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  1. It was 1 day before the apocalypse started, before, my life had no meaning at all. You see here,I was a coward and had no purpose to live which wasn't the best traits for growing up in a already war torn country but I managed. My Father,the drunk would beat me everyday after mothers death. He would force me to go hunting almost every weekend to get away from all the soldiers and mayhem and just try to live off the land for a couple of days. I didn't mind really, I had social anxiety so the less people meant the better. But then he told me to take the shot, the warm sun beat down on the wet overgrowth in the tall dark green canopy forest as I sat down on the hard stone cliffs edge that overlooked the trees, I told him I couldn't,the peaceful creature didn't do anything but before I put the gun down my father screamed which the sudden sound made me squeeze the rifle! In an instance the creature disappeared into thin air and my chance was gone,I have failed my father like I usually do. "God dammit Joey! next time dont hesitate boy " screamed my father as he angrily took the gun and then slapped me hard bringing me to my knees. Everything in that moment went dark, my father kept screaming but in my head images of my father beating me flashed in my head. Over and over and over, repeating faster by the second not stopping."I cant take its too much!" my hands and head started to sweat all over and my heart wouldn't stop beating "make it stop! stop, please stop!". I was back and it was no longer day and the shining crescent in the sky had enveloped the land. I started wiping tears off my eyes, confused and startled to see my father no where. Scanning all around panicking and crying out "faaaaaather!!!". Until I gazed on the dreaded scene,my heart stopped and time froze as I looked below me as the shadowed moonlight highlighted the lifeless corpse. I screamed for help knowing no hero would show. The universe did not think this heart shocked boy had enough. As I walked down the path to witness what happened to my father, the sorrow increased with every step. Getting Closer and closer I thought It wasn't me, I didn't do this, I would never do this. I eventually stood over him witnessing the shock on his face before his death as he clenched the gun. Suddenly I started bursting out with more tears screaming "I could never do this!". I was right I didn't do it, It was the virus but I didn't know it yet. Looking down in silence something was twitching. Not seeing anything else I put it in the back of my mind and dropped to my knees. But in a flash the moonlight gaze was taken by a tall shadow. Confused looking up I saw a dead man walking. Confused and scared with out time to react to this phenomenon my dead father did a spine tingling screech as he started lunging for me trying to bite me. I dodged and without thinking I started tumbling backwards running from my father in total fear, Unknowingly stumbling into a corner I gave myself one last thing I could do,the only thing I could do, I rushed for the nearest rock to save my cursed damaged soul as a last hope and abandoned all fear..... That day as a boy when I crushed my fathers head In I knew I had given him mercy. When I came out of that hunting trip I had lost myself and on that day a new me was born a me who had a purpose,a purpose to survive for my mom and my father,it was what they would have wanted. This was my clean slate, and my last chance give it my all. And I wasn't going to mess it up as a man.
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