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  1. Tony Jagger (T.J) I was born in Chicago, Illinois back in 1990 & I moved with my parents to Atlanta when I was about 5 years old. My father worked for the railroad, and was barely ever home. He made sure i had clothes, food and a place to lay my head, he always made sure my mother was happy and had the things she needed. One day while my dad was out working and i was waiting at school to be picked up by my mom she never ended up coming. My dad came and this is when our lives changed, he told me the unfortunate news that mom had been in a car crash and didnt make it. I took it pretty hard and so did my dad, this is when i became kinda of more independent. Not having a mother around to take care of you, and having a father whos always working so i can have the best things in life gave me a lot of time to grow up and alot of being "alone". Years later i went to Europe, I love the outdoors, hiking fishing hunting so i ended up going to France, the mountains of China, and then went to a place in the area of South Zegoria. The trails were so gnarly and calming, the farmlands so green, and the towns so welcoming. I was staying in a town called Dobroe the night before i was going to fly out of the airfield just south. In the middle of the night i started to hear cars crashing in the streets below, sirens going non stop throughout the city, screaming, and eventually gun shots started to ring out. I blocked off the door to my house with the furniture inside. I didn't know what was going on but to be honest i really wanted to find out what was making the people scream in such a way. Day: 3 It was a few days later now and i had been out and about and seen some wild things. People chasing other, people killing other people. I couldn't believe what was going on, i had made some runs to the store to stock up on canned foods and some supplies in case id have to go hunting or fishing because i knew it was only a matter of time before it would be extremely hard to find food. Day: 21 It had been 3 weeks now, i ended up shacked up in a little town by the water called berezhki. I had to get away from the major city as people were now turning violent, stealing, killing, it was insane id never seen anything like i before so i decided to stay there for a little bit. A few days later the town got over run by some bandits while i was out hunting. I had to move on and find a new home as they would be back for more no doubt. Day: 79 Its been a few months now, i met some people. A man by the name of Ace Brooks who was in Atlanta when i was, and his mother had past away around the same time as mine. We immediately bonded and it felt like we were brothers i knew this was a man i could follow. I also met a kid named Vance and another guy named Caleb. Vance Jr. was.. well a little slow, but man he did know how to use a gun. Caleb was cool but had a hot head sometimes so I had to help him not make stupid decisions and put his life at risk. Good people and after being alone for a while it was nice to meet people. We we're now set up in an open field with another barn behind us, this time we reinforced the walls and it seemed to keep us safe for a while. Day: 200 We have more people now, a good bunch of guys. Charles, this guy has your back no matter what. He will write off any mother fucker who does his people bad. He speaks his mind and I love him for that. James is a little quieter, but same thing goes for him. He has your back, and he's smart. James can help you get out of sticky situations left and right, but overall the kids a joke-stir and can always make ya' laugh. The camp has grown now but we've kept quiet. People don't know where we are and we plan to keep it that way. A bandit hasn't crossed our path in weeks. We have farm animals now and we have a luxurious supply of food. Day: 365 It has been a good year now, our numbers have grown so much. Levi is with us now, guy started off by bringing us weapons for food. With these we felt safer from the inevitable. There we're about 12-15 of us now. We started to venture out further for better supplies... Ace had remembered a town called Novo from his past and started to construct some plans. Day: 739 Year and so later now.. we went to war with a group of thieves. They would come and attack us at night, they had these fucking night vision goggles and at first we couldn't do much but hide and let them take our things at first. One night while Ace was out in a hunting stand waiting for them so he could warn us, i was off looking for supplies to continue building when i ran into a group of struggling degenerates. They tried to take my shit but i had to do some things that were umm lets say i dont really want to talk about it. But I ended up finding a pair of those NV goggles, it had no batteries and looked kind of beat but i figured it was worth to keep and take a look at back with the group.t Day: 925 Its been around 3 years now since the start of this shit. We've fought off countless bandits, cannibals, and other freaks. We don't fear much now. It is now our time to bring in others, restart society, make a safe place for people to be, a place for people to thrive. I am proud to say i am apart of New Haven.
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    I Wonder Why this community is so dead lately.....




