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  1. I was in comms with them and then when I got trapped inside of the green house I muted and deafened to talk to the hospital people surrounding me on all sides shooting at me. Also i did not know where Mak was as he was a while away before deafening.
  2. I Tactical Tim (Bart Johnson) Give PK rights to Kase or any of the Lieutenants if my character ever breaks the IC group rules or betrays the group as long as it’s still up.
  3. Me and Kermie went to pushta to raid. We blew into one house and looted it. We then went to another house and I boosted in. They then initiated saying "everyone inside the house put your hands up", I complied, Kermit didn't and died.
  4. *Bart Turns the radio on* The Knights Of Wynne will not prevail you are just a bunch of greedy people who are unjustly attacking people for no reason. Rude. *Bart listens for replies*
  5. Bart grew up in a small English town in the southwest of England. Growing up he knew exactly what he wanted to be, he wanted to be a private military contractor. Whilst he grew up he saw many videos portraying war and conflict as a fun time where he would be almost invincible. fast-forward to his late teens he finally got his dream job as a Private Military Contractor. His first few missions were just small jobs like protecting a compound. Unknown to him this would be a lucky thing for him as he was naïve to the true devastation of conflict. His first major mission was to go in with three, four man fire teams. All was going well till the exfil where a Improvised Explosive Device detonated killing Two of his Four man fire team. Devastated by this he was shocked and had to be nudged along by the more experienced survivor to strip the identification off of the fallen soldiers. Nowadays Bart is one of the few top assets to his Private military contracting company being sent to places such as Takistan, Chechnya, Bosnia and The Ukraine. He now has many many missions under his belt and is an experienced fighter. One day Bart was ordered to go to Chernarus to spy on one of the local slavic family gangs. Whilst doing his orders the Frenzied Flu broke out leaving him stranded in country.
  6. My POV we went to the hospital to hold them up as they had been doing some naughty things. I get positioning on the roof to overview the courtyard of the hospital the initiation goes down and I see a man with a gun out go towards the scene so I shot him
  7. You can hear me initiate at around 17 seconds into the clip
  8. You can clearly see in the video @Aron73 can hear @HDragon demands from the front of the hospital when @Aron73 is at the back, there is no way you can't hear that due to your proximity to @HDragon. In addition to that even though we are an approved group that shares rights we all initiated to make 100 percent sure that everyone heard and had a fair chance to comply if they chose to do so.
  9. I have found evidence https://clips.twitch.tv/SpicySpotlessSoybeanM4xHeh you can see the OP against the opening of the school and then his dead corpse after I had shot him at the entrance.
  10. We initiated I saw a man pull his gun to kill @HDragon so I shot him dead. If you want to talk about the events in Help Desk I am good to do so.
  11. Any chance for having the longsword sword would be cools.
  12. I would like the Long Sword to be added to the traders.
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