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  1. Gideon Avignion was a microbiologist of French nationality in service of the WHO before the events of the outbreak. He was sent there as a researcher to help find a cure, but eventually got lost on a field experiment, one of the last ones, near the Shakhovkan Corridor, where he eventually was abandoned as the risk to recover him was deemed higher than his value with the outbreak spreading. When the outbreak hit him, he at first had a fever, but quickly recovered, finding himself immune to the disease, most likely due to a genetic quirk. Over his time in the wilderness, he has focussed on skill over strength, stealth over conflict, knowledge over brute force, and so on. Gideon is now on the lookout for a group to join that can offer him shelter in return for doing jobs within the camp; he hates getting into combat, but is willing to take up arms in self defence. Gideon had a wife and daughter before the outbreak, but lost contact during the event. He personally cites this as the reason why he researches a cure, as a last, desperate attempt to redeem the fact that he abandoned his family. His hobbies were reading, playing board games and DIY-ing. He hopes to apply the second hobby to aid his group, so that he may eventually find the possibility to get to his number 1 hobby and, hopefully, restoring contact with his family
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