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  1. Server and location: Chernarus server. Vybor between first barn and Vybor towards NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 to 22:30 Your in game name: Asger Kruse Nielsen Names of allies involved: I don't remember the guy i was looting with Name of suspect/s: no idea, didn't see or hear about them. Met some guys in NW airfield called "The Order". One of the guys called the other "Father" They sounded and seemed friendly so i don't suspect them. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none. Detailed description of the events: I met this guy in Vybor. we were heading towards NW Airfield for looting. No problem there heard some gunshots (1 gun) we think it was for infected. Met 3 people who we talked (2 of them talked, one of them with a sword didn't talk or write. He only made gestures. He had a black outfit and a black bag looking hat on that covered his whole face. The other 2 had some good gear, one of them with a camo shirt on with blue patches on the shoulders). After looting we went back to Vypor to see if there was any trader. We didn't make it down there. There was a lot of gunshots coming from Vybor , sounded like one gun (maybe a small rifle) Then we got sniped from i think was behind us. I was passed out, woke up, tried to bandage and got shot again then i died. I've interracted with some people, though i've been friendly and not leading to any fights. I've looked on the Dayz map on google and the coordinates are: 039 062 - 3978,75/9113,44 I was shot in the field, by something sounding like a big rifle. Hope you can help (I don't have any video proof, due to my recording program, not working properly)
  2. Asger is a 21 years old, worked as a Industrial technician for a company in North Denmark before the outbreak. Asger is a silent man and doesn't talk when he doens't feel like it's needed He can easily become lonely due to the outbreak and not knowing where his family is. Loves to scavenge and finding new stuff. He ended up on Chernarus due to a storm. He was on holiday, on a cruise ship when the outbreak happend and didn't know it had begun. Asgers friends died on the cruise ship, because they couldn't swim. When he got on Chernarus he was scared and lonely. He never saw his family again, that maybe gave him a depression though no doctor has giving him a declaration due to them either being zombies or dead. Asgers nickname is Kruse (pronounced Cruise). Asgers father was in the military. He taught Asger how to survive, how to use guns and making the most of what he have. His mother taught him to cook, being polite, be friendly to others and make the most out of weak people.
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