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  1. Uwva

    Otto’s arrival

    Hi, in my backstory I was trapped in Turkey and only recently arrived in Chernarus, but yes, I have been playing with at least some knowledge after reading the lore page. I've been playing that he knows a bit about the outbreak since it happened in other countries too, but that he doesn't know much about Chernarus yet
  2. Uwva

    Otto’s arrival

    Thank you, I've been enjoying my first day so far
  3. Hi everyone, I’ve just been whitelisted and I’m very excited to jump on in a few hours and start playing with you all. My character’s name is Otto, he’s an Australian who got trapped in the region during the outbreak while he was on holiday. He’s been trying to survive by himself and find a safe place to settle down. He’s hoping to find a quiet spot to build a camp, or perhaps to join a group, but at the moment he isn’t very trusting of others after having been robbed and attacked repeatedly. I’m looking forward to starting his journey soon, and seeing where he goes from here!
  4. Work in progress Otto was a taxi driver back in Melbourne, Australia, before the world went crazy. He would spend his nights driving through the city, deeply lonely despite being surrounded by millions of people. He would dream of leaving the city to explore the world, and eventually he saved up enough for a holiday, unfortunately for Otto he chose to go to Turkey in 2017. As the country fell into anarchy and then total desolation, Otto struggled to survive in a foreign country without any friends or even knowing how to speak the language. He was unable to get on a plane back to his home due to the strict quarantine. As violent groups formed, he was repeatedly robbed and beaten, chased from place to place. This made Otto more and more paranoid and distrustful of others, avoiding people whenever possible and just barely making it on his own. After some time Otto made it to the Chernarus border, walking into the country with nothing to his name, no family or friends, having seen the cruelty that people are capable of. However, he never became cruel himself, still preferring to help someone than hurt them. He no longer had any desire to return home, as from all reports the infection had spread to every country, so he just travelled trying to find a safer, more stable place to settle down and start to rebuild.
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