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  1. Liam Radford (real name James folk) born in 1996 was born into a cult called bane town in Australia and was raised on the teachings of bane till I got old enough to start to question the real reason bane had setup bane town And being disgusted about it I just wanted to get away so I choose Chernarus after leaving the cult it didn't take me long to find religion and life was good and I wanted to share how good my life was with others show them how to achieve it but no one listened they just complained and sinned so their life got worse so they sinned more and complained more never looking for answers like I had. I remember the day god punished the sinners it was judgement day or as others called it the day of the outbreak I was calm cause I knew god would help me.As I was praying god came to me i could hear the chaos outside people screaming the sound of ripping flesh and breaking of bones but it mattered not for I was in front of god and he told me that I had been his most loyal follower and that the world was coming to its final chapter but there was still work to be done as he believed that there was still good and that I must stay behind for now and gather a following and lead them to prosperity.
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