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  1. My characters name is Joseph Locke and before the outbreak I used to work in an intelligence corporation called KPO in Estonia. When the UN sent their 200 peacekeepers to Chernarus my superiors decided to relocate me with the 200 peacekeepers to Chernarus to gather intelligence for NATO and our government. On the first day there after the base was settled I received my orders to go to Chernogorsk to cather all kinds of intelligence. After receiving a lot of information and relaying it back to my command I was ordered to board the cargo plane that was supposed to deliver much needed supplied and return to Estonia to receive further orders. As the infection was spreading we were forced to abandon the city and move west towards Balota airfield to catch the plane. In the morning after the bloody night at Chernogorsk we learned that the plane had crashed and there was no other way out of Chenorussia. I was ordered to go straight to Balota and await further orders. On our way to Balota me and a small group of US soldiers were attacked by a rogue group of infected and were separated. With no map and the loss of my communication in the struggle I didn't know where to go and started wondering around the woods until a great storm arrived. After a while I found myself in a small cabin that was owned by an old man. Luckily the man knew how to speak english so i could talk with him. He decided to help me and allowed me to stay in the cabin the only rule he had was that I had to be very quiet. The man told me a lot about himself and it turned out that he was an ex soviet soldier and for some reason knew exactly what was happening although he didn't want to share it with me. I of course maintained my cover and didn't say much about myself. The next morning I found myself alone in the cabin. In the dark I didn't see but this man had a working radio. I tried to reach anyone I could Balota airfied, my command in Estonia but all I heard was static. Stranded in the middle of nowhere I decided to move out and find any life and try to make my way out of the country back home.
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