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  1. Its been a good time! See you all soon!
  2. No, I do not, I do usually record but forgot to turn on the software as I have not been playing for a week.
  3. I never stated OOC anything about me struggling to put my hands up. I said "Wait a second" this was a IC thing so hopefully for my side you would do something stupid. You gave me 5-10 seconds before you started to count and you started from 3, "3, 2, and I ran". But there is no logs or proof of what being said in voice chat as there is no logs for this, so why bring it up? And also take a look at the rules. You were dead? So how is this relevant to how I died (NVFL). Your friend killed me, so you pointing your gun has nothing to do with it. Is there anything in the rules that says I NVFL'ed, please quote it for me.
  4. POV I woke up in Livonia for the first time in a week. I were did not know that prison were taken over by someone else as I have been disconnected from DayzRP for the week. I then try and have a conversation. I tell them I were a visitor about a week ago and have been sleeping since. I then get a visual of @IvarTheNarrator and talk to him. I ask him to let me out as I am not a part of any beef, if any with the 5.0.3. He then told me nicely to wait for his friend who has the codes. I had no gun out at this time. @Ophelia005 then approaches with a AKS in his hand. After a sentence or two he drops an initiation. I were a bit slow to put my hands up, so he started to count down. His friend had no gun up. Me seeing there was 2 people only, I took the chance to try and kill them. I then run straight forward, I pulled up my gun at the same time and turned around and killed @Ophelia005. The reason I ran straight forward/behind him was to get the advantage to draw my gun and not being shot and then kill him. I killed him. @IvarTheNarrator killed me after. I logged off after that. I would also like to counter report for "False Report" as I did nothing wrong. I were not heavily outnumbered. This was a 1v2 were I also manage to kill one person. In the end it was a 1v1 that I lost. In every situation I have seen a 1v2 is not NVFL.
  5. Earl

    BadRP Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because I were trying to talk as much as possible. You can clearly see through the whole situation I were actually talking to him most of the time. It was also hard talking to Hutch as he were not responding half the time and when he responded he just said "I don't know". And I don't see any explanation of why I am being banned. It just says that it was lack of effort. If you check the VOD I were talking most of the time. Getting an actual conversation was impossible as Hutch was not interested to talk at all. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Also a big reason for the situation going so slow, were because discord/radio were down at the time. This made it hard to communicate back and forth. So I had to wait with the car. I wanted nothing else then talk about actual relevant information with Hutch. RP is supposed to be fun for both sides but in this situation, parts of both sides did not enjoy or try to enjoy any of the RP that was going on. As Eagle were leading the situation I were waiting for him to do the so called big moves. Me myself did not know much about the 2 people IC so in this situation I were trying to find out who they were. I were trying to communicate with the girl, but while being in the car she could not write a note. So Hutch responded most of the time, the answers were not that great. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed. What could you have done better?: I tried my best thru the whole situation to provide the best RP I could have given. The only explanation to my bad RP was this: Even in the car trip I were talking with them. And when it comes to planning the situation, that was really hard cause we met them randomly. I threw a conversation and Eagle dropped an initiation later. Radios were down so we had to plan everything in front of their faces.
  6. Niko Gray Niko Gray was born in Oslo, Norway. He grew up in a nice family. His family were originally from England. So he grew up being bullied for being an outsider. He were once on a trip to South Zagoria, Chernarus. The infection broke out and he were stuck. The Norwegian government refused to bring him back. So there he was, stuck. Niko were left behind by 5.0.3 when they went to Livonia. Niko mission is to gather information for the 5.0.3 when they are not there. Right know the people left behind are teaming up to do the final work in Chernarus. He is mad right know. He was left behind, but still loyal. He dont wanna leave. So here he is, left behind.
  7. POV Time: So me and 4 others were going towards Gieraltow. We had just passed Sitnik and were on the main road going south. We then hear a couple of shots around the barns. We wanted to check it out. We then spot a car and right after we spot someone who looks like Hutch. I then start talking. As me and Hutch have a conversation, @Eagle drops an initiation. As the the radios (discord) were down we all had trouble planning the situation. We then tell them to drop their weapons and such and get them in the car. As we didn't know how many we were around at this point we were in a hurry. It was hard to just go somewhere. We had people on foot so needed to wait for them. We then take a stop outside Lembork as a restart is coming around the corner. Thru the hole situation I were trying to have a conversation with "Dave", he didn't have to much to say. After the restart it was a bit quiet as someone were a bit slow in the queue. Everything were going slow it was hard to keep up when discord were down. We then plan we are heading south. We eventually find a spot in a treeline south of Lembork somewhere. We get out of the car. As the others needed to identify the girl I were yet alone with Hutch or "Dave" having a conversations. After a while @Eagle comes over. He then trying to make @RiZ admit that he is Hutch. He succeeded. I then go over to being on watch because the lack of people. 10 minutes pass. I have gotten contact with @Caraham on the radio and brought him down. @Eagle was done with Hutch but @Caraham wanted to continue. Me and @Eagle we decided to stay and leave. The 4 of them took of in a car. I left the situation 22.45, and logged of at 23.30 as shown in loggs. 30 minutes passed.
