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  1. CynicalCertainty

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    Hello, I am currently a member of an in progress group called the Praetorian Guard. We have a base, as most groups do. However we seem to have an issue. I joined this group approximately two weeks ago. In that time, we have been raided at least ten times. At least five of those raids have occurred within the last forty-eight hours as of the time of publishing this thread. Over the course of these raids, several of our items have not only been stolen, but there have been many examples of the raiders intentionally leaving loot on the ground, and ruining loot. This being done, while there is an abundance of storage. In other words, making a complete mess and ruining any chance we would have of retrieving any of the loot. They have also changed our lock combinations in order to lock us out of our own base. All of which are examples of griefing. I would like to add that these attacks were not provoked. They came to our base and attacked us first. There have been examples of us retaliating, but we never attacked first. I comprehend, as does everyone else in my group, that PVP is a necessary part of this server. It contributes greatly to the RP, and will always do so. It often creates for fun experiences in game, and I often find myself looking forward to it. With that being said, it is quite obvious that the sheer amount of PVP which goes on is absurd. In my personal experience, every PVP interaction I have had over the past two weeks has had very little to no RP at all. And in my opinion, that ruins the RP. What is the point of attacking someone if your entire RP in that interaction is, "All right put your f*cking hands up!", within a few moments of meeting. Granted, there are many, many examples wherein the initiators will engage in a small amount of dialogue in between, but usually that does not occur. There is usually an introduction, which lasts for at most thirty seconds, and then we jump to the demands for surrender. Any further interaction which goes on during these raids is usually taunts. Some of these taunts have been very inappropriate or sexualized RP. This can create a strong sense of discomfort for people who are uncomfortable with such RP. Naturally such RP should be expected, but much of the time it exceeds a comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, this is a mature server on a mature game, with mature people. But some people have no appreciation that there is a point where it can be excessive. That's not role play, that's power play. In addition, the majority of groups I have come into contact with have been completely hostile. Most of their RP is entirely being held up. Simply by looking at the group page, most of the groups are hostile or bandits. These groups have a distinct lack of RP. I understand that a bandit would act like this in real life. But why are a vast majority of the groups bandits? This encourages nothing but hostile encounters, minimal RP and enables a PVP driven experience, which is the stated opposite of what this community strives for. Again, the purpose of this post is not to sound whiny. I appreciate the need for PVP and in many areas encourage it. However, there is a point when things can be excessive. I think this point has been passed. The Chernarus server, in my opinion, is currently far too focused on PVP. Especially PVP of a base-raiding nature. My hopes with this post are to inquire as to the opinions of other players on this server.
  2. CynicalCertainty

    Praetorian Guard

    Ave, true to Caesar. "Degeneres pertinent similis tui super crucem."
  3. CynicalCertainty

    Kill clarification

    Say for example I have a car. I use this car to drive to a hospital to gather medicine. While I am doing so someone comes up and tries to drive the car away. Would I have kill rights on this person?
  4. CynicalCertainty

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    It was on Chernarus.
  5. CynicalCertainty

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Zombie strength is too much. No matter if someone doesn't feel pain, no humanoid figure outside Goliath could take; 2 x 5.56x39mm bullets from AK-74 to the head 3 x .45 calibre bullets from FNX-45 to the head ~10-15 hits from a combat knife 2 x 7.62x39mm bullets from a Mosin I'm not saying make it the way it was. Just not what it is now. All the examples I used are my own experiences.
  6. CynicalCertainty

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I agree with the above statements about repair. But I find that it's nearly impossible to find any repair items, whereas before it was too easy to find them.
  7. I have a playlist of stuff which I've heard in various Fallout games and the Red Army Choir
  • CynicalCertainty

    Is it just me or is Deer Isle unstable?

    I find that whenever I play on Deer Isle the game runs choppier and slower. In addition to this, it has trouble shutting down when I try to close the game.
  • CynicalCertainty

    New Life Rule Question

    Yesterday, I was forced to engage combat with a group of zombies. However, while I was fighting them, my game crashed. When I loaded back in, I was unconscious, and as a result I was killed by the zombies. I am not clear on the part of the New Life Rule which involves crashes. Based on what caused my death (a game crash), am I able to continue with my previous memories?
  • CynicalCertainty

    Do the Handheld Transceivers work?

    I've read somewhere before that the radios don't actually work. Is this true? Have any of you ever been able to successfully use them recently?
  • CynicalCertainty

    Where am I most likely to find other players?

    Where am I most likely to find other players in Chernarus and in Deer Isle?
  • CynicalCertainty

    Position in queue: 31

    Aye I've been waiting to get onto the Chernarus map too. I kinda screwed myself by forgetting to turn off Deer Isle mod so whenever I reached the front of the queue I was booted for having it enabled. This happened twice before I noticed.
  • Valery Dimitrovich Kuznetsov was born in the late 1964 in Kiev, in the Ukrainian SSR. His father was a prominent bureaucrat with the local Communist Party, so he was afforded many luxuries growing up. He often recalls of his childhood. Vacations near the Black Sea. Winters in Moscow. It was an easy life, comparatively speaking, for young Valery. Despite his pampered lifestyle, Valery was nothing short of patriotic. His family, although now Ukrainian, originated from Russia. His great-great-grandfather had settled in the Ukraine during the reign of Tsar Alexander II. Since that time, Valery's family had grown in status to become a respected family in Kiev. After the October Revolution and subsequent annexation of Ukraine by the Soviet Union, Valery's family became civil servants. This tradition continued to Valery's grandfather, and father. However, Valery had other plans in mind for himself. In 1982, when he turned 18, he joined the Red Army and served a tour in Afghanistan. His time in Afghanistan left him shaken. Although he had signed up willingly, as part of his patriotic duty, he soon regretted it. The horrors of war he experienced in Afghanistan hardened him. It made him a quiet, colder man. He did not like sharing his experiences, unless the situation merited it. Much of the time, the most people could extract from him about his service was that he had been in Afghanistan in the first place. His time in the Army, although important to his development, was not well received by Valery. When it came time for him to leave in 1985, he asked to remain in the reserves, which was accepted. After his formal discharge from front line duty, he attended Moscow State University. While at Moscow State University, he studied nuclear physics. Often regarded as one of the top in his class, he was allowed to compete for credits. His tuition being covered by his military service. While he was at university, Valery joined the Communist Party at the behest of his father. Although he did not particularly care for politics, he realised that being a party member could only help his career. He graduated from the university in 1989 with a masters' degree in nuclear physics. After this, he moved his residence to Minsk, where he worked on the local nuclear power station. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he moved to Russia. While in Russia, he lived in Smolensk, and worked at the nuclear power station there. He remained there until shortly before the outbreak. Shortly before the outbreak, he visited Chernogorsk. The goal of this trip was to visit his brother, who had relocated to Chernarus shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union as he held a job as a doctor. It was during his visit that the outbreak began, which claimed the life of his brother, his brother's wife, and their two sons. Valery's ultimate dream is to return to Kiev to see if his other family is still alive, but until then, his prime goal is survival.
  • CynicalCertainty

    Hey Everyone

    Hi there, I signed up for this community last night and am currently waiting for my whitelist to process. I'm really looking forward to play DayZ with all of you. So far, as I've read through many of your characters' I've been very impressed.
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