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  1. Im a turtle! 😄



  2. I rly want the world changes. (map changes and graphics)
  3. Thirsty!


  4. He woke up on a beach surrounded by fire and wreckage, Hearing scream's echoing around him. As a explosion sounded behind him he passed out. Later next day... Waking up to the sound's of quiet waves and birds, A hot sun burning his neck as he stands up, Trying to figure out where he is and what had happend. Looking around he sees a supply crate washed ashore broken with a few bottles next to it. Tirsty he grabs a bottle and drinks before he sits back down onto the sand. Not remembering anything he feels around his pockets for any clues tho who he might have been and what had happend, As he reach down into his pocket he finds his wallet. Opening it up he finds a old looking murky driverslicense with the details: Name: Charlie Tobiassen Born: 05/01/1994 Norwegian Driverslicense. He looks closer and sees the picture on the card, Thinking to himself that it must be him. Charlie finds another card in his wallet saying he worked at a ship that where delivering cargo. Thinking to himself that if he survived maybe someone else did. Charlie stands up and looks around before starting to scream, With no response. Charlie sees some footprints heading inland and decides to follow them and this is where his story begins on Chernarus....
  5. Orgy at the Soup Kitchen everyone! ...Bring candles
  6. How will i catch me dinner now? Oh god let this work! Would be good to play without the disconnects all the time
  7. Issue solved. Talked it out Admin can close report
  8. Server and location: Livonia / Top right of the map near Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-02-22, 03:45 - 03:50 Your in game name: Charlie Tobiassen Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was at a camp im part of called Soup Kichen. A guy came up to me without gear asking if i where ok. I told him yes. Also i told him he could take stuff from the tents if he wanted to. After i went into my base (building) for a while. I came outside and walked into the woods to chop some wood. while i was carrying my log he came up to me with a tireiron telling me to get my hands up. I dropped to log and moved back pulling my shotgun ( He had a tire iron so my RP fear was not that big) When i pulled my shotgun ( Not going to shoot) A friend of his came up behind me and stated ¨drop the weapon¨ then shot me about 1 second after saying that. A few moments before they attemted to rob me: Guy with the tireiron attempting to troll me into Suicide. I was asking in OOC: // What is the gesture for pointing? His response // F11
  9. Relaxing by the fire 🙂


  10. I just had to leave a msg... That music hahahaha xD

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