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  1. My character is Arthur Allgood, he is a young, adult male originally from the United Kingdom and aged 21. Arthur moved to Chernarus in January 2017 with his wife to start a new life away from the United Kingdom in a quiet and beautiful home. After the outbreak started Arthur lost his wife to the infection, leaving him full of grieve and pain, however he did not have the heart to kill his own wife and therefore left her locked in the basement of their home vowing that he would find the cure and cure his wife, so that they may live out the rest of their lives. As the weeks went by Arthur searched and searched for someone who knew anything about a cure and did everything in his power to survive himself, so that he may rescue his wife. At present, Arthur using the knowledge he has obtained in survival is determined to survive and find a cure for his wife. Arthur continues the struggle to find his wife a cure and take care of his personal needs, travelling Chernaurus has been rough on Arthur, finding only scraps of food and water to live off he continues to doubt whether he'll ever find a cure and rescue his wife, infact he's beginning to wonder whether it is all worth it, although the photograph of his wife that Arthur carries with him continues to give him the strength he's looking for to carry on and survive!
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