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  1. Murdoc


  2. Murdoc

    VMSZ Footage

    @Eddie @Oryx @Bryan Much love
  3. I like this, reminds me of my good old V3S I want this +1
  4. Let us celebrate the new chapter with this small snack
  5. Here we go: We were at the PD minding our own business when we got a radio call that @Nico_Kakoulli was under attack by some bandits. We regrouped and headed towards the apartments to solve the problem. After searching the surrounding area we found one dead(or fatally shot) attacker and the alive and well @SynO which we took as a prisoner, bringing him back to the PD for further questioning. While interrogating we were attacked by, what I presumed, the rescue squad where @N1RU was shot dead. @Thundergunmax retaliated and took out one of the attackers and returned to the PD badly wounded. Some time passes and Nico, whilst badly wounded, walks through the door together with his brother @Dan Kakoulli and later on confirms SynO as one of the attackers. Some of us also could confirm that SynO was part of the attackers because they literally visited the PD prior to the attack where we had a friendly chat and everything was fine. It was a long RP session, I gladly answer further questions.
  6. Jesus christ, I actually feel for Karen this time. Great video, great RP!
  7. Murdoc

    Cherno Days

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  8. Keep it up boys'n'girls, I would hate it to see you go
  9. Out of personal interest, I have a questions regarding your decision making @ajoldaker Why exactly did you jump off the roof at 5:16 after you saw me and @AMERICA beating an attacking infected? I get you were out for some plunder and didnt want to get caught, but jumping off a building to avoid the interaction just to sneak around and trying to snitch a car and try to drive off without any RP at all is kinda confusing to me, especially when you report us for BadRP. Just trying to understand the other side. Thanks ^^
  10. Hello there, I was with @AMERICA and @Thundergunmax . So here is my POV, I excuse any bad english on my part. We wanted to visit the hotel and talk to the owner/s and maybe even trade with them. We drove there and parked the car on the parking spot right in front of the hotel. We got out of the car asking if anyone was there. Nobody replied. After announcing ourselves and checking the building to see if anyone is in there we noticed our car was trying to drive off. At that point I was on the roof and saw @AMERICA and @Thundergunmax running towards the car. I ran down the stairs ASAP. While doing so I heard @Thundergunmax opening fire on @ajoldaker. EDIT: After the video I have to add that the stolen car was behaving normally on my screen while I looked down at it from the roof (9:41, you can see me up there). He didnt lag for me and it definetely looked like he was about to speed off.
  11. I really love the editing! Keep up the good work people! Mehr! +1
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