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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1826872082&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1756237462&searchtext=
  2. cut to 58 seconds in lmao. @Mofer 

    1. Novi


      Chernarus Defense Force confirmed????

  3. Isn't that the whole point of this thread if someone has a helicopter why don't you just fly it yourself out of the country or get a friend who can instead of using up the Lms time on an event just for you, you can either do in game or just say you flew off into the sunset in a helicopter.
  4. Abbas fought in the second chechen war then met Shamil Zakhaev i aided him in the Chechenskiy Battalion in terrorist operations throughout Russia we had to retreat out of Chechnya i then followed Shamil Zakhaev to Chernarus then the borders were closed so we are now stuck their.
  5. looks really good good luck with this group.
  6. very excited to be apart of this group it has been fun so far.
  7. Lil Timmy

    Old Timers

    awesome group!!!
  8. Lil Timmy

    Grekov Gang

    very nice happy to be here.
  9. Boris Glopnik was born in Zelenogorsk on june 22 1999 he had a normal upbringing until he moved to berezino when he was 12 he learnt English from his parents and and the school he attended in Berezino. Whilst learning English he picked up a very good English accent. A few years later Boris fell in with Греков шайка and became a trusted enforcer in the gang. Life was strong and powerful taking over Novodmitrovsk and claiming it as our own... The Греков шайка lives on. A few years pass and things take a turn, a strange flu take over the land and the Греков шайка use this as a golden opportunity to grow more powerful.
  10. I get the same issue.
  11. Don’t know if it is just me but it seems there is no dmca warning anymore so I guess it could be added.
  12. Timothy Smith was born in Hastings England. He grew up like a normal child with many friends as he was a sociable child. Once he got out of school he went through a few jobs like a cleaner in the nearby hotel but he decided to settle on being a club bouncer. He was living a good life in his eyes til his younger brother john passed away due to severe pneumonia this deeply affected the young man as he was really close with his brother after time he got over it but it did still dwell on his mind. A few months later Timothy decided to learn how to shoot so he went to the nearby shooting range and he learned to shoot different air rifles and shotguns. One day after saving up for a while Timothy decided what to do with the money he was saving up first he was going to treat himself to a holiday then he was going to buy his first ever car. After looking for holiday locations one day he got a brochure for a country called Chernarus he looked over the brochure and googled the country and looked at different pictures and he thought it was perfect it was beautiful and very affordable. That day he booked his tickets and set out to the airport and boarded his flight to Chernarus.
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