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  1. @Jsesse White I may have lied about the dog.
  2. I say yes for this pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734713776&searchtext=Revolver but not for the other one as there is no reason you need a barret for roleplaying
  3. “I agree to surrender KOS rights to members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3"
  4. I came out of the 503 base and I was talking to the rest of the guys to coordinate a counterattack against the enemies that were currently killing and capturing our friends and who had just initiated on us. I met up with 3 other people to go fight back but 2 of the 3 didn’t fight just me and @CainoGS went to fight with like 1 other guy we picked up who I think had just been robbed by these enemies of ours we moved up on some guys that was looting @C-J and 1 others bodies. I took a shot but had no breath so I missed then 1 guy came to my left by some water tower things and shot me dead and I believe 1 other that I was with.
  5. Timothy Cathelwater was born in Hastings England and he grew up with his family in a rich neighbourhood. His family were fairly rich he grew up in a local private school and was around other rich kids yet Tim was very different he also hang out with the gangs in the area and he also did chores around his house in his spare time when he wasn't hanging out with his shady friends. He quickly jumped at opportunities to get quick money even if it put himself in danger. He quickly gained reputation with the people and gangs he hung out with that he was a fast learner and catches hints and clues easily.
  6. @Drbeans nice playing with you too (names Tim)
  7. I tried joining through dzsa launcher but it kept glitching and I had to reinstall some of my mods to get back into the game because of missing files @Rover
  8. Server and location: S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:30 Your in game name: Damitri Crustovski Names of allies involved: 5.0.3 Name of suspect/s: @BandsRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 car not really involved Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @C-Jhas one I believe. Detailed description of the events: We patrolling the airfield, we see a guy sneaking around the bunker, I radio that I saw a man. @C-Jcomes over and waits for the car to come over. @C-J initiated on the guy everyone raises their guns at @BandsRPand he decided to not comply against 5 guys. He died almost Instantly, if this is not NVFL then I do not know what is.
  9. My POV: I heard over the radio my friend jj was initiated on so me and some of the boys drove from nwaf to zelenogorsk to rob them back we meets some guys in the orchard and was informed the guys who tried robbing jj are in the military base so we headed there and we talked for a bit I nearly got eaten by infected then we go to the barracks and there is a guy who later put his hands up for some reason then jax told him to put his hands down then the OP pulled a gun and aimed it at jax which jax then shot him in then head
  10. Anyone else getting a file not found or is it just me
  11. Damitri Crustovski's POV We walked up to the barracks in the south are of north west airfield and we saw 2 people walking in the road then we saw about 6 to 8 maybe more maybe less people some moving in the shadows watching us then me and Charlie James moved into the balcony of one of the barracks and was called out for getting into a ''firing position'' then one of the men down in the road started accusing Alkis Rouber of being Charlie James then me and Charlie James saw the orange armband symbolising the jackals and we knew we was going to be initiated on so we got ready then one of the men said put your hands up coons and as no one really cared to put a gun on me i ran to the back of the barrack i was in and saw a guy getting position on me and then started firing then i saw "Bobby Slaughter" and "Austin Maverick" moving in front of the gunman and as the gunman didn't shoot them and they didn't have their hands up i shot them dead and then "Eddie Morrison" cam around the corner to kill me but the gunman "Joe Dewski" friendly fired him saving me then "Blake Johnson" came round also and shot me 6 times killing me.
  12. Damitri Crustovski's POV After my group started talking to each other i backed off to start looting some buildings and also get a sniper position incase things went bad so i went on looting and heard the gunfire so i looked out the window and saw some of the dead bodies so i moved around cherno and came to the train bridges and i came round to look at the scene of the initial gunfight as pacho was moving up there to and he said he saw someone in the red and white clothing like the rest of the group we was just fighting and i moved up round the corner saw him there and fired 2 bullets (i think i lagged when i fired) and hit Edwin Ashford 1 time in the chest then he scarpered into a nearby building and found my friend pacho sitting there and shot him (i think Edwin Ashford told pacho to put his hands up and then shot him i'm not totally sure on that) that is all. how is it attempted kos when i heard it over radio and saw it from like 20 metres or so away? If i would of went in the street you or your men would have shot me dead as you saw my beautiful zebra jacket in the group of the other men i was with that shot at you.
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