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  1. Sorry I do not. What programs can I use to record things? In the future, if I choose to role play my character, who will do a stick up from time to time. I want evidence to show it was role played, and it was day not night, and I was standing behind a picket fence as they ran by, not coming out of a house. Next time the stick up will be 10-15 mins of role play, because in real life that is how long they take. It was not 30 seconds, but I will admit it wasn't more than 2-3 mins, I did not know if he had friends following behind him. I am sorry I caused so much drama over some pixels. It will not happen again.
  2. Dude it was not night time. Hey didn't I tell you to drop everything? Why do you still have NVGs?? Give them up. I did role play, I did want to do more, but the jerks I work with kept interrupting me and it was making me mad and I am sure it was not fun for you hearing them, l am sorry I did not role play to your satisfaction. I promise to do better next time. I doubt I will hold anyone up again tho, I do not want to get dragged into the forums, for a hold up. Also I just asked my co-workers was it day or night they just said day time.
  3. It was night? OK now I know you are not right. The sun was out. So from now on if anyone holds me up I will come in here and complain.
  4. I do apologize for my coworkers being goof balls. I did ask them to be quite. And I am sorry you feel I did not roleplay. I said more then drop your clothes. I did leave a lot on the ground. I am sorry your interaction was not what you hoped. Like I said, I do not hold everyone up. It is the Apoc, I expect to get held up, it happens.
  5. So you are saying all I said was drop everything on the ground? That is not true. And I am sorry I did not rob you just for gear, I am role playing my toon. If I NEED water I am going to take it, it if I am roleplaying my toon correctly, If I see a person much more geared than I am, I would assume you would just put a bullet in me and tell me to move on. By 3 mins and it wasn't intentional. But I doubt you would believe that. See you keep adding things or subtracting things that did not happen. I was not in a house you literally ran past me. I do not know how you did not see me. I was on the other side of a fence looking right at you. I ran behind you for several seconds as well. You may have been chatting with someone on discord and did not hear me.
  6. Actually I left a lot of your stuff on the ground, you could of came back and looked and it was more than 30 seconds, stop exaggerating. And I did not see the pump, I was on red water and you ran by. I did not attack you, I held you up, out of necessity. I don't hold everyone up I see. Like I said I was on red water you ran by. If you did it to me we would not be in this forum right now.
  7. I role played, and I needed water bad that's the main reason I robbed you. And again you left without a scratch. 2.4 Don't be a sore loser. Items in game can be replaced, there is no need to be angry and hold grudge against someone just because someone was better. Keep in mind that it is just a game. Take regular breaks from the game if you have trouble separating In Character events from Out of Character real world.
  8. I was in the town looting it, I was looking for water, when I saw the person running by, I followed for a bit to make sure no one was with him, I then held him up. ( I am at work, a couple of the people here play dayz, I asked them to be quite, they were being stupid, I work at a tattoo shop) I myself rped it well I thought, i made the person face away from me, when they tried to look at me I gave warning not to, I made him drop everything, then commanded him to run away. I don't see why there is a complaint. If every time I decide to hold someone up, will this happen? I've been held up, and I didn't put a ticket in. Should I do that every time I am held up? My character is a Merc, If I see an opportunity Ill take it, and a fully geared mark running full bore past me is a nice target. He walked away without a scratch.
  9. Yeah I wasn't mad they killed me, I was just more concerned as to how to my character after a death.
  10. I grasp the rules I am just asking questions on grey areas. What happened was I walked into a hunter camp site, and I saw a guy next to a truck and he was fully kitted, I did not want to die so I got the drop on him, pulled my gun made him put his hands up, I said I am not here to fight I am just passing through, I was then killed from behind.
  11. OK thanks, and would it of been against the rules if I just shot the person I saw, without talking? From my characters point of view, who is a Merc, I saw a person next to a truck, that truck would of been a big payday.
  12. I like the community so I want to make sure I do not mess the rules up. So I just wandered into a base, I was afraid for my safety so I drew my gun, told the guy I don't want to fight I am just passing through, I was then killed by someone behind me I guess. First do I make a new character? And am I allowed to go back and fight? Thank you
  13. I was trying to put a shotgun in a hand made, it has the room but it would not go in. Is a log storage a made item or looted?
  14. New to the server. I had a question. I can not put guns in barrels or hand made crates. What can you store guns in? Thanks~~
  15. Sorry I do not have any pics or videos, I was no more than 15 meters away. At first I thought the person was a zombie they were moving slow, so I got closer and they crouched facing away from me. Then I knew it was not a zombie, I drew my weapon got closer and verbally engaged, they then ran away from the bridge.
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