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  1. Apart from the weather and now super Saiyan animals ive found the gameplay in Livonia better just across the whole I think the RP has been better and the storylines between groups and players in my opinion have just gelled extremely well in Livonia. yes, Livonia is a breath of fresh air but I can see it staying a popular option over Chernarus
  2. Woodsy

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    I cant wait to take the DP from both bears and wolves... And there's me thinking the shotgun was just enough to fight against a pack! RIP
  3. "I agree to surrender KOS rights to members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3"
  4. yeah I particularly like how they cast the sun through the gaps eh!
  5. I don't know if this has already been said as I haven't gone through all the comments. But what if instead of a lore wipe we jump forward just one year? so, all the characters that are in the game now don't have to PK or so on but instead can continue the story bring Chernarus and Livonia together with our own mapping and have the 2 places RP out. i like that idea that a sort of semi government that has taken over to install order within the 2 regions?? with enough dedicated people to RP as government "officials" what's stopping them from having two outposts in the 2 maps maybe in the main cities? They can have their government buildings I think with the right people it has potential to be a very good RP storyline involving almost everyone that plays in whatever region you prefer. The government could go either good or bad its up to the individual RPer to project that image. RISE UP OR STAY IN LINE
  6. Woodsy

    The scrapbook of Lewis

    This is a little project of memories and experiences that Lewis has encountered in his travels
  7. He slowly pulls off his frozen gloves and press's the PTT on his radio a weary voice is heard.. *he..hee.. hello, if anyone can hear me anyone at all my name is Lewis im looking for settlements, groups just anything everyone around me is gone im on my own* He releases the PTT button clicks his radio back onto his rucksack and continues his journey towards the coast
  8. Born and raised in London, Kaiden (The middle oldest by a couple of minuets) grew up with his twin brother Jaiden and their sister Haiden they all shared a close bond with one another. It was a hard time in school for Kaiden juggling grades over the protection of his younger sister. she followed her twin brothers everywhere! Kaiden did all he could to keep the horrors of home as far away from haiden as possible with all three siblings feeling the hardship of an abusive father and a non caring mother Kaiden and Haiden looked up to Jaiden to guide them through life. It was the time of the dreaded family vacation and their father being a cheap man he decided they would go to Chernarus and explore all the nature trails and outdoor activities the place had to offer. When the family heard of the outbreak they decided it was time to go home. As the family tried to go home they were met with nothing. Everything was already shut down, chaos spread through the cities no where was safe the dead were everywhere. The family made it out of the big city, Jaiden and Kaiden took turns carrying Haiden while the family went up into the woods to seek shelter. amongst the chaos of escaping the city their mother had been attacked and was rapidly decreasing in health. this was the only act of kindness their father showed the twins that night holding the boys close he whispered to them "keep haiden safe" before hugging them then shoving them off to the corner to sleep with their little sister. As morning light broke through the cabin curtains a scream chilled the teens bones. Their father screamed as blood poured from his neck as he laid on the bed that he and his wife had slept on. The teens hopped up off the floor Jaiden pushed Haiden behind him as they both looked at their father who now lays on the floor dead. Growls came from the bedroom. As they went into check, their mother she was different. Her skin pale and eyes were bloodshot. She lunges at the teens and Kaiden slams the door in her face. The twins grab Haiden and they left the house walking down the rocky slope into the wilderness.
  9. Archie "Blade" Miller was a nobody! left stranded on Chernarus after the outbreak he kept himself to himself ... surviving. as the years passed everyday he would practice with his trusty hunting knife "cooper" training in the art of the kill both human and animal. One night during a scavenge run Archie quickly found himself in danger after a group of bandits rolled up and took shelter in the factory he was in. Barricading the only exit visible it was a cold night for Archie. however, overhearing the chatter amongst the group they spoke of a new region with survivors Livonia it was called and Archie knew that was where he was going. When they were sleeping using what he had learnt with "cooper" he left with the map and the keys to the car with a smile on his face he was going to finally be someone! Archie was heading to Livonia
  10. MY POV having run from vybor with Joshua, we went to see what loot we could find at the military area stated in the video! while i was searching I was greeted by one of the Colton brothers (with the green cap) and we exchanged normal friendly greetings. about 40 seconds of talking went by and I was then told to raise my hands in the air and proceed to walk into the building by the other brother who did not make himself known to me or Joshua. there was no indication on why we were being held up right away and then the colton brothers proceeded to tell us we are not here to take your gear but are conducting a "health check" stated in the video. my friend then said "well could we have our stuff back or you don't need to take our clothes away" something along the lines of that. they proceeded to say "you're free to go but we are not so sure about your friend" in which Joshua replied about the suppressor and the incident was to follow with the death. afterwards we did exchange noted details (seen in chat logs) and worded conversation regarding the incident they did seem genuinely sorry for the death against my friend but the discord call I cant comment on. the colton brothers abruptly left after telling me we are leaving his gear on the ground which I picked up and moved to redwood radio station to meet up with another friend where I logged off. I do not know personally what they took of Joshua as I only collected what was left on the ground. however for my gear I was missing a helmet, NVGS, Glock and various items which I am going to state here I am not bothered about being robbed gear is gear its replaced. That was my POV of the incident stated in the video. I don't have any further evidence as I don't record my gameplay and I was not at the incident at redwood the previous day so I cant add anything to that
  11. If the new lore means it would be set in the future (going off that a new lore would be written) would that mean a new character? I don't think it would make sense to have a new lore but have a character based around the chernarus story? Or would there be ways around this?
  12. Welcome, you'll love it as soon as you start playing! Hopefully our characters will cross paths one day
  13. Woodsy

    This is Epic

    welcome! hope you enjoy your stay here!
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