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  1. Ya boys hired the best man for the graphics! Looking very good! gj sweetie @CutieN1RU
  2. PKM's access to nukes must be utilized in Nyheim. +1
  3. Thank you Elrod! Very cool!
  4. If yall dont add it this time, i am disappointed
  5. After the failure of the Inner Circle in 2021 Sasa Saponjic retired back to his home land of Serbia. There, he found a wife and had a child which he named Zivko. He taught him the ways of survival and his heritage. As well as his story and adventures from the Inner Circle in South Zagoria, a place now long abandonded and laid to waste by toxic gas. Zivko's father experienced the Yugoslav Wars first hand and committed many attrocities which many are unspoken of. When his father perished of old age he left his home village in the once known "Serbia" and headed straight to Kosovo. There he came across a tribal war between an independent Kosovonian tribe and an Albanian tribe. His fathers ethics did not allow him to side with the Albanians but he grew up having slightly different points of views. As the war progressed and the Kosovonian tribe was driven from Kosovo he joined his newly found friend Zenun Bazhunaishvili to his adventures leading up to him getting recruited by the glorious PKM. war photos taken by his father Sasa from the Yugoslav Wars
  6. Ajax O'Driscoll was born in former US Dallas, Texas. He was raised up by former US National Guard/USMC troops that were very proud of former country and their military branch. From early in his childhood he was educated about weaponry, different calibers, marshal art and alongside that US history and the lengthy history of his unit. Throughout his teens he moved from place to place alongside his people. They travelled all across the former US until they ended up at east coast where they began repairs on a old coast guard ship. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajax and a small dispatched PKM force shortly before raiding Las Pistola hideouts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After few years of repairs they managed to get the boat running and end up travelling around the post apocalyptic caribean sea until eventually they were ambushed in the seas by Caribean super power state of P.K.M. . They boarded the ship and quickly took it over while most of the soldiers were asleep. Eventually the unit was brought to Port royal and their ship confiscated and merged into the P.K.M. naval force. The president of P.K.M. pirate republic saw the fighting spirit in the decendants of 142nd Infantry Regiment and integrated them into the P.K.M. republic manpower and under some supervision let them take back their 282-foot Alex Haley class (WMEC) under the Republic's flag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PKM skull, very cool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The change of command brought new objectives and targets for Ajax and his fellow comrades. A new threat has risen. They called themselves "Las Pistolas". Ajax took part in multiple campaigns, raids and plunders against the evil rising cartel empire. This was indeed a brutal war where he lost alot of good soldiers and comrades. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajax and his squad raiding a nearby Las Pistolas hideout and getting ambushed. REAL GOPRO RECORDING! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Andrew and his people proven themself to be a very efficient fighting force in the campaigns down in South America and North America (Washington DC White House raid (CLASSIFIED) and Fort Knox raid (ALSO HEAVILY CLASSIFIED) )AND negiotiated with the president and became somewhat of a independent unit loyal to P.K.M. yet flying the flag of former U.S and A. They still had lifelong contract with the P.K.M. and were citizens of the republic. After succesfully settling in his new position as a pirate, Ajax and a few other remnants of 142nd was selected to be sent out to Nyheim alongside another very well trained P.K.M. operators to Nyheim to furfill a unknown contract. Ajax has also proven himself to be good fighter, that is why he was chosen for this operation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajax and his squad fleeing in a Las Pistolas pickup while tailed by Las Pistolas
  7. Frank grew up in a survivalists family that were specialized killers and guns for hire. Gun culture was running in his bloodstream and he soon learned to effectively kill and sneak around enemies. His family originated from different special units from all over the world. Their small tribe never stayed too long in one area and was always on the move. Their goal: to loot and plunder other tribes for military equipment which generations past left behind. When he turned a certain age he left his old tribe and joined a rag tag militia which was up to no good. They plundered and robbed their way through the lands 'til one day a gunfight ensued and Frank got fatally injured. He lost an eye and got left behind by his friends. Nearly dead, he met up with members of PKM which helped him survive. Thankful for rescue he joined their ranks and their journey all the way up north to a place called "Nyheim". A place of fortune and plunder. He likes his time with the Phantom Knife Mercenaries. Together they dropped their real names and adapted tactical under cover names. He was now known as the VENOM REAPER, a cold blooded mercenary that wouldn't be able to keep his cool in firefights. He'd scream out war crimes and shouts into the faces of his enemies and make them drop their guns in fear. The massacre at the apartment complex that happened soon after their arrival started his hunger for more blood.
  8. Oh dayum, looking fine af. Seeing this makes me wanna go active again ngl GL boys
  9. Murdoc


    I hate you
  10. Thank you, very informative. Take BeanZ.
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