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  1. Really looking forward to this to bring back what dayz once was
  2. Thanks guys ive submitted my new application and I think its a good story to read, for the first time doing this kind of thing anyways lol keeping fingers crossed
  3. Awesome thanks for the info on that and thanks all for the warm welcomes messed up a bit in my application as I didn't read the lore but I'm going to study that tomorrow and try again wish me luck Regards Beany
  4. Hi all and thanks for having me here My name is beany and looking to try and get into this role play stuff a bit more ive seen many videos online and tbh the immersion I have seen looks awesome and hoping I can get whitelisted to try out this side of dayz ive got some light rp behind me ie on dayz village and DUG but not to much and hoping I can get just a few tips to help a new starter on their way before I make an application and fail I do have 1 question that im unsure of when my character is dead is he truly dead or can his life continue just on a different path, just something im unsure about again thanks for having me here any noob tips would be great and thanks in advance regards beany
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