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  1. Welcome to PC and the Community, I remember moving to PC in 2015 and could hardly work a keyboard without looking at it. It's comes easy over time so don't worry too much. Any questions or concerns feel free to ask anyone, I'm sure they'll help out.
  2. Didn't get much chance to RP with you lot before hand, perhaps this time I will gl
  3. Perhaps this time it will raise concerns that causes these 'breaks' and potentially fix them. Who knows until they know.
  4. You've been around for awhile so I'm sure you're aware of the cycle DayZRP goes through more than I. It rises and falls, no matter what the staff rotation is. Perhaps It's growing boredom with the RP not changing or even just Summer getting people outside. Either way, we'll all be back on the server sooner or later.
  5. *As the radio croaks to life, the frayed voice a man can be heard* "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." *a short breathe is made before continuing* "The services you hold have brought many of us closer to the Lord in these ever-so trying times. May God bless you Father."
  6. ATMs can go, as others have said they don't make sense and hoarding money is just the same as hoarding loot with a different mask. I'm more neutral on the traders, don't mind if they stay or go.
  7. Surviving is apart of the RP, it's the same reason I don't see the recent buff to the infected as an issue. The core of the lore is the threat of the infected, at least that's how it all started. Finding means to survive, whether it be a weapon or food pushes you to interact with others and moves you to locations with RP. I'd suggest not seeing surviving and RP as two separate tasks, as I think the premise that DayZ can be a fun roleplaying game is to survive to RP, and RP to survive. More practically though; Animal spawns are all around the map, pick a town you want to visit and start he
  8. Zombies have never really been an issue in DayZ Standalone, less so in DayZRP. With the recent changes it adds the fear that should have been there from the start, that if you run into a once populated town, you will get swamped by the prior residents. Stealth mechanics are now useful. Run inside a house and sit still for awhile; they infected will leave you alone. Stay low and avoid opening doors; you can loot a town without getting hit once. Instead of emptying mags, seek that suppresser, lead infected away one by one to take them down. There's plenty a way to approach the update,
  9. Leather coat slots upped when?
  10. I'm a huge fan of creating a character with a look that only pertains to them. It's natural that we all judge a person how they initially look as what else do you have to go off? But sadly so, and more often than not, your intuition is right when you assume that the full Gorka PKP wielding man running at you is about to take your teddy bear.
  11. At current I can't see one being useful, but most definitely around the patch or as story arcs close
  12. Most definitely, +1 With players making the move South, you'd expect animals to do the same.
  13. I'll +1 as if I had the option to reduce the inconsistency of the rain and limit it to odd periods throughout the day, I would. However, It's a minor detail that doesn't bother me, or most i'd assume too much, so not to fussed tbh.
  14. PFFT The sound of a bed creaking and bottles falling would be heard as a deep English voice rolls through the radio "If I'm feeling better by then I'll provide cigarettes to any and all, on the house of course." PFFT
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