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  1. Yes, at some point he gave up on trying to hit me, or just lost visual I guess. Then he went for you...
  2. Exactly the same spot. Here is a screenshot from my recording.
  3. I was at the NWAF with Ivan Pavlov (Artyom Malikov), and we were looting the northern barracks together. We had been there for about 10 minutes when I heard a silenced shot. Ivan immediately said he was dead, and he at first thought it was a game bug, but I knew it wasn't. I started looking for the possible killer, and some moments after Ivan's death, I spotted a guy creeping around on the woods near the complex, and he didn't shoot me, so I didn't shoot him either. I lost visual on the guy, so I started to fall back, since I had no idea what was happening. When I started moving east, someone started shooting at me (also a silenced weapon) and he tried to hit me a lot of times, and actually hit me once. I kept falling back till it felt safe. No initiation was ever heard. I was recording the whole time. And I can upload the video later on since I don't have the editor to render the video installed on my computer at the moment, and the file is quite big.
  4. Had some RP with I believe @Erik, @jahneephive01, @Ivan Pavlov, @Mikoyan Rykov and plenty of others, but I can't tag them here because I don't know their names...anyway, the second part has some cinematic style to it in the end, I thought it was pretty cool to add...it was fun!
  5. Just yesterday I went to Cherno with 2 buddies of mine, and we were RPing a bit, as much as a drunk Yuri could try, and there was a lot of taunting, and some racist remarks being thrown around, and to be honest, you could see how that would lead to a PvP situation. There were a lot of hostilities every now and then, with people calling each other retards and such...I tried to stay away from it, but I had to go away for a few moments, to take a piss, and when I got back (RPed as if I was taking a nap), a firefight had happened, 3 or more guys were dead, there was a guy holding me at gunpoint, and I was taken hostage, stripped of all my clothing but my pants (which they would take if they could) and left there to die. But, to be honest, my point is that the problem wasn't really the hostile RP, which is definetely fine to me, as I only played on very hostile clans since I joined the server back in 2012...the problem is it kinda looks more like middle school bullies most of the times, and it's really really weird to possibly RP anything in such immature environment sometimes...I mean, it feels like you are talking to kids...keep in mind that's definitely not my opinion on most of the players I've met, but the 2 times I went to Cherno, this was quite the issue....
  6. Happened to me and @Mikoyan Rykov the other day...followed by a very weird graphic glitch which was honestly brilliant.
  7. I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of those 2 good looking fellas getting attacked by wolves.... lol
  8. Chernov joined SVR, he wasn't there when we made it butttt that's ok
  9. Ouch Peps, seeing you don't care makes me wonder what's the deal with the free insult over my intelligence, are you just an agressive person overall?
  10. Hmm this COULD be good...if it was the real thing
  11. Yuri Menshikov is a young chernarussian man, born in Chernogorsk. He studied all his life in the city, and when he finished his last year of High School, he found himself joining the Chernarussian army, to complete a 1 year long military service. His family didn't have a lot of money, so they could use Yuri's help with the salary he got from the Army. This opportunity showcased the young man's passion for the life of duty, and his abbility to use firearms, which was his favourite activity while serving. He had just finished his military service, and having plans to join the Military Academy, life seemed to be smiling back at Yuri, when all hell broke loose. On October 22nd, the infection reached Chernogorsk. Yuri was camping with some friends on the woods, and when they went back to Cherno they were shocked. The chaos on the streets made the man hurry to his parents home, which was empty when he got there. He never saw them again. His search continued as he travelled all around the coast, looking for any sign of his family or friends. The search was not succesful, for the most part, but he did manage to find one of his brothers in arms, Nikolay Belyaev, a fellow comrade from the Chernarussian Army, now the two struggle to survive as they keep their hopes on finding some family or relative. Yuri is not quite the good guy, but he isn't evil either. Not taking any steps backwards, he is willing to do what it takes for his survival and the survival of any friends he may encounter. As a young man, he's has an unpredictable behaviour, and can be a dangerous chernarussian patriot to any outsider trying to occupy his beloved country. Most of the times, Yuri doesn't really care about most survivors, although, he's an impetuous young adult and that feature increased during the harsh military training.
  12. Heave ho, S-GRU OGs, never shall we die.. Yo, ho haul together, hoist the colours high!
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