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  1. Like PizzaDoggyDog said, I'd highly advise you to go back and read through the rules about Defender & Attacker rights, reading that should put your mind at ease regarding the questions you have. Having a good grasp of those rules not only ensures that you will have a good time on DayZRP, but also the people you will encounter. Have fun, dude! Edit: I'd also recommend reading the brief section about the New Life Rule (NLR), that way you'll know how "coming back from the dead" works.
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I appreciate it
  3. Server and location: S1 | Middle of Vybor, outside the gates of the base there. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-11-01, 04:28, approximately. Your in game name: Sacha Rybakov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: I don't know. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had encountered the same group about 24 hours ago outside of Grishino. I initiated hostilities by pulling out a sledgehammer due to an IC dispute, and it ended up with me being hit by my own sledgehammer at gunpoint, knocking my character out, all fair and square, they technically had defender rights from my point of view. Today, I met them again as I passed by the base in Vybor, holding a mountain backpack with some loot as shown in the video above. The gates of the base opened, and a guy was pointing a gun at me, not saying a word. I did not move and asked IC what was going on. Shortly after, the guy who hit my character with the sledgehammer the night before, walked up to me and offered me a new one. I was only able to record the last 30 seconds of the incident, and as you can see I was trying to make room for the sledgehammer on my back. I had not been asked to lay down my weapons or anything, and as the video proves they were told to put their guns away by the same person who had offered me a new sledgehammer. As I had just picked it up, out of the blue, the suspect in question hits me in the face and I'm dead. This really bummed me out, and I think I'll be taking a break from the server for a while.
  4. Alright, thanks for the great answers, folks. I am thoroughly satisfied!
  5. RiZ, in the situations you describe, if the character who got shot decides not to do a PK and returns to his/her community, wouldn't that character inevitably end up with the knowledge of what transpired? If so, wouldn't that potentially conflict with the part of the rules that state that you're not allowed to get involved in the situation that caused your demise? The reason I ask this, is that I feel it might be logical for some characters to seek revenge and re-initiate hostilities with "The bad, bad men". I know some might answer that this character would RP an injury that wouldn't allow him/her to take part in any further hostilities, but let's say that this shooting was such a significant event that it might lead to a week's worth of RP between the two factions. Should the character stay out of that entire conflict as long as it continues?
  6. Hi there! I've been playing on the server for some 20 odd hours now, so I figured it might be a good time to introduce myself as I'm thinking of sticking around after feeling things out on the servers. My name is Morten, I'm 26 years old, and I live in Denmark. My hobbies include playing the guitar, playing video- and tabletop games, and roleplaying such as D&D and Dread. I used to live-action roleplay in a Warhammer Fantasy setting in my teens here in my local town, but being lazy, I found that the kind of RP where you get to sit down is more my thing I've been playing D&D with a group of friends for about four years now, through a number of different campaigns run by different people, including myself. I also like to work on a few different roleplay ideas in my spare time when inspiration takes me, for example I've been cooking up Dread scenario set during the Vietnam war in the early 70s. So far I'm on my 2nd character seeing as I thought my first one was a little bland but a good character to test the waters. If I had to put myself in a box, I'd call myself more of a "Campfire RP" kind of guy. So far I've met some great characters, who made the world this community has created, ever more colorful and put a delightful buzz in my stomach, just like seeing Christmas present under the tree as a kid ^^ I'm looking forward to playing with each and every one of you
  7. Trust me, if you read through the rules carefully, you'll find something in one of the sentences that does not belong. You'll know it when you see it
  8. This will probably be considered a 'duh' question by some, but for the life of me, I've been looking around the forums and looked at the rules and I can't find an answer to this conundrum. Example: Little Timmy is a valued member of his group and held in high regard. One day, some bad, bad men roll into town where Timmy's group resides, guns raised. Timmy tries to heroically defend his fellow brethren, but oh no! The bad men were quickest on the draw, and Timmy is shot dead. The community is shaken by Little Timmy's apparent death. A few hours later, Timmy is seen striding into town once again, cheerful as always. "What's with the frown, fellas?" he asks. "Timmy, we thought you were dead!" says one member of the group. "You were shot 16 times!" says another. "Golly gee, I sure have no idea what you goonies are talking about!" Timmy says with a wide grin. So my question is, how do you deal with the conflicting knowledge that characters in a community have upon a specific character's 'death' who returns after the NLR time limit has expired?
  9. You guys were right, the culprit was indeed the emote wheel! Thanks for the quick reponses, cheers.
  10. Sacha was born in North Zagoria to two loving parents, Nadia and Artyom. He was considered a nice, outgoing kid by his parents and teachers, but he had a habit of getting into trouble due to his stubborn and independent nature. He also had a hard time sitting still and was not afraid to get involved in situations that were way over his head if he saw someone being mistreated. Due to his somewhat erratic behavior he didn't get far in the school system, and at the age of 16 he started an apprenticeship at a local carpenter shop. He quickly found out he had an innate talent for this line of work. As a bonus, due to the demanding nature of his profession, he was often too tired to stir up trouble after workhours, allowing him to focus on his craft. Four years later, Sacha signed with a construction company in South Zagoria that had been contracted to help rebuild the region after the civil war. Depite missing his parents, Sacha thrived as business was booming and he had made a lot of friends at work. He would regularly send letters with money to his aging parents, often writing to them that he hoped to settle down with 'that special one', whom he was sure he'd find very soon. A few years later, as South Zagoria once again became a warzone, he found his dreams and the pillars of his life crumbling around him. As the days went by, fewer and fewer of his colleagues and friends showed up to work, and the weekly letters he received from his parents to the north stopped abruptly. As Russian bombs started flying, he decided to seek safety in the countryside, having found an old shack to hole up in. As the weeks passed, Sacha saw his food supply dwindling as he yearned for human contact. Shortly after, he decided to journey through Chernarus, hoping to find somewhere to settle down and perhaps even find his parents.
  11. I'd love to see one as well, it makes me think of the NPCs you'd find in the STALKER games, that really brought a unique feel to those. I can already imagine someone making some sort of 'bard' character .
  12. I've been spending my time around NWAF, so like the others said, towns like Vybor, Grishino and Rogovo seem quite active.
  13. My health is at maximum and there's no indication of it going down. It's very possible I may have enabled the wounded walk, seeing as I had been using the animation wheel at the time. I'll check it out next time I log on, thank you very much for the reply!
  14. My character took a 'healthy' swig of vodka during some RP'ing, and shortly after that he started walking around as if he was wounded. Shortly after that I had to log, so I haven't found out if the vodka could be the culprit. My character has only drunk water from water pumps, but the containers, however, have not been disinfected before doing so. There is no indicator in the HUD that suggests my character has, say, cholera or any other disease. Could somebody tell me if I'm right about it being the vodka, or if there's some other explanation? Thanks.
  15. I don't know about the personal section, but for character backstory it's 500 characters. It's easy to get there, your backstory will write itself if you have a good idea of the person you're trying to breathe life into.
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