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  1. Ivan is a young man originating from chernaurus. Losing his Mother at the age of 18 and ivan leaving the house when he was 21. At the age of 23 Ivan joined police but was not very good police as he was an alcoholic and used drugs on occasion but never while on duty! after outbreak ivan tried being policemen but people never listen and often rob ivan. after being along for so long ivan had given up on being police man so now he roams the streets of chernaurus looking for fellow chernaruski too share his vodka or joint.
  2. Robert is a troubled man ,Very Crazy will have random rage outbursts and is very violent. After serving a Notorious Mobster by the name of Gianni Guevarra in Belgium robert decided too take a cruise with his hard earned cash. Little did he know this would be his first and last Cruisetrip. in the summer of 2017 Robert boarded a Cruiseship going for a trip around the Black sea. Waking up on the morning of 24th of July Finding the ship beached south of zagoria. Robert is out there looking too hurt people and trying too survive the wasteland.
  3. Dylan Addison Lost his father at the age of 11 and hios mother was a drug addict lived with his grandmother with the rest of his live. At the age of 18 dylan joined the belgian armed forces as a engineer.Dylan has autism this is why he liked to be around machines they have no emotions and dont judge. About 2 years before the outbreak dylan moved too chernaurus too work in the thriving industrial bussines specifically in the agriculture doing maintenance on tractors and other various farm equipment. Until day zombies start walking on the field and dylan fled back too his home in chernogorsk and stayed there. Until this day dylan still remains in chernogorsk scavenging the industrial area in hope too restore machines.
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