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  1. As of September 19th the original author said he is working on an update for 1.09, so I will bump this when it is released.
  2. Can't agree more with the posts above. After the stellar experiences we had today I have very high hopes for the zone.
  3. Title says it all. While browsing the DayZ Steam Workshop (hoping to find a mod which reenabled potato plants) I happened across this mod instead. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706505953 This adds the ability to build chicken pens and coops, to feed the chickens and to collect any eggs they hatch. It's not a big mod at all, only about 5MB. And while it hasn't been updated to 1.09 yet, the authors are as of September 19th, working on a patch for 1.09. I think this is a small mod that adds a new option for settlements to establish a secure source of food alongside farming vegetables.
  4. I had some roleplay experiences with you guys yesterday and you really made it feel like a real police force. I really enjoyed it. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. Has anyone ever told you that you have very nice glasses?

  6. *Fabian presses the PTT, his voice sounds old and tired* "And who are you exactly? Rebellion has never benefitted us. For a decade we Chernarussians have fought and bled and died. Our families know suffering beyond imagination. And you want us to continue fighting? How is that in our interest, let alone the interest of anyone else? Too many people have died... this is our last and best chance to rebuild order and civilisation in this country. We can't lose it... not again..." *Fabian pauses before he resumes speaking again* "No more violence. Please. For the sake of our children and the world we are leaving behind for them. Enough is enough." *Fabian lets go of the button and returns to his garden boxes*
  7. Hello @MrsSunshine, Please add a poll to this thread as per the Suggestion Guidelines. Thank you in advance
  8. Fully agree that we should add tasers. More options for non lethal takedowns are always great for roleplay. If someone decides to non comply you can taser them and continue roleplay. I think the reason beanbags aren't used is because they can kill if used improperly and are simply inefficient whereas tasers are very efficient.
  9. Sad you won't be joining us for an educatory journey, Ducky, but I loved this group last time and I have high hopes for you now!
  10. I'm sorry but I'd rather keep busses. The ability to stand in a moving vehicle is great, but we were able to get by for upwards of six years without the ability to do so. I'd rather keep an awesome vehicle and lose the ability to stand than lose the awesome vehicle while retaining the ability to stand.
  11. Sometimes @Hofer isn't as good a bus driver as he thinks he is... @Gina
  12. This is my photograph and I will farm my BeanZ here. Also, the sciencecopter.
  13. Yes. I am Boris. Glad you liked the ride.
  14. No, I don't think they are. The different types of doors have their time set to reflect the quality. A shanty door, which is a few planks put together and roughly assembled with rusty nails wouldn't take long at all to get through. Whereas a metal door, which appears to be made of steel, would take quite a while to go through. If you want to build a door accept the consequences that someone is definitely willing to stand there, either for two minutes or for twenty, holding their right mouse button to break it down so they can raid any base you have built.
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