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  1. Woodsy

    It's that time of year again

    If the new lore means it would be set in the future (going off that a new lore would be written) would that mean a new character? I don't think it would make sense to have a new lore but have a character based around the chernarus story? Or would there be ways around this?
  2. Welcome, you'll love it as soon as you start playing! Hopefully our characters will cross paths one day
  3. Woodsy

    This is Epic

    welcome! hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. It was a pleasure to meet your character the other night! with some brilliant RP I don't think the situation could have gone any different! shame about your friend though! hope to see you around again soon.
  5. Woodsy

    Hello there

    welcome! its truly an amazing community, with some cracking RP! I know you will enjoy it Hope to see your character around!
  6. Thanks everyone for your help! I will look over into the lore and get more familiar with the basics!
  7. Hello all! just recently passed the whitelisting and thought id post here just to say a few things. 1.) I look forward to interacting with everyone on the servers I bet there will be some good experiences and im looking forward to meet some new people. 2.) can anyone offer any tips that aren't in the newcomers guide? anything will be muchly appreciated
  8. my name is Lewis Moore nicknamed "Woodsy" I am 21 years old and EX special forces sent to chernarus just before the outbreak as the only survivor of a force protection team sent to help evacuate the city's myself and my team were left behind and ultimately overwhelmed by the dead I like to keep the military background in my past now only telling those i trusts in fear of it being used against me i am a very cautious character often wondering the world as a lone wolf every time I have settled into a community or a small group I've either been abandoned or extreme cases left for dead. my only goal is to survive and to see the world for what it once was...home!
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