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  1. Earl

    With the boys

  2. POV time: Me and @Leejames123 were out driving, we then drive thru a roadblock in Grabin. We slow down and 5.0.3 approached us. We then get held up, they take our radios and weapons and get put back into the car. We then drive to Tarnow idustrial. They begin with interrogateing while both me and @Leejames123 beeing present. They ask simple questions and we answer. As I were wearing a An Pobal armband that made it a bit more complicated. They say they were going to talk to their snake inside An Pobal, to find out if we are saying the truth or not of being in An Pobal. After that they divide me and @Leejames123. They then trying to turn him against me to see if I am lying. As I were on the other side of the building I could not hear what they were saying. @DuquesneLR are interrogating me. After a couple of minutes, CJ approches saying "This dude is doing some vodoo magic" (Something like that). They then write some stuff OOC about metagaming and his mic. They then leave me and @Leejames123 there. As I saw and heard that, I saved my last 10 mins thru shadowplay to prove that I were not involved in any discord communication when not having my radio.
  3. Earl

    DayZRP 20.2.1

    Is there going to be a fix for the backwards cap as well?
  4. *Picks up radio, presses button and starts talking* This is Lee, remember Lee right? There is one thing you people must never forget, the higher you climb on the saddle, the harder the fall will be when you fall of the horse. C-J, Gareth and Lucifer. You guys thought you were the kings, until you got your ass into Livonia. You came here thinking you could have some fun. After what I have heard, you have been knocked down multiple times. Havent seen you guys for a week. Are you hiding? Maybe gathering every last piece of equipment there is? Or waiting for people to go to sleep, so you can do your dirtywork without beeing interrupted? *Taking a sip of water* It time to wake up. Leave the Samaritans alone, what good does it make steeling from them, so you can feel good about yourself? You are looking for people to fight with, so I guess it would just be fun to go through the open empty school. If you want a war, come to me boys. I know a lot about you boys. So whats your next move? Betraying KOG maybe? Grow up, go after real people instead of robbing random people. *Drinking some more water* Dont even know why I am wasting my time on you guys. If it matters that much, I took the so called "bribe" of 500 rounds of ammo. Shit we didnt need at the time. I took it because the war were already over. Whats the point of going in a war when everybody on your side disappeares? So why bring it up again? Looking for more trouble? See you all soon! Lee, over and out *Takes his finger off the button and puts the raido back on his belt*
  5. @Hofer @Rover Random pings so an admin or a GM can see. Can any of you please change the owner of this thread from me to @darethima. Thank you
  6. Earl

    Metagaming s2

    I cannot disagree with it sounding a bit fishy. But before jumping to conclusions how about asking @Milo personally before making a report. I would be happy to tell you myself why the question about 5.0.3 came up. Ive had nothing but great RP with you. We are all here to have enjoyable RP. BTW, took me about 26 hours to respond.
  7. Earl

    Metagaming s2

    But the way @Milo put down his words is not metagaming. That could be just a small missunderstanding (done in character) or a interrogation technique trying to pressure your character to say something. This could be played out thru character instead of this report.
  8. Looking forward to it, thank you!
  9. Earl

    Metagaming s2

    Since I got mentioned I am probably getting called in here. So here it is: My POV: I met @Leik and 3 others around the Sitnik area. As we were all going to meet up with the group, we sat down in a house and made a campfire. After talking for a bit, Bjørn then decide to take 2 guys with him to try and climb over the walls. He got inside and I didn't hear anything more. After a few mins the door opened. So we all went inside and started talking. @Leik and @ViperTCA decided to have a fist fight. This made people mad. They eventually got held up. @Milo and @Mademoiselle started to question them. I pulled @Milo to the side and told him "Bjørn could potentially be affiliated with the 5.0.3". We never said Bjørn were apart of 5.0.3, we asked if he were. After Bjørn talking a lot of shit he then got killed. The reason I said he might be apart of 5.0.3: I have been in Chernarus most of my time with this character. It were once mentioned once that "Bjørn" were affiliated with 5.0.3. I can't remember where and when this happened, but I have been around the 5.0.3 a lot lately because of our RP. As there is not that many called Bjørn that I have heard of, I put 1+1 together and wanted an answer. So that is the reason I told @Milo that he could be a potential 5.0.3 member. The reason he asked if you were is because we were not sure if you were or not. So that is the reason you were asked if you were affiliated with them.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: In my opinion the verdict is not fair. I only shot at that person because he were shooting my friend. I never intended to kill that guys, but as he raised his pistol and and shot the hole mag at my friend. After that I shot him down, thinking i had killrights because he shot at my friend. We gave him a chance, he pulls a gun. If this were realistic i wouldnt wait to shoot so my friend could get killed. This guy didnt realy provide great RP as we were trying to speak with him but he didnt really answer. We waited for clear answers and he just pulls his gun. I provided friendly and good RP and I feel I did not get that in return. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I were there with my friend defending my teritory against possible attackers. I saw this guy trying to jump into that base. I approaced and were really friendly to him. My friend approaced as well. My friend were trying to tell him to leave the area. After a bit he pulls up a gun and shoot towards my friend after my friend gave 1 warning shot. As I saw this I didnt want to wait in case my friend could get hurt. I then pull up my gun and shoot him down. I were trying to be nice and friendly and he pulled a gun. Never got the RP I provided in return. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get the ban and warning point reduced as my side of the situatuion were all roleplayed. The reason is because I shot a guy trying to defend my friend. I were nice and friendly and tried to make him leave without trouble. What could you have done better?: I should have initiated before shooting him. I respect the ban I got but I dont feel its fair because I were trying to be good but had to defend my friend from being hurt. We could have waited with telling him to leave and tried to get a bigger dialogue before jumping the gun instead.
  11. Looking good! I have had great RP with you guys. Still trying to find out why I am on the Blacklist under negligence. I'll guess i have to wait and see. Looking forward to this. See you guys ingame!
  12. Server and location: S1, Summer Camp by Khelm Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Think around 13.30 (Not sure) Your in game name: Hyde Nikolo Names of allies involved: Kirill Orlov @MOHAX95 Name of suspect/s: Conald Dennis Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The last 1 minute of the situation Detailed description of the events: Me and @MOHAX95 were going north. While passing the summer camp we decided to loot it. While looting the cabins I see Conald trying to jump over a wall on the backside if the bar building. He then walk over on the other side looking at the gate. I approached him when he were at the gate. Started asking him questions, he couldnt answered because of mic issues. I let him relog. And when he came back and we started asking him what he were doing here. He did not give us any clear answers. We decided to tell him to walk away. We did not act hostile. The reason we asked him this is because we dont want any type of raiding in the Samaritans territory. When we told him to walk away, he pulled up his handgun and aimed at @MOHAX95. He then shot 1 shot towards Conald as a warning shot. Conald then magdumped on @MOHAX95. I then shot and killed Conald. We gave him an opportunity but he decided to aim and shoot at us without an initiation with a valid consequence.
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