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  1. @Nacho Niller Okay, well we cannot remove the ban without processing your appeal and we cannot process your appeal without you using the correct template. Please join the Helpdesk in the DayZRP Discord and a staff member will walk you through how to template your appeal correctly so that we may process it.
  2. VERDICT @MrHar | Attempted invalid kill - GUILTY SUMMARY On a fine Chernarussian morning, @Novi walks into the pub at Black Lake having previously seen storage containers within. He opts to check again to see if he can find anything, only to be met with a bear trap on the top of the staircase. Attempted Invalid Kill | While the Black Lake pub is @MrHar's base, Rule 4.10 states that for any injuries or kills caused by landmines or beartraps to be considered valid, the traps in question must be placed inside a walled and closed area. The accused admits that the pub was not se
  3. Thank you for your POV, @MrHar. Your temp ban has now been removed. Please keep an eye on this report in case we have further questions. In fact, you state you were robbed several times. Was the pub your base, and if so, was it walled off, or closed in any way? Or, was it open?
  4. As @MrHar has both been on the forums and in-game since being called into this report, he will now be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.
  5. Archiving upon request of the owner. If you wish to bring this group back, message a Moderator+. /archived
  6. Thank you lads for taking on-board the criticism which was presented to you on this thread. It reflects well on yourselves and your group. The group goals look miles better than they did before, and I appreciate that you've added sub goals to each of them. Best of luck.
  7. Not sure if its possible, however I'm unfamiliar with what the website is capable of. If it is possible, sure, sounds like fun. Would certainly help with group page aesthetics.
  8. Hello @Alex Bonel, There is no rule against offline raiding. It has never been considered BadRP to offline raid. When you build a base in the server, you are conceding your right to be raided at any time by anyone. As we do not have any rules against what you are reporting, this report is, frankly, unnecessary. Based on the above, the staff team has decided that this report will be closed. /closed Signed by @Duplessis, @Realize and @Bryan
  9. exams finished.

    Crabs Crab Rave GIF

    much happy. very content.

    1. Para


      Good job mate, hope you did well!

    2. Duplessis


      Thank you for the good wishes Para, I hope so as well 😄

  10. As @Azuninob has both been on the forums and in-game since being called into this report, he will now be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.
  11. Episode 4 Birthday GIF by Friends

    1. Duplessis


      Thank you Paul

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      Happy birthday my favorite fake french. May your baguettes be soaked in maple syrup today.

  12. Happy Birthday GIF

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      I Love You Hug GIF by Demic

  13. Salutations @GunterThePenguin, According to a conversation I've had with @Whitename, any and all of the NBC clothing should work properly. However the NBC suits which are currently being sold at the trader are not the ones from the toxic zone mod to his knowledge. As for gas masks, I believe as long as the gas mask itself has a slot for the filter, it should work properly. Hope this helps
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