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  1. Thanks everyone! I had a little hiccup in the whitelist application but I got it sorted out so, hopefully my application will push through the second time around. I'll take is a blessing. My original backstory might've been too hard to RP anyways. I toned down my BG story so that I'll have more freedom to play and have fun vs trying to RP a character that's outside the scope of my real world knowledge.
  2. Hello all! My name is Burke and I love open world zombie survival games. Ever since I started watching youtubers such as Baby Nades, and Vertiigo I've always wanted to get on DayZ and carve out my own story and play with like-minded RP players. As many of you already know public non-RP servers are usually pretty toxic and KOS 24/7. I'd actually like to interact with people and have a enjoyable gaming experience while being able to help contribute to other player's game experience as well. Lookjng forward to seeing you guys in Chernarus and making some new friends! Take real care! Best Regards, -Burke
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