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  1. I've played on this server for about 6 hours and so far it's been a blast! I've already had some intense encounters (much to the detriment of my character) and met quite a few other survivors. This is shaping up to be a great experience and I've invited some of my friends to come along. Looking forward to graduating from my Newcomer status and potentially joining a group. Thanks for reading, - weasow
  2. Jack grew up middle-class in Madison, a semi-rural town in upstate New York. His father, Michael, was an avid outdoorsman and would frequently bring his son on trips to the Adirondack Park area. Jack never shared the same love of the woods as his father, though he was particularly intrigued by the prospect of self-sustainability; how long can an individual endure the throws of nature with only a handful of tools and an acquired skill set? As such, Jack paid close attention to Mike's wilderness idiosyncrasies. Despite never having an intent to utilize the skills passed from his father, he committed every lesson to memory. In an act of adolescent "rebellion," Jack moved to the city to attend NYU for his undergraduate education, subsequently saddling himself with a large amount of debt. His parents paid for what they could afford, though this amounted to very little overall. After graduating and delaying his student loans, Jack attended Simon Business School in Rochester to earn an MS in Finance. He planned to move back to New York once he earned his masters, and with the connections he made at NYU, believed he could earn some interviews at several well-paying firms. In the final semester of his MS, Jack accompanied some grad-school buddies on a European cruise -- one last hurrah before they parted ways and entered the "real" world. The "Costa Risacca," the ship was called, and he was sure it would be a trip for the ages. As the cruise neared the coast of Chernarus, a storm hit the Green Sea, and Jack's life was forever changed. He secured a position on one of the Risacca's life boats, though his companions were nowhere to be seen. Jack presumed his friends to have been lost with the ship and a terrible loneliness quickly took hold. Alone, in a foreign land scourged by war and disease, he sought the only familiarity Chernarus could offer: the woods.
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