  8. Good luck, looking forward to this. See you soon!
  9. The reason why we kept asking, were because you hesitated a lot before your answer which made it sound that you were lying. And also going quiet for a minute after saying "Hold up", ain't really a good rp thing to do. At least write OOC so we can wait or that we know whats going on. This one as well, you were giggling thru the hole situation. Sounded like you didn't really care. You shit talked and got killed for it. Scared for your life, bullshit. Every situation we start talking the guns so you cant shoot back. Before we even started you scream "I love GearRP". You jumped to conclusions. A lot of these situations end up going well for both parties. You end up with a mission or something like that. Next time you wanna complain, do it after the rp, not when it haven't even began. We did ask and you responded to this. Why are you saying we didn't? This is what we did, but all the hesitation made it seem like you were lying. There is a lot you could have done, this is not one of them. You had a cheytac with 0 bullets. Well, you need to actually pay more attention next time, maybe you can learn something as well. Everything we said was "Nice plate carrier you got there". You also said you knew who 5.0.3 where. If you know such, then you should know we give the hostages a way to save themselves. We think for both sides. For you it seem like you only care about yourself in RP. RP is supposed to be 2-sided. You jumped to conclusions.
  10. Emilio's POV We were running towards Nadbor. On our way there we heard a few gunshots. We ran towards them. I saw the guy and went towards him. I started talking with him saying hello and who are you. He went out of the house, he saw all the people. He felt crowded and tried to walk slowly away. After talking with him for a minute @Ingvalid drops an initiation. We then go thru the start of processing him. I put cuffs on him and he says "I love gearRP!". He then start opening his mouth and talk shit to @Ingvalid. I then say go up against the wall. She warns him about shittalking. Thru the hole situation he talked shit/laughed like it was just a joke to him. We gave him the opportunity but he threw right out the window. After the last warning he talks shit and gets himself killed. My video evidence was used in the report
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I mean the verdict is not fair because I acted on information given thru IC. I heard over our IC frequency "4 guys with me in Brena", or something like that. How could I know he had a radio or not? Is that up to me to make sure he has a radio and follow the rules. There is no way. I were also served 10 points, not 5 points as it said. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: He said that one line over the IC radio comms, after that he muted and we had no communication for the rest of the situation. I acted on what I thaught was pure IC information. And the rest of the situation was me using common sense to trap them in the forest. I killed that person because I got information that someone were heading my direction, limping. I then ran to try and team up with the others. If you really think this was meta. I feel it is stupid that we get banned for metagaming (reduced ban) even when there is no proof for this other then I used that one line of information given by JJ over IC comms. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed. What could you have done better?: Made sure he actually had a radio. Its kinda hard because I just acted on info that I thaught were IC.
  12. @Terra @Ron Had a great time with you guys. You guys delivered great RP! Hope you guys enjoyed it as well. Next time its probably us.
  13. Emilio Nordby's POV: You guys make this sound like it happend over 10 minutes and that we went straight towards @JJRambow without any reason or knowledge IC. So I am gonna go thru every step of this situation from my side. I feel like a lot was left out from the actual situation. Start I were hanging around the prison when I heard "4 guys at Brena!", quickly after @JJRambow muted his radio. Me, @Elijah Johnson and @MaybeleleLR quickly ready up and leave the prison on our way to Brena. We all use dexamphetamine to get there as fast as possible. Brena Me and @Elijah Johnson cross the bridge on south side and split up in town to search. @MaybeleleLR already crossed the bridge further ahead and were on west side of Brena towards Gliniska. I then spot a individual in the center of Brena but looses sight quickly as he were walking away. As he were walking north I also walked north hoping to see him again. I were walking on the road north Brena back and forth for a minute. I then spot 2 people walking around the house marked on the map. (Under in spoiler) I then radioed this to the others. Me and @Elijah Johnson then go towards the house. I am pretty sure we got spotted. Going half way I lose sight of the people. I were told they were hiding behind the house from @Elijah Johnson. So I lay down in the grass in front of the house. I then see them climbing the roof. I stand up and walk south again. I then take a left heading east hoping to flank. On the second map I am the red circle. I then look towards the house and see a guy on the roof looking at me with binoculars. As they spot me the move as well. As they spotted me east I predicted that they would start heading west, hopefully towards @JJRambow's location. Brena maps: Forest So then loosing them, I then predict them heading West. If they headed south they would have been spotted. I then walk take the blue route on Forest map. I then spot a new guy somewhere around that purple circle. I then start going towards him, I am using a bit of time so I dont get spotted myself. I then end up at debug, but lost sight once again. The lines on my movement looks a bit weird, but that is only cause the lines are drawn between every 5 min of my positions. Forest Map: Lukow @MaybeleleLR spots 2 people in Lukow out in the fields somewhere around the red circle. We were uncertain that this was the same people, but I went there to backup @MaybeleleLR because we havent found anything yet. As @MaybeleleLR lost sight i head north back into the forest. Around this time @Elijah Johnson says he spotted @JJRambow in the forest cause of the raincoat. After a minute or 2 he opens fire. @Elijah Johnson hit @Wolfen pretty hard. On instinct @Wolfen ran away from the shots, towards me. I then walk slow around the forest hoping to see @Wolfen. I then spot him and finish. Lukow map: End I then head down south going back home. I am at the river walking towards Gliniska bridge. I then get randomly shot from behind. I use some more dexamphetamine and run into Gliniska. I take a circle around town and head back to the church. I then get pushed. I and another dude traded at the church. This is were my journey ends.
  14. The group page looks good, really like the graphics! Only had good RP meeting this group. Good luck with approval!
  15. @Ingvalid @CJ @Eagle @ZedLR @Duke @Hegedraagen @Woodzie @Atrix17 @Hampze Its fun running around with you boys and girls. The best part is @CJ teaching @Ingvalid to be a better robber Would also thank @Aron73 and his 2 boys for the encounter. Hope you guys have your task finished.
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