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  1. Im Beany and im from South Zagoria a place that I loved, a place we have all now lost Before the outbreak I worked on a oil rig out in the green sea. Work was tough but it payed well enough to have a fairly nice life for me and my family. We lived in Nadezhdino in Chernarus and had a nice house in a somewhat quiet community. After everything that had happened with the war the people of Chernarus were finally happy and busy working rebuilding things and things were looking good for the country. When it all happened I was away working and hadn't seen my family for a few weeks. Due to the severity of what was happening, there was no plan as of yet to bring us back to the main land. Being on the oil rig we would hear what was going on over the radio and it seemed like total chaos. People from Kamensk and Nagornoe were relocated but we had no idea why or what was going on. Soldiers turning against one another it just sounded like it was the beginning of another civil war. Then we found out things were more messed up than anyone could have ever imagined. People were infected...What does this mean infected?.. Days went on and things just got a whole lot worse. This outbreak of whatever this virus was, was destroying what we all call home. People who were carriers were attacking non infected people thus making them infected and so on and so forth. People tried to flee and because of everyone trying to get out of the north east the roads had become back logged with traffic making them easy targets and they stood no chance against these so called 'zombies' We would see daily military air craft flying in land and could hear the explosions from miles away of there bombs in what we suspected that they were trying to contain these infected people and try to get some kind of grip on the situation I had no clue what had happened to my family as the same with my work mates on the rig. We didn't know if our families were still alive had turned or managed to get out all communications were lost with the main land Weeks were now passing by one by one . We had no way to get off this oil rig. We would see Nato ships assembling and heading into Chernarus whatever this outbreak was it was requiring some deadly force to try and tackle it but with these ships in our waters no one came to our aid I guess they must have thought the oil rig had been evactuated weeks before Finally a helicopter came to investigate and to there shock found us all still alive and they explained more of what was happening and had happened. We heard that UN peacekeepers were sent in when our resources failed and ran out they consisted of the peace keepers doctors and researchers. They had set up research facilities and were trying to find a way to stop all this madness. but everything had got over run there was nothing left. where was my family i couldnt help but think the worse. The helicopter took us away they would go nowhere near Chernarus with all of us onboard. they took us north and into russia where they had a survival camp for any refugess and we would stay there for over a year, some moved to other camps some stayed but i knew i had to get back to chernarus and see for myself what was going on, maybe my family were still there surviving as best they could i had to keep that in my mind that there was hope or seeing them again god i miss them so much over a few months I watched how when and what the enforcers of the base were doing to try find my way out I knew they would bring supplies in a v3s escorted by a sedan every 3 days so I had to seize my opportunity and try and get into one and somehow take it and head back. Then the perfect night came finally after waiting, planning and thinking about it. This night the driver of the sedan was took into the camp HQ as he would always stay inside the vehicle. when he was took away for a meeting I guess I managed to sneek around the other 3 men unloading the truck and I got inside and to my shock the keys were still in the ignition. no hot wiring today. Everything was going to plan. I kept low in the footwell and when the men had finished unloading they went away aswell to get the driver I presume, I fired up that engine and hit the pedal to the floor as hard as I could, shifting through the gears and just gunning it for the nearest fence. booooom I was out nothing could stop me now and with the basic military gear that was onboard I navigated my way back to chernarus with one thing on my mind I must find my family or at least find out what happened to them and also what was left of our once loved home and community. I arrived north east in the town of novo after passing first through smirnovo. I couldn't belive what I was seeing people were changed, changed in a way that scared the life out of me. What were these infected people and why were they still hear I guess after the first sightings it must have been about two years id been away. The enforcers at the camp kept everything quiet with what was still happening here I just wasn't ready for the biggest shock to my system with all this to take in. and here my story begins in Novo with one thing in my mind and that is hope...hope for a better future from where I once came from I just hope there are still survivors here maybe in settlements or just lone wolves feeding of the land I don't know but I must find out more of the situation
  2. steve bean

    Livonia Map Gameplay and First look

    Really looking forward to this to bring back what dayz once was
  3. Thanks guys ive submitted my new application and I think its a good story to read, for the first time doing this kind of thing anyways lol keeping fingers crossed
  4. Awesome thanks for the info on that and thanks all for the warm welcomes messed up a bit in my application as I didn't read the lore but I'm going to study that tomorrow and try again wish me luck Regards Beany
  5. Hi all and thanks for having me here My name is beany and looking to try and get into this role play stuff a bit more ive seen many videos online and tbh the immersion I have seen looks awesome and hoping I can get whitelisted to try out this side of dayz ive got some light rp behind me ie on dayz village and DUG but not to much and hoping I can get just a few tips to help a new starter on their way before I make an application and fail I do have 1 question that im unsure of when my character is dead is he truly dead or can his life continue just on a different path, just something im unsure about again thanks for having me here any noob tips would be great and thanks in advance regards beany
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