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    The Whyos

    looking sexy my dude
  2. POV So basically everything @ImNovaaa says, up until I use my newly gained defenders rights. All and all the attackers got gassed quick and easy whilst using our knowledge of them being an approved group this whole situation could have easily been avoided if it wasn't for them impersonating other people and if the threat of killing my homie wasn't said. "Claiming to be LDF (an approved group)" -He says he did not have a weapon out in his POV, yet the screen shot above proves otherwise (taken from the OPs own video). Video Evidence: So they also claim that their initiation was a joke, but in this mans ten minute clip they talk multiple times how they're going to initiate, even saying, "gonna shoot some roleplayers" at one point. But yet, still wants to say they were 'joking'. Also regardless of his opinion of me killing him, there is blatant metagaming, "i just got fucking killed" etc etc etc. So as unfortunate that is it that they were not in the LDF approved group, they claimed to be which gives us false info on an OOC level, which MATTERS. But anything after that, I don't have much to say. I trust staff to make the right choices.. Thank you. PS... I find it EXTREMELY funny that you cannot hear the OP in his clip on shadowplay in which you have to mute yourself manually as it is not a default setting for your voice to not be recorded. So now there's no proof that he called themselves LDF, other than @ImNovaaa running over to us and telling us they're LDF which he would have ZERO reason to lie about. Further more like @ImNovaaa stated, if the voice recording from @Duke can be posted to fully expand on the reasoning why they reported that would be great it is quite enjoyable.
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    The Saints

    shit looks dope guys
  4. POV: So i woke up and got told that some guys needed my help and me being me i was down, i ran from the river closer to toplin and made my way into town. Knowing i would have to initiate on the fellas attacking as i was not in a approved group i did so with precaution. I made it to the pub in town right next to the compound and after some scouting i noticed a hostile behind a cement half wall. I proceed to jump off and initiate on the kid. I kill him or somebody shortly after that and decide to flank around another way. Thats when i ran into the blue dude, my first instinct was shoot first ask questions later as this was a active gunfight so him in town with a gun out you know kinda dumb, also i had rights on him because of one of his group members not complying to me. But anyways i initiated just to be safe and the obstruction of a tree was blocking the character emote and i was almost positive he did not f5 along with the fact he was moving around as if trying to evade or get a better angle. This brings me to my point that you have ample amount of hours on this server and damn well know what the hands up key is but whatever either way the heart emote is not complying to hands up or die. -Has enough time on the server and enough time on dayz to know what the hands up key is so i call bs that he forgot. -I give him ample time to comply -Id also like to add why this evidence is 4 seconds long and why he is streaming in discord with 9 joyces. (so i would like to add that if logs can be pulled for who was dead and whos was not to see if meta was involved)
  5. @Rover im not sure what your talking about the server restarted, and @Para idk 503 guys the hostage also had no weapons on him. Im not to sure why this is still a case kids just salty he got gassed and taken hostage like its pretty clear cut case. and in my opinion @Gopnik22 didnt value his life at all so why dont we bring that up.
  6. POV: Initiated on this kid in sitnic i think, brought him back to the soup kitchen with a bunch of rando hostages, after i cut some ears off of two guys i brought them back to the slave line and started feeding them some soup. They were told to grab some food and if they ran there gonna die. this kid dipped and got his cheeks clapped idk why hes mad but there was good hostile roleplay he just didnt have patience for it i guess. idk what u want me to say also id like to add how putt your hands up or die is improper initiation?
  7. -User has been warned for this post-
  8. -User was Cautioned for this post-
  9. bruh i really dont care at this point XD whatever happens happens im not going back and forth on this report all i did was point out what i saw thank you. Let the staff do whatever they have to.
  10. @Damontacitus U do shoot js no glitch just slow
  11. @APositiveElmo Not an excuse a fact but okay, if u have any other question you need me to answer just let me know....
  12. @APositiveElmo sometimes both just in case, but usually i just use the replay, and if your going to ask if i have the rest of the video no i do not. I clip kills i dont see a point in keeping useless video if i dont need to.
  13. @APositiveElmo Ge-force experience (shadow play)
  14. @APositiveElmo He turned to me with his gun raised after I had just dropped an initiation, we know how these situations usually go down, however this was a rescue attempt, a quick in and out thing to get my boy back. We had our objective, which we completed with minimal casualties. @DamontacitusTo begin talking it out with you while we have the upper hand would have given people inside a base not far from our location who i know have beef with me and my boys time to mobilize and attack me. Since we weren't looking for a long drawn out firefight and just wanted back our friend we executed our plan at a fast pace to avoid the playing field being even. The internal RP was good for me with my guys and the execution was flawless. I'm sorry it's not what you're looking for however, you are the only person if your statement is true that would have wanted to RP an instance like that out instead of shooting back. And as I've stated before the raised gun directly at me gave me a split second decision to make. In my eyes I made the right one, you were a combatant and a threat to my character's life. I simply eliminated the threat.
  15. Written POV: logged on was then told we need to go save one of our boys , got bored mid way through tried to raid a base, fell through the map a couple times lagged out a few more times then gassed a kid saving our boy before he was givin to terrible people
  16. POV: Only evidence i have (it is roughly 830 am rn for me) do i have to say anything else ?
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    New Haven

    So excited to be apart of this hero group Props to @ImNovaaa & @ImBlisna for creating this

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    John setting up for guest

    why u putting clean veggies on those dirty ass tables?
  21. @Jared how can i edit the in game voice simble ? and why is your clip only 10 seconds?
  22. @Rover This is when the report was posted, when the clip was made, and when i was called in
  23. @JewRP DELETED, how am i supposed to know i was in a report until called in? And u only have a 10 second video Js
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