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  1. sad wilfred mott GIF

    You take it easy, Eddie.

    o7 ❤️

  2. Damn, I almost forgot!


    1. Duplessis


      Thank you @Peril, very cool!

  3. Congrats on your first verdict

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      Thank you Elmo


  4. VERDICT @Jugs - Trolling, Invalid kill (roleplayed) x1 - GUILTY @Tokyo - BadRP, Invalid kill (roleplayed) x1 - GUILTY @Treesh - BadRP, Invalid kill (on sight) x1, Invalid kill (roleplayed) x1 - GUILTY @Millie - Metagaming - GUILTY @Treesh, @Tokyo & @Jugs - Baiting - Not Guilty DESCRIPTION The McCoomer party is hanging out near the pub in Chernogorsk when they are approached by @Jugs, @Tokyo & @Treesh. The men arrive and start dancing around them with one remarking that “My character is antsy”, and with another not wearing any pants. During this time, @Treesh puts his hands up and begins to spin around on the pavement when @Millie takes his gun. The McCoomer party then departs towards the pub when they are confronted by the three men again who question where their friends AK has gone. The McCoomers suggest he return and look for it before going to the tank statue to wait for someone. While there, two of the original three men return and initiate with one a distance away. The McCoomer party is all killed with the exception of @Sammiii who is taken away to an apartment. REASON BadRP - In the video provided by Millie, @Tokyo & @Treesh the roleplay provided by you three was frankly atrocious. You were all just running around them and crouching for no reason, dancing and doing ridiculous stuff. @Treesh, let’s make one thing clear for you in particular. Under no circumstances are you ever permitted to go out of character in VOIP. If you have to relay important out of character information, use the text function with the two forward slashes. And even then, you should keep this to a bare minimum. Trolling - Now onto you, @Jugs. What are you doing? Your “roleplay” was a step below that of your allies here. You were seen in the video running around without pants, making odd screeching noises in VOIP for no reason. You showed no interest in providing quality roleplay and instead decided it was a good idea to run around without pants and to make said screeches in VOIP. For this, you have been found guilty of trolling. We would also like to make it clear that unwanted sexual roleplay will never, ever be tolerated on DayZRP. Removing someone’s clothes then proceeding to laugh at them about it is not acceptable. Even in normal circumstances, completely stripping a hostage is not allowed and is considered to be BadRP. If someone asks you to stop or is very clearly upset at sexual roleplay, stop immediately and move on. We don’t want to see this repeated, either by the accused or by anyone else. Invalid Kills - In the second part of @Millie's video, you can see that almost immediately after she is killed @Tokyo & @Jugs start gunning down everyone in the McCoomer party. You gave each of them about four seconds to comply with your initiation, which has never been considered enough time. One of them going non-compliant does not justify killing the rest who have yet to do anything or even react to the initiation. As for @Treesh, the reason you have been found guilty for an invalid kill on sight is that you chose to overwatch while part of a dynamic. As a result of this, you never gained rights on any of the McCoomers. Your kill on @Millie is consequently deemed invalid. Baiting - @Tokyo, @Jugs & @Treesh you three have been found not guilty of baiting since you did not put the original poster or his allies in a situation where they were require to initiate. Metagaming - @Millie in your first video, there are several occasions where you transmit in character information without double micing. Some of these include “I took his fucking AK” and “They’re going to initiate” as well as “I am going to shoot them if they follow us.” Transmitting in character information while there are people around without double micing has always been considered a rule break, so you will be hit for metagaming as well. OUTCOME @Jugs - 7 day ban, 15 warning points & character reset @Tokyo - 5 day ban, 10 warning points & character reset @Treesh - 7 day ban, 15 warning points & character reset @Millie - 3 day ban, 10 warning points & character reset Signed | @Duplessis, @Duke & @Eddie
  5. Congrats on the purple Tarkin 

    1. Duplessis


      Thank you ❤️

  6. Hello @Tokyo, @Jugs & @Treesh Are you able to tell us who is the one in the gasmask in the original video?
  7. /closed at the request of the OP.
  8. Keep the zone. The lag isn't terrible since most people are spread out. For instance Nova Nadeje lives in Vysotovo, the bar lives on one end of Cherno and the police live on the other. It's not as if we're all collected in the city center. Also it would be a shame to do away with the fantastic roleplay that we've been getting from the zone.
  9. Looking forward to seeing you boys in game.
  10. WIP Supports, don't worry it's private
  11. Closed at the request of the OP. /closed
  12. As of September 19th the original author said he is working on an update for 1.09, so I will bump this when it is released.
  13. Can't agree more with the posts above. After the stellar experiences we had today I have very high hopes for the zone.
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