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  3. Charlie was a hunter before the outbreak, Lived on a farm up north with his family. Charlie's father took him hunting as a kid learning him how to survive of nature. One day sitting in the livingroom he heard the news over the radio about a virus making people crazy, and that the virus was spreading. He ran outside where his father was chopping wood for the winters cold, told his father about what he heard. Not willing to believe that anything could reach the farm, Charlie's father said they would stay and be safe there. Following night Charlie woke by a noise from the outside barn, he dressed up and walked outside to se a big group of people, He carefully tried to say hello but with no responce. The group suddenly started to run towards the house screaming, Charlie ran inside and locked the door yelling at his father. His father came running down and told charlie to hide in the basement. Charlie hiding in the dark listening to the noise's from above before everything went silent. Following morning Charlie went upstairs to only find blood and broken furniture, but his family where nowhere to be seen. Wondering where his family is and if they where still alive, he grabed his backpack to go look for them. At the farms edge he turned around looking at his house one last time, knowing he will return when he finds his family, before he walked into the woods of Chernarus...
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