being very cryptic to not give too much away and spoil the potential surprise, but obviously I need to give some information out so that people may wish to get involved or at least share some feedback. - Are you ready to die for your sins, or rather live and earn your salvation ? - - Objectives of the Sin. & Reasoning behind them - Elimination - 'People respect strength', take it away and their system crumbles and their group dies out. - Whenever a group / organisation becomes too powerful or holds great influence, they are targeted by Sin. People cannot be trusted with their own survival anymore, especially if they hold to naive principles and proxy conflicts. Infiltration - 'Knowledge is power' - With more knowledge our techniques become more sophisticated & our influence grows towards the end goal. End-game objective ? - Restore peoples minds - - End the perversion of free will - -//Influence quality RP - -//Replacing generic hostile rp with something new - - Why die for history when you can live for the future ? - // To keep it short, this group will hopefully disrupt the game mentality, to help influence more fear and a sense of realism. Groups with the bigger numbers online usually run the server more or less? This idea will help influence a better environment for roleplay and a genuine emotion of terror knowing that your not playing a 'online game' and your life hangs in the balance which is more valuable than your gun and supplies. // Inspiration from past groups 'Council' & famous novels. //For the time being, Im a firm believer in lead by example so only experienced rp-ers will be approached if this idea picks up - There is nothing without sacrifice - Appreciate feedback, Thanks
  6. Putting 'real' danger back into the game

    Soon* Realistic play - RP* thats right bois, nicks come back to hopefully save ze rp. doubt anyone remembers me
  7. The Arsenal [WIP] [Recruiting]

    this. And Good luck guys, sounds solid!
  8. DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Mas was always 10/10 on point with his aim.
  9. Real life picture Thread

    The way that hair flow... Conditioner and beard oil. perfecto
  10. Real life picture Thread

    get on my level clark kent
  11. [POI] Southern checkpoint

    Good location, specifys the whole point of being a territorial checkpoint. Better use of items and objects.
  12. you mean to tell me we ran all that way only for that too happen...jesus lads Nah nah nah we met post-crash. Athan was the reason we were running down to Polana in the first place Aaaah haha cool. the things we do to save our mates
  13. Can't you just walk into the Helis? They're like, non collision. no beuno, and then get cooked alive...no thanks lol you mean to tell me we ran all that way only for that too happen...jesus lads
  14. Greatest Arma piss take ever.. [it was stuck inside the chopper]
  15. That moment when you make a fire to eat some meat and a stranger randomly appears for the RP "Fraser"