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  1. Hello @ImPurge, A separate portion of the staff team has reviewed your appeal and opted to ACCEPT it. Simply put, we see your explanation for tagging the individual as reasonable. That being said however there was no need for all three of you to do it at once. Please be more mindful of that in the future since it can give the appearance of spamming. With that said, Appeal accepted - ban and points revoked. Solved by @Duplessis, @Bryan and @Woodzie
  2. HIT LOGS KILL LOGS CONNECTION LOGS POSITION LOGS Calling in the following for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have. @The Aussie | John Miller - OP @Mason | Boris Bohdan - Posted @Juice Hand | Garik Psoglav - Posted @Buckscochief27 | Chase Marshal - Posted @GalaxieR6 | Fredrik Dowsing - Posted @judge | Barnabus Wellington - Posted @ImPurge | Maxim Volkov - Posted @OdinsWolf2020 | Justin Jones - Posted
  3. Please DO NOT post in the report unless you've been called in.
  4. Hello @Jackfish, We've reviewed your appeal and have decided to DENY IT. The comment you made was plainly a dig. You state correctly that there was someone who was going to do a refactor, only to then remark that he "played other games then left." Your comment is provocative insofar as it is shading negativity onto the individual, and outright mockery. Given the sensitive nature of the subject it really should be obvious why it was taken this way. Your attitude in the rest of this appeal also leaves a lot to be desired, you should focus more on defending your own comments than trying to lecture the staff team on how to enforce the rules. If you have concerns over bias, please feel free to contact the Administrators. With that said, Appeal denied - points remain. Solved by @Duplessis and @Gaylaxy
  5. I, Duplessis, hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 6 in its current form.
  6. For the sake of transparency, we're going to post the video which we received here as it relates to this report;
  7. KILL LOGS HIT LOGS CONNECTION LOGS Calling in the following for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have; @CutieSylva | Stefan Cernik - OP @ImERP | Mariya Didko - POSTED
  8. If you're reporting multiple incidents you need to give us something to go on for the other incidents, even if you don't have the time dates would be helpful.
  9. Hello @Warming, A quick review of everything here doesn't show us that anything shady really happened. It is not against the rules to use objects to climb into a base. I reviewed your base in person and it was painfully easy to get into your base without using furniture at all. I could do it by myself. As such, we will not be pursuing this report to a conclusion. Closed by @Duplessis and @Bryan
  10. Hello @Warming, Do you have any evidence such as a screenshot to show us your speculations of boosting?
  11. Hello @HDragon, We've reviewed your appeal and have concluded to ACCEPT it. It has been a sufficient amount of time since the ban was issued, and as such we see no reason to continue it. Going forward please remember to be more cautious about your behaviour and be mindful to not overreach. With that said, Appeal accepted - ban removed. Signed by @Duplessis and @Bryan
  12. People are allowed to initiate on cars for any reason or no reason at all, just as they are allowed to initiate for any reason in general. That being said, in order for them to gain kill rights you need to hear the initiation. This is why we advise that you initiate through text chat as well as in voice when robbing a car. You can go about it any way you want as long as the initiation is heard clearly.
  13. Jean-Marie Laurent is a simple man. He has a wife, a car, a house, a job. He likes fantasy novels and science fiction television shows. A simple childhood with an unremarkable time in school. Most of his life was spent as a groundskeeper at the WHO headquarters in his hometown. He did well in his position and eventually went back to school to study medicine. He took an interest in epidemiology and completed his degree taking a position at his former place of employment. Mentally he suffered a great deal during the initial pandemic, pushing himself into overwork. Towards September, he agreed to join a force departing for Norway believing the work would be alleviative in comparison.
  14. Im a bit meh on this I won't lie. I guess we can try it.
  15. imagine playing the game couldnt be @Hofer
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