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  4. Hello @beatbapple669, The staff team has reviewed your appeal and has found you GUILTY of an attempted invalid kill. You cannot start shooting at someone without valid kill rights. In this instance you did not have any shared rights, so you starting to shoot at the hostage takers was an attempted invalid kill. In the future we recommend that you always initiate before opening fire on someone. Even if you think you have rights, it is safer from a rules-perspective to initiate regardless. In this way you're covering all your bases and keeping everything valid and fair for others. OUTCOME @beatbapple669 | Attempted Invalid Kill - 2 day ban, 10 warning points & character reset. Signed by @Duplessis, @Inferno and @Bryan
  5. VERDICT @HDragon | NVFL - Inconclusive @MrBurke | Invalid kill (on sight) - Not Guilty @MrPlasse | Invalid kill(s) (on sight) - Not Guilty @Decetheus | Attempted invalid kill - Not Guilty SUMMARY So the day begins with HDragon, MrBurke, MrPlasse and Decetheus hanging out at their pub before HDragon drives off in his UAZ to go and pick up his friend who needed a ride. Meanwhile, @MaybeleleLR, @AtrixLR, @Lord Seal and @ImKrullix start driving south in their UAZ before encountering HDragon. They pursue him and eventually initiate on him. He attempts to fight back but is killed south of Berezino. The OP and his allies then drive back towards Svetlojarsk before they are killed by HDragon's allies near Riffy. REASON NO VALUE FOR LIFE | Due to the lack of video evidence and conflicting POV's in this report, we have opted to go for a verdict of inconclusive regarding the claims of NVFL. While the accusing party maintains that HDragon knew there was four of them in the vehicle, HDragon does not corroborate this and states that he only saw two. A two versus one, especially in these circumstances as the accused had an automatic weapon, is not considered NVFL. We would like to also reflect on the screenshot which was shared of HDragon's body displaying a higher brightness. Simply because your screen is bright does not necessarily mean that someone else's screen is bright. Additionally, the accusing party maintains that all four of them initiated on HDragon so he must have known there were four people, but when four people are yelling at you to put your hands up, it can be difficult to discern how many voices there are. Simply put, we lack the video evidence to determine conclusively. In the future we strongly recommend that you record, so that reports such as these can be solved accordingly and conclusively. INVALID KILLS | The logs corroborate the story that those accused of invalidly killing the reporting party had roleplayed with HDragon previously at his pub near Black Lake. Under Rule 4.2, you are granted dynamic defender rights if someone you have roleplayed with previously is subject to a hostile action. In this instance all of the accused who fired at and killed the accuser and his allies had roleplayed with HDragon within the last ten-to-fifteen minutes and would be granted shared defender rights. In terms of dynamic defender rights, distance does not matter so much as time. Therefore, we have deemed the kills on the accuser and his allies to be valid. OUTCOME @HDragon | NVFL - No action taken. @MrBurke | Invalid kill (on sight) - No action taken. @MrPlasse | Invalid kill(s) (on sight) - No action taken. @Decetheus | Attempted invalid kill - No action taken. Signed by @Duplessis, @Bryan and @Hofer
  6. Just because something is an IC note doesn't mean it isn't BadRP. This again already has a rule. Rule 3.2 states that you must behave realistically. Writing meme notes in-character is still covered by the rules. It's also pretty much just common sense for this one as well because if you know you're supposed to act realistically then why would you make a meme note in the first place, even if it was IC?
  7. It's sort of just common sense is it not? The rules already say everything you do in-game must be IC. It stands to reason that writing OOC notes or meme notes, both of which are not IC actions would fall under this rule.
  8. I don't see the need. If you joke around with notes and don't take them seriously that's still BadRP and should be treated as such. The current rule is fine. -1
  9. To the OP and his allies, (@AtrixLR @ImKrullix @Lord Seal @MaybeleleLR); how did you know that it was @HDragon driving the UAZ?
  10. Also, to @MrBurke, @MrPlasse, and @Decetheus; when you moved towards Riffy after hearing @HDragon's call, were you in a vehicle or on foot?
  11. Calling in the following people for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have @AtrixLR | Ivan Englachev - OP @HDragon | Callahan McDuffin - Posted @MaybeleleLR | Oleg Boyko - Posted @Lord Seal | Maksim Romanov - Posted @ImKrullix | Kristian Kozlov - Posted @groovy dingo | Roman Simanek @UniiLR | Shelbi Novak - Posted @MrBurke | William Burke - Posted @MrPlasse | Alan Dundee - Posted @Decetheus | Jackson Comorra - Posted @ChaseRP | Chase Reynolds - Posted Kill Logs Hit Logs Connection Logs Position Logs To those present at the second firefight ( @HDragon, @MrBurke, @Decetheus, @MrPlasse, @UniiLR, @groovy dingo, @MaybeleleLR, @ImKrullix ) to satisfy our curiosity, could you please explain why a second firefight broke out rather quickly after the first engagements?
  12. *An old man's voice answers the radio.* "Eh?! What's this young man, don't you know that it is forbidden to predict the end days? Our Orthodox faith forbids it. I trust you are a priest, yes?"
  13. Lieutenant Lawrence Lancaster is a soldier in Her Majesty's Army. Serving under his good friend, Colonel Cornelius Cornwall, they fought the enemies of Her Majesty and always kept things ship shape and Bristol-fashioned. He was born in 1978 in Lancaster, and joined the military as an officer at the age of eighteen. Eventually while on a leave from service he decided to take a vacation. An avid fox hunter he decided to visit the Russian republic of Chernarus to do some hunting. His trip coincided with the subsequent outbreak of the third and final wave of the frenzied flu.
  14. I like the idea of having more varied food items aside from the usual beans, spaghetti and peaches. +1
  15. Calling in the following people for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have @Rach420HD | Anastasia Moon - OP @HDragon | Callahan McDuffin - Not Posted Kill Logs Position Logs Hit Logs Connection Logs
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