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      Dead game?

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      @Eagle Not rly lol


  3. Rondo Carter was born in Chicago Illinois, lived with his single mother who raised him and his younger brother "chop". Growing up in the hood gave Rondo little to know chance in succeeding in life so like many kids his age turned to the skreets. After running the corner for a while servin them bricks, he got caught up in more violet gang affiliated things. Lets just say people know him as Flash, cause all u gonna see is one muzzle flash and u dead. Keeping lowkey and doing gang shit rondo decided selling drugs and hitting licks was getting old, so he went on to rapping. He made a few hits like "love sosa", "dont like", and a few others but he kinda fell off when the out break struck. This is when he decided he needed to dip out of chiraq and head somewhere secluded. Thats when he wound up in South Zagoria. He decided to take a boat there, not really having any experience with any sort of water activity lets just say it was a rough trip. It wasn't as simple as that though no of course not, Few days on the journey there was a massive storm, the entire crew pilled into the eating room as the captain warned him that is was gonna be a "bumpy ride". Last thing he remembers was a loud crash desks and chairs flying across the room and then he woke up to a bright light. "When i woke up nobody was around, the middle of the ship was split in half and we were right on the shore of some place". Thats when he took his people skills to the test, he mingle his way around the remaining people not affected by the virus and hes living his life how it should using his ability to kill, sell shit and steal.
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    John setting up for guest

    why u putting clean veggies on those dirty ass tables?
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    1 day 17 hours, till back to raising hell 'o'


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    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    @Jared how can i edit the in game voice simble ? and why is your clip only 10 seconds?
  8. ImS8tn

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    @Rover This is when the report was posted, when the clip was made, and when i was called in
  9. ImS8tn

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    @JewRP DELETED, how am i supposed to know i was in a report until called in? And u only have a 10 second video Js
  10. ImS8tn

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    Pov: This is speaking for myself and not anybody else accused. This will be the last thing i say about this case, my clip shows me clearly initiate while holding in game mic, it is only two seconds cause of the fact i am using it for my montage. I delete the vod and run cc cleaner so do not have any other evidence. Id also like to further state as shown in @Jared vid that if only hearing one person initiate from behind him which is not the case and shown in my vid, why does him and other parties then decide two shoot the people who "didnt" initiate ? Is this not against the rules?
  11. ImS8tn

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    POV Heard some people outside talking shit to logan, we went out side we confronted the people giving us lip and they got real quite, we then initiated. A man ran towards me as i was initiating and shot me then i shot him but i died.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ImMason you already know boy thanks alot, and your not so bad yourself
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    S2: Livonia 2020-01-03 11:00ish Metagaming

