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"Who the fuck is doing drugs?!"

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  1. Amnesty has been a thing for the past three years, and in many circumstances has brought back several great roleplayers who've gone on to contribute greatly to the community. I would name a few here but I am not sure whether they want to be mentioned or not. If they do they can make themselves known. I respect your take, but amnesty is not a net negative.

    Here you go friend.

    1. Duplessis


      everything wrong with the patriot doesn't require a video,

      it just requires asking the question then reciting the name of the film

    2. Cal



    3. Harveyy


      Im pretty sure an English dude fucked Mel Gibsons wife... that dude has a grudge on my people bruh

    4. Duplessis


      He's from the United States and Australia, he must not like the commonwealth @Harveyy

  3. gsj6kkod6vf51.jpg.d1bc21d2b4d0c565c248d012ccabb166.jpg

    Me seeing that something happened on the forums vs me remembering it's not my problem right now

    1. Saunders


      Happy Good Vibes GIF by HBO Max

  4. Nice group, epic people. Know you'll run it well Niv
  5. As for your second option, do you have any mods that currently do this sort of thing or is it only theoretical? @Evin Foster
  6. Welcome back

    1. Duplessis


      My respite is only temporary

    2. Whitename


      Oh. Well I’ll see you later then

  7. How does that American saying go... No taxation without representation? Nice pictures too.
  8. miss you already

    1. Duplessis


      im bored as fuck

    2. Cal


      i know the feeling

    3. Duplessis


      its okay, ill be back in two weeks

    4. Queerios


      I see how it is @Cal

    5. Cal


      Miss you already too @Queerios

  9. We all love features and gameplay. Some of these features we could do could really improve the way we play the game and plan our lives, and make us put more thought into our gameplay. For that reason, let me suggest this mod; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2325290841 It adds a few things. Hygiene. You need to clean yourself, otherwise you will start to stink and may be more attractive to infected and predatory animals. Sleeping. I know, not the most fun thing to do, but it could create some fun scenarios where one has to make camp for a bit and just rest. Diet. If you eat nothing but soda and potato chips you will slow down. Think fresh, eat fresh. An overhaul to the immune system is coming as described in the mod, not in yet though. Let's add it, it gives you more things to do, think about, plan, and play out!
  10. Hello @Millie, dropping in for an activity check. @tacojohn555 hasn't played for a month. Please tell them to start playing or remove them from the roster. As well, @CDC popular, @GucciOnFrozone, @kalyri, @Keira, @Mimsy Mimillah, @Morytania and @Novi are getting up there in terms of activity. Please contact and ask them if they're still interested.
  11. I think its unfair to think that people who oppose offline raiders are just offline raiders, or that they are not eager to roleplay. That doesn't help the conversation. I have offline raided before, as have many many many other people in this community. We should be focusing on coming up with ideas for how to enforce something like this, rather than throwing strawman attacks at people's playstyles.
  12. Yes I think in an ideal server it would be regulated to a degree. The issue becomes how to enforce it, and is usually the biggest opposition to any implementation of such a rule.
  13. I love spending 90 dollars on a physical textbook only for it to be a dummy with a redeemable code. Ridiculous.

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