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  1. Munghards has been suggested countless times before, and each time it has been denied. It was considered a few updates back, but was ultimately rejected for the reasons Ducky explains here; Even so, I don't want to feel like I'm living in the universe where the Purge became a 24/7 occurrence. The "scary" head gear doesn't look scary, it looks comical. I'm also not a fan of us going out and adding more mods when we could easily do something similar in house.
  2. These are fair points you've raised. The Chedaki committed war crimes a plenty. I personally don't take issue with the amount of extremist nationalist Chernarussians there are on the server. You do you, and they're fun characters to interact with. What I would say though is that the Chedaki won the civil war. Lopotev's regime would have spent the years following the civil war pumping out anti-nationalist propaganda, playing up the war crimes of the CDF and NAPA and quietly burying the war crimes of the Chedaki. I think this is justification enough to encourage more Chernarussian players to play loyalists. Because while there would definitely still be many nationalists in the country, there would almost certainly be just as many loyalists to Lopotev and his regime. P.S. CLF and RAC unite to drive out all foreigners when?
  3. I think this is a great idea. It's a smaller map, and its a better map than Livonia in my opinion. Additionally, it's not necessary to write a hugely new lore for it. It would be so much simpler to just make it an island off the coast of Chernarus like it was last lore. Huge +1. EDIT: If I recall correctly, the map was also made with roleplay servers in mind. Adding onto that, the original reason it was removed, being its use on monetised servers, is no longer a concern as the mod maker now permits it.
  4. Simply aim for the centre mass, such as the chest area. I usually can take down animals with one shot there.
  5. Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians. 


  6. I know there are some more Commonwealth Gang in this community. Tag the Commonwealth-gangers you know!
  7. If we were ever to bring back vanilla base building, the decision would be @Roland's discretion. The reasons for removal were, however, the abuse of it. People building megafortresses that would drop a NASA computer down to 30 FPS. Excessive amounts of loot hoarded in player bases. And the general agreement of the community to remove it. Personally I don't want to see it come back, as in the time it has been gone, roleplay and the amount of interactions I've had has improved dramatically.
  8. As it stands, it's not coming back.
  9. No. Since the removal of basebuilding, my interactions have become more plentiful and more enjoyable. I think the doors are aesthetically better than the fences, and do the job just as well.
  10. They will be added when they are added. Please be patient.
  11. Archived at the request of the OP. PM a Mod+ if you wish to bring this back. /archived
  12. Archived at request of the OP. PM a Mod+ if you wish to bring it back. /archived
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