    POV: Okay lets start from the beginning, a little while ago the group and myself were making our presence known in Gieralto..... after some retarded KOS situations my self, @ImBlisna [email protected] decided it would be best to just dip and make way back to base. On our journey being new to the map Livonia we ended up getting a little off track and hitting DBUG. After some minor adjustments we made way, seemed like we were headed i the right direction except for the fact that we ended up only little ways away from Gieralto and not where we thought we were going. There was a little town not marked on the map, that had a water source at it a barn and map. After figuring out that we were kinda off track, myself being discouraged of playing noticed that it had been a while since the last hostile encounter and logged out. The next day, before making my way towards the rest of the fam i noticed that there was building inside this little township, knowing i did not have the tools to raid i decided to wait till we had the means to do so or when we needed the supplies that they may had. Few days pass i think and were running low on supplies after getting raided and a few of our members perishing in other situations. I make the decision that we are going to raid a stash i had found where i explained earlier in this pov. During all of this happening my group had been collecting some videos of OP @Zanaan and @HDragon for some rather amusing comments made. After the raid in which went very well as we legit got everything we needed we made our way back to base to stash everything and set up for the night. Through out the rest of following a big server crash i had been login in and out seeing if the base was being raided. During this i had experienced a man who had glitched into our gates after said crash and had to let him out, thankgod i was there because he was a "freshish spawn" and quite frankly seemed to have nothing to get in as he was just out side of our killbox and in between our airlocks, with no locks broken and no tools to get out. Because it being quite late in the night guess u can call it early in the morning i was under the assumption i was alone and my members were off to bed, so after logging in and out off and on being paranoid after our raid and not wanting to lose our gear i noticed and heard people outside. I logged out and radioed @ImBlisna to see if we had put locks on all the gates, being informed that one of the gates on the killbox was not locked he notified me that there was an extra 3 dial in the tent. So again logged in to put it on upon doing so the movement and noise outside had seemed to surpass and almost felt like i was alone again, i then contacted @ImBlisna and asked if he had "went to sleep with an extra code lock on his person", informing that yes indeed he had i asked him if he could log on and give it to me. "Im in bed watching a stream im tired and cant" was his response, after nagging him to give me the lock he then logged on and put it on the front gate and following then gave him some of the stuff i had on me and logged out. I then proceeded to stay in the base i think or log out then continue the cycle of checking the base, But whilst defending the base i seen a person go to where the cars had been stashed and said "you like my car bud" then not hearing a response decided to stay hidden and quite to see if he had friends. Upon waiting i hear more footsteps closer to the walls and jumping around the front entrance. Keeping an eye on the closed garage door and listening to hear if they start hack sawing the gate said person leaves with the car. I then proceed to talk to the people outside and it ends up going nowhere, i ended up waiting till like 9 am my time to log out. During this pointless conversion with some irish guy i was told that the car was theirs and they were gonna kill me leaving me so tremendously worried and staying on. By the time we left the base the whole way to your base it took us around an hour ish idk why u think it took us 35 min but, considering the whole point was to raid your base and i said we got lost it legit shows on the map we got off track and had to re adjust.....
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    141 "Never Forget"

  15. ImS8tn

    Meta Gaming / Possible BadRP / NVFL

    POV: Saw the fam holding some guys up they gassed one cause he didnt comply, heard shots at us, chilled around the barns till i seen the shooter, the boys initiated, he didnt comply so i hit him, then my boys left, and the other mans ran out and i gassed him from 190 m away. Neo got excited during this or something or before idk, its impossible to hostile rp with somebody who just laughs at everything. And further i dont really know what else to say i kinda just chilled around and then gassed a kid.
  16. ImS8tn

    AOGM Russo Syndicate

    POV: Went to the prison to see whats up, put a hesco kit down to see inside, but it misplaced when somebody walked by and started floating, we tried to ask for a hatchet to take it down, and when they got us one we took it down right away.
  17. ImS8tn

    DayZRP Clapping Cheeks

    @TryaxReck HA big head
  18. ImS8tn

    DayZRP Clapping Cheeks

  19. ImS8tn

    The Russo Syndicate Media Thread

  20. ImS8tn


    This severs been fun, Lately seeing alot of salty kids but hopefully soon people grow some and play the game.....

    1. KillsceamguyHP


      Nice RP montage man 👍

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    S1 Chernarus Wolfpack Camp Echo Griefing

    POV: I just chilled on roofs and watched slaves maybe munched some food. Talked to @William89 at the end before we left.t
  22. ImS8tn

    S1 berazino greafing 19th to the 20th

    POV: EZ simple conclusion, CHECK THE BUILDING LOGS, yes we did break one wall to get the rest of the group in, then used pliers to dissmantel gates so we could take locks as we needed them and to take the car they had. We left the slaves there afterwords saying it was theirs.
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    Whats with all these reports why cant we just play a game and not get so butt hurt XD


  24. ImS8tn

    S1 Chenarus, Ghosting: Green Mountain, 11:00 pm UTC

    Tony Venom POV: This was a while ago but, pre sure i was logging in with the gang at gm cause thats where we "slept' then night before and as i woke up i proceeded to open the door at the top of the tower seeing i think three people, one with no weapon and two with. I Then begin to listen as i soon realize one is ben our member and analyze the situation. Its pretty clear that its a hostage situation, so myself and my friends delt with it accordingly.
  25. ImS8tn

    s1: BadRP in Novaya Petroka 12/18/19 9:45pm

    I also feel like ill be called in POV: I TRADED CLOTHES WITH HIM
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