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  1. Bow bishop is a man he was born in florida. he ended up in chernaurus by being a hired gun and being hired by the military.He knows how to handle guns very well because of his past of being a hired gun. he hopes he can be a hired gun/arms dealer in the wasteland because that is all he knows.He comes into many conflicts with other survivors because of his short temper.He hopes to open a hired gun business int the wasteland because he knows many people need protection from the other savage survivors of the wasteland.
  2. I was being followed by a group of people I had my gun pulled they told me it was a robbery so I shot in self defense I dont understand why I was banned for doing something what somebody would do if the they had a weapon and were being threatened.
  3. I was being robbed by a group I had my gun in my hand when they tried to rob me I shot one the other one shot me and I was banned for this
  4. I cop from new york who lost his family during the outbreak.He likes helping other survivors in the wasteland.He has a dream to build a community that any survivor can come to get plenty of food , water , and supplies.He struggles with his mental heath because of the death of his 2 daughter jule's and sam and his wife sarah. He always has struggle with his mental and physical heath but he normally pulls himself back together but he doesn't if the other survivors or the plant can do the same